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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/08/14 18:26 · For: Chapter 2 -Seeing Thestrals
That was a good story. I loved the part where Theo changed the names of the Muggle-borns. I get OCD about things I like and I read the paragraph a few times:D Theo did a big service to the Muggle-borns and probably saved a few lives.

Author's Response: Yes, he had to be subtle because anything too big would have been noticed as false. Thank you

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 09/08/14 16:58 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces
Theo's story is so sad. His mother should've thought about what she was doing before her son could walk in on her and her lover. I don't know why but I thought it was kind of funny that Theo knew what Thestrals were and Malfoy didn't.

Author's Response: Malfoy is dim. Um, this was actually based on a JK headcanon because she had a scene in GoF which she had to cut, where Theo and Draco had a conversation. Draco knew Theo was more intelligent than him. Well, his mum thought Theo was out for the day and wouldn;t be back. She wouldn;t have wanted her son to see anything because she loved him a lot.

Name: minnabird (Signed) · Date: 03/24/13 16:25 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces

That is all.

Actually, no it's not, because that's not very nice, to just leave a keysmash as a review. What I really love is how very thoroughly you've created Justin and Theo's lives here. I also love how they weave into canon, like Theo sabotaging the Muggle-born Register. And as a love story, I also love that this is kind of quiet. They become almost friends at first and understand each other and it just moves from there. I really loved The Hat That Thinks It Is a Chair, and I was really pleased to discover there was a prequel - and I was not disappointed at all. ♥♥♥

Author's Response: Thank youuuu. Ha ha - The Hat story was written in so much fun, to celebrate that day when we all laughed, so I am pleased you liked that. Glad you appreciated that they were friends first, or had at least noticed each other and didn't just leap onto each other. There were still difficulties, obviously, but by the time of Chair, they were fine.

Thanks for the review. ~Carole~

Name: Phoebe Silver (Signed) · Date: 08/09/12 17:45 · For: Chapter 2 -Seeing Thestrals
love it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much ~Carole~

Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 09/20/11 9:44 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces
Finally here to review!

I don't know why you were feeling stuck, because this was a really satisfying ending for me. I wanted them to be together, but I really couldn't think how they could have done it, especially considering how different Justin's world is from Theo. With the messing up of the Muggleborns' names, you gave a really nice explanation!

I think that's what I liked most about this story, how you managed to bring them together in such a short story, in spite of the continuous shifts in their relationships. Of course, both their pasts' and screwed future added to the gloom and tragedy, and I kept fearing for them even though I knew they'd return to each other's arms some day.

This was a great story, Croll, and it goes very nicely with the banner. I will even forgive Jasperguy's deflated balloon lips, for Theo has come a long way indeed, and found some happiness and acceptance at last!


Author's Response: I was stuck because it didn't end like that. I needed to tie everything up then the line about Justin fitting the pieces back together hit me, followed by the Thestrals. Originally the ending was even more lame - LOL. I giggled at Justine Filch-Bletchley. A witch related to Filch and Miles Bletchley - wow she must be ugly!

Thank you so much for this review and the last one. I'm still a bit iffy about this, but it still fits with my canon. Glad you enjoyed it. ~Carole~

Name: lucca4 (Signed) · Date: 09/15/11 16:14 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces
Carole this is so tragic and gorgeous at the same time. There are so many twists - I was so surprised when Justin came up to Theo instead of Susan, maybe just because that's my default pairing whenever I see Theo in a story :).

And then the way the beginning ties into the of his mother's death…wow wow wow, I loved that writing. I hope we find out who that horrible man is in the next chapter (plus I hope we see Justin and Theo's relationship….although I'm thinking it might just stay platonic because Justin's a father. Or maybe I was reading into it too much thinking it was anything more than just friendship :).

Amazing story!

xx Ariana

Author's Response: HA! Secret for you. I deliberately had Susan in that scene because I wanted to trip people up. As you say, it's become an almost default pairing - like canon - and that makes me want to tweak it. heh heh.

Thank you very much for the review, Ariana, the next chapter should be up pretty soon. You might not qite get everything you want from it, though - Sorry. ~Carole~

Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 09/15/11 14:24 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces
The fic with the scene of DOOOOM! :O I hadn't checked your story notes so I thought this was a one-shot, and I was like WAIT NO WHAT IT CAN'T END LIKE THIS!

I love your Theo and Justin and want them to kiss already. :3 You must be relieved I can't find any way to fit Scugo into this fic. Hehe.

Okay, real review. The beginning was intriguing! And I must say I was continually surprised - Justin and Theo's history, how horrible! I felt bad for both of them. You portrayed them really well here, and they have very distinct personalities.

Malfoy. >.< Annoying, really, but very, very well-written! I could picture his smug little pale face every time he appeared.

Really excited about this! I want to see how you're going to develop this further. And thanks for the Dean/Daphne teaser. ;)


Author's Response: It's just a teaser. Theo finds a time turner and skips forward to find Hugo - strange but true Thugo reigns! Thank you for the review, hestiajones person. I'm still a bit meh about this. It wasn;t quite what I wanted to do, but better than the 1,5k I deleted. Ta lots ~Carole~

Name: TM_WandStick (Signed) · Date: 09/15/11 13:14 · For: Chapter 1 -In Pieces
I don't have much of a real review, but I just wanted to tell you that I really love your Theo. I made the banner after I read your story 'Golden Boy' and absolutely fell in love with your characterization of him. I cannot tell you how happy I was when you chose my banner as inspiration. It's come very full-circle, I guess. =) This is fantastic writing.


Author's Response: OOOH, thank you so much. I was so waiting for an excuse to write my Theo story, and the banner really helped me get it into gear because the only other version I had was from Justin's POV. I hope you like chapter 2. I shall submit soon. Thanks again. The banner is gorgeous. ~Carole~

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