Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 01/22/12 20:13
Chapter: Chapter 15

That was wonderful. I love how you have Severus saying, "Mine." I don't know why but there's something very sexy about that, and I'm a very independent person:D I'm glad you didn't have them jumping into bed immediately. That would be too fast. I can't decide if Ron should've thrown a tantrum or not. You let him down easy for some reason. I'm so excited this is s long story:D Excellent chapter.

Reviewer: FearlessFlyer
Date: 01/19/12 1:25
Chapter: Chapter 1 - September 2001 to June 2002

I'll never grow tired of your SS/HG stories. The plot twists that you put in each of them makes them so unique. I'll miss checking for updates for this story. Do you have any more in the works?

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/16/12 4:35
Chapter: Chapter 22

Fabulous story :) thank you again Subversa!!

Reviewer: stormygirl
Date: 01/15/12 18:10
Chapter: Chapter 22

Fantastic ending! I enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you and I will look forward to more stories from you with this couple as the main characters.

Reviewer: LovelyLadyMalfoy14
Date: 01/15/12 14:49
Chapter: Chapter 22

I have to admit, when I first saw the Hermione/Snape pairing I was very interested. But your story caught my eye and I haven't been able to stops reading! The chapters are so well written and I loved all the subplots with the other characters. The ending was lovely! Kudos to you and it has definitely made me a SS/HG fan :)

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/15/12 5:57
Chapter: Chapter 21


Reviewer: Molly Prewett
Date: 01/14/12 23:02
Chapter: Chapter 21

YAY FINALLY those two belong together I am happy Severus was able to overcome his i.ner conflicts
I loved it you are a very talented writer keep up the good job

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/14/12 4:44
Chapter: Chapter 19

Fabulous :)

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 01/13/12 23:43
Chapter: Chapter 14

OMG--Hermione is going to be royally pissed now. I really enjoyee this chapter. In the freezing cold of winter I could imagine myself watching this romance develop on a warm summer's day. I must say, I got a bit warmed up thinking of Severus in his riding garb and imagining what Hermione was feeling. This duel piece is so hysterical. And, Luna's comments and actions at the end were equally funny. I can't wait to see what happens next. Excellent chapter.

Reviewer: Molly Prewett
Date: 01/13/12 18:07
Chapter: Chapter 19

This is a great story. I can't wait to see what happens next. Seriously, leave it to Hermione and Severus to be so stubborn. This story is so full of suspense i love it. Everytime a new chapter is updated i can't wait to read it but then get disappointed because i have to wait for the next to pop up. LOL I LOVE HERMIONE AND SNAPE STORIES...........

Author's Response: If you love Hermione and Snape stories, you should be reading at Ashwinder and/or The Petulant Poetess. :)

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/10/12 22:22
Chapter: Chapter 17

Darnit Harry lol I wanted to see what would happen when Snape and Hermione said goodnight!!! Excellent chapter, as always

Reviewer: closetobjectivist
Date: 01/10/12 21:38
Chapter: Chapter 17

This is a really fascinating story! Thanks for being so prompt with updates! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 01/10/12 20:39
Chapter: Chapter 13

Thanks for explaining those little things--like the language of fans. It makes more sense in the story if explained. I think Sybill and Xeno are adorable. I couldn't figure out who George wanted to play Puck but when you revealed his choice I could see that Draco would be perfect. I think Severus giving horseback riding lessons would be very sexy. I also think them talking through the wall is charming. It's hard to comment on all of my favorite parts in this chapter because I loved the entire chapter. I so happy that I have more chapters to read.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 01/10/12 17:55
Chapter: Chapter 17

I dislike the slash, but otherwise nice to see his relationship developing. Thanks for updating!

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 01/10/12 13:37
Chapter: Chapter 15

Great job!

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 01/10/12 13:36
Chapter: Chapter 16

Hmmm. very interesting ending! Thanks for putting up 2 chapters! I will now go back and review the first, but was too interested to stop between!

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/10/12 5:33
Chapter: Chapter 16

Soooooooo good!!!!! Subversa strikes again :)

Reviewer: JaydenScott
Date: 01/09/12 1:51
Chapter: Chapter 4

As a big Jane Austen fan since middle school, and a big Snape fan, and a big fan of yours, may I say bravo. :)

Reviewer: c_bear8
Date: 01/09/12 1:13
Chapter: Chapter 14

CANNOT wait to see how Hermione reacts to being wagered.... Again.

Reviewer: juniper
Date: 01/08/12 0:05
Chapter: Chapter 12

Yes, I had meant to write that this is the first fanfic I have seen with a believable suitor for prof. trelawney!

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