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Reviews For Two Against One

Name: Maple_and_PheonixFeather (Signed) · Date: 05/16/12 3:31 · For: One-Shot
Hello! What a very interesting read. I had a lot of fun reading this, as it was very creative and full of a lot of great dialogue.

What I really loved was that they really only began talking to each other because Pansy was concerned with how she was appearing to the general public. This was both a realistic way to get the two talking and very true to how I picture Pansy in general. Throughout the series, I always got the impression that Pansy was very concerned about appearances, as she was a prefect and hung off Malfoy’s arm all the time. I loved Pansy’s snarky tone throughout the entirety of the fic. It made her likeable, which is very important when pairing her with Harry, as she is generally unliked throughout the novels. One thing I found a bit off about Pansy was her venture into the Muggle world. I found it a little hard to believe that someone who is known to use the word “Mudblood” and who was willing to give up Harry and therefore let Voldemort win would want to work in the Muggle world. That being said, it was interesting to watch Pansy’s reaction to what she did in DH in the first part. It was nice to see some sort of regret or shame in a character that the reader would never expect to see it from, but yet the way it was presented felt realistic, and I was totally convinced that she was actually remorseful.

At the beginning, I felt that Harry’s character was slightly off. I had a hard time believing that he would attack a superior during training for a job he’s wanted for a long time. As the story went on, however, I felt more at ease with his character as more things were explained, such as his diagnosis with PTSD. What I found really helped convince me of his characterisation were the little details that were thrown in, such as Harry’s distrust for Slytherins in general, and his reasoning for wanting to settle down and marry Ginny.

What I loved about this story is that the relationship unfolded naturally. Having Harry and Pansy continually meet up at the same sort of events was definitely realistic and made it so that nothing about their relationship felt pushed. The slow development from hate to acceptance was especially nice to watch, as Harry could have easily just hated her for the rest of their lives for being willing to offer him up to Voldemort. Furthermore, having them continue onto casual acquaintances, to friends, and to lovers was lovely. Every event from the time they became friends to becoming lovers felt absolutely real. It read like any other romance “ the friend zone to casual attraction to jealousy to arguments to acceptance and finally to the admittance to each other. I found myself rooting for this pairing which I had never considered or ever thought I’d like because of the way the relationship developed.

I found it very helpful that you explained what exactly happened to each of the canon pairings to get the pairings that are in this story. Upon hearing that Hermione was marrying Theo, I felt a sense of disbelief, as I could find no reason why they would even be together, and I accepted as simply a way to get Pansy and Harry to meet again. Having the explanation later on was nice, and allowed me to further buy into the story, as it there was nothing left unexplained.

A scene I would have really liked to see was one where Harry transitioned from calling Pansy by her surname to her first name. I think that this could have created a lovely scene and would have softened the change in the repetition of the last names in each section, as it felt a bit abrupt.

Overall, I really liked the general structure of the story. The sections made the dividing of scenes feel more natural instead of choppy, like line breaks can often make a story feel. I loved that it was separated into short, easy to digest scenes that shared little moments. Furthermore, you made everything flow together through the repetition of greetings in each section. I thought that the way you bookended the story was very clever, having the fic begin and end with the mention of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Lastly, your use of dialogue was fabulous. Having the fic based almost entirely on dialogue really made the chemistry between the two sparkle. You managed to convince me of the pairing simply between the interactions between them, and not any surrounding circumstances or physical attraction.

This was definitely an exciting and interesting read. I especially enjoyed how all the scenes fit together and the dialogue between the characters. Great job!


Author's Response: Wow. This was an amazing review. I am boggled. Thank you SO much for your wonderful review and critique. I really appreciated it. Also, I am glad you enjoyed it and noticed all the tiny nuances that I worked hard to get into this story.

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