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Name: HermionesLittleSister (Signed) · Date: 12/21/11 4:51 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
That's ok, a new years present would be good too :)
What's the name ofthe one shot??? I'd like to read it :)
-Livie :)

Author's Response: One shot isn't up yet but should be by 23rd. I do have one or two oneshots that are High compliant (although not necessarily about Scorpius and Lily but they keep the same canon) One is All in the Genes , there's also Stars or Carousels (which is about James and Dominique) and . Lavender, blue and Gryffindor True is the story of how Lav and Mr Smexy Zabini got together. Basically, I have 100 stories on this site, so if you click my author page, you might find some other things (lots of different genres).

Thank you for support and encouragement. I shall start the last chapter very, very soon. ~Carole~

Name: Gryffindork7 (Signed) · Date: 12/19/11 19:12 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
PLEASE CONTINUE this story is amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, yes, I will continue. There's only one more chapter to go, though, and it's making me sad to write it. There could be some spin offs though. ~Carole~

Name: HermionesLittleSister (Signed) · Date: 12/19/11 4:07 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
You know thenext chapter would be a really nice Christmas present to all us readers :)
*wink wink, nudge nudge* ;)
-Livie :)

Author's Response: UHmmmmmm...... how about New Year present, instead. Sorry, I had some real life things to sort out (it is Christmas after all) and am just finishing up a oneshot, but this is never far from my thoughts. The trouble is, the next chapter is the last, and that makes me sad :( ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 12/02/11 10:19 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
hellooooo!!! Okay, I just dropped off to tell you that I've read the story AGAIN and I'm still SOOOOOO looking forward to the next, and (*sobs*) last, chapter! And...I could already see you picturing me as a little kid grumbling to her mummy for chocolate ice cream...which I'm definitely not...I'm already ***teen. yep. Anyway, I'm being a useless reviewer here so I'm just saying that this story is really, by far, the best fanfiction I've ever read and I'm torn between excitement and sadness for the last chapter. Good luck with that. I know exactly how it feels when post the very last chapter of your story...I've done it once...in another site...after 49 chapters that took all my vacant hours...okay, I'll stop ranting about myself now. This should be about you/your story...sorry, couldn't resist :D

And by the way, don't apologize for the delay of posting the last chapter to ANYONE. Yep...don't...cause that'll just look like WE have more power over this story than YOU do...which isn't right/true...because you're the AWESOME WRITER and we're just the really impatient readers...

Oh well, have a good day! And I'll just wait here til' that moment comes when I opened Firefox, looked in the bookmarks, and find the one entitled 'High'. And just so you know, it took me more than ten minutes to write this review, which is more like babbling than an actual review, but well...I think I've drank too much brandy...

Okay, I'll stop ranting/babbling/rambling now...looking forward to your last chapter (and review responses) *eep

goodluck! :D

Author's Response: Thank youuuuu. I've been giggling and sighing with delight over this review for several days now, and trying to think up an adequate response. Failed miserably! ha ha. Okay, thank you, really, for the support, encouragement and kind words for the story. I am hoping to get the last *sob* chapter up before Christmas, or very soon after, but I don;t want to rush it. There's a few loose strands to tie together and maybe the possibility of a new story afterwards. It's been lovely reading your reviews ~ Carole~

Name: sam1 (Signed) · Date: 12/01/11 17:29 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
pls update i want to know why is there a chance that the manor might go to nev

Author's Response: Um ... there isn't really. It's Draco's idea of a little joke. Basically all the pureblood families are interrelated, and to Draco the manor going to Neville would be the worst thing possible ... well possibly it being left to a Weasley would be the worst. Although, given the other story I've just written about Draco ... then the Manor going to Neville would be by FAR the worst. I will update this. The last chapter is planned, but I have to work on other things. I'm hoping it will be completed in December, but otherwise early new year. Thanks for the review ~Carole~

Name: SilverNight92 (Signed) · Date: 11/27/11 0:23 · For: Chapter 1 -Flying High
Please please PLEASE(!!!) hurry with the last chapter!!! I So can't wait!!!!!! :)))):)))))

Author's Response: I'm a leeeetle busy right now, but it should be up sometime in December. Thank you, and sorry for the wait. ~Carole~

Name: kneazle94 (Signed) · Date: 11/14/11 3:35 · For: Chapter 1 -Flying High
this is excellent writing. the plot is intense; it's got me on the edge of my seat.

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you like the rest of the story. ~Carole~

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 11/11/11 1:39 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
Okay, I've finally managed to read this. SIGH OF RELIEF. I really wanted to read it while on a study break and I nearly cried when I couldn't get through the stupid 6th-7th rating glitch. Actually, I'm fairly sure that some tears did fall. Anyway.

Awwwwwwww this chapter was so much fun to read. I love Weasley family quidditch scenes hehe. I liked the playfully competitive dynamic you set up and the thought of the guys sitting around with a few beers between games was... nice. That word seems so inadequate! I guess what I mean is that I really liked that particular scene. It stood out to me for some reason. I had this very vivid image of them lounging around on the grass in the shade.

Draco and Scorpius's conversation was so well done. I loved the way Draco was trying to manipulate Scorpius into coming home. It was very in character and such a Slytherin thing to do. And the way he just finds it so hard to understand what Scorpius wants fits him so well.

I can't believe this is the penultimate chapter! *cries* I'm not sure I want the next chapter so soon, either... it's like Lavender Blue all over again.


Author's Response: I knowwwwww. Idon;t want to finish it ... so I'm not going to. I shall leave it hanging forever more. (like everything else - eeeep). Nah, I will write the last chapter. I know what will happen, and who will get killed in the massacre - ooops, tmi tmi.

Julia, thank you so much for the review. Fair warmed the cockles of me 'eart, it did. I had that scene of the men sitting around drinking beer in my head foir a long time, so I'm glad it worked well for you. It was just supposed to show the ... normality, I suppose, of the Weasley family and how unformal they are. Plus it gave Ron and George some banter time - heh heh.

Thanks again ~Carole~

Name: HermionesLittleSister (Signed) · Date: 11/06/11 3:30 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
This one was another really good one :)
I really liked how Draco appologised to Scorpius.
The birthdat party was also good.
You NEED,to finish this! Iknow you`re working on the last chapter so if you just suddenly get bored of writing it and abandon it I will be very unhappy!
smilee :D
P.S. Don`t randomly kill someone in the last chapter. :P JUST KIDDING!

Author's Response: Tarnation! I shall have to delete the massacre I planned at the Burrow - *sigh* KIDDING. Okay, this won;t be abandoned - I promise you that - but my beta is very busy and I'm not doing this without her. (I'm too scared). Basically, it will be up before Christmas. Thank you so so much for the review, it's much appreciated. ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/30/11 12:07 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values

And I'm going to say it for the first time since I first read it - PLEASE UPDATE THE MOST AWESOME FIC EVER!!! I'm not used to waiting...hihi, =)))


Author's Response: I had to wait before replying because I was giggling too much. Thank you so so much for such an enthusiastic review; it made my day (and i was having a great day, so your review made it even better) There will be a bit of a delay on the last chapter due to various things, but it should be up in December. Thank youuuuuuu. And I hope the exam was okay *eeep*

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/30/11 11:35 · For: Chapter 20 -Fantastic Days
I looooove it!!! Somehow, this story just gets better and better and BETTER!! And oh, I've just noticed - it's got an award now (the ribbon is an award, right? I'm new here, tell me I'm not being downright stupid). Anyway (if I'm right about that 'ribbon' or 'award'), you definitely deserve it. (Oh Merlin, I hope I'm not much mistaken)

Author's Response: Oh, the ribbon - yay. It's a featured story., which means the mods picked it out as one to read - so very pleased by that. I thought Scorpy should see what a normal and rather mad family are like. He's having fun atm. Thank you so mcuh for all your reviews,. It means a lot. ~Carole~

Name: lucca4 (Signed) · Date: 10/30/11 1:42 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
Oh Draco.

I love the way you've written him. So snarky, so high and mighty, but so in love with Astoria. And yay for family peace again! I was wondering how that was going to resolve and I'm happy with the way it did.

The Quidditch games were so lovely to read :). I love watching Harry and Ron and Scorpius interact…and I'm glad there was some of Ron in this chapter too. The entire story's really about him, obviously, so why he hasn't had a main part until now is beyond me… ;)

I DON'T WANT THE END! Okay, I want another chapter. But this is going to be just as sad as saying goodbye to Lavender, Blue. Make it a looooooong chapter. 40k words. That's an order.

xx Ariana

Author's Response: Draco amuses me. Well, my Draco does. Book Draco is a git. He does love Astoria, but deserves to go through the mill a bit for being so horrible to Scorpius. Yes, I agree about Ron, that was a bad bad error on my part. I will definitely devote the last chapter only to him. Thank youuuuuu ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 22:42 · For: Chapter 19 -Where There's A Will
I love Truckle!!

Author's Response: So do I. -hee hee-

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 22:09 · For: Chapter 18 -Slytherin Spirit
OH MY GODRIC!! I love you, gurl!!! Yayayayayayayy!! ♥

Author's Response: *bows* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu. I liked this chapter, too. ~Carole~

Name: SmokeyLovegood (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 16:31 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values
I know of a FABULOUS way to deal with not wanting the story to end. Don't end it!
Or, better yet, pick it up a few years down the road.
I'd be quite happy with either.
Seriously, though, this continues to be an entertaining and well written story. Couldn't Narcissa just die? I don't get her. Lucius was pure evil, through and through and incapable of change, but she loved her son enough to lie to Voldemort, then, turns around and reverts to the bigoted, pure-blood form that nearly cost her everything. How about a happy ending with that last chapter?
Congrats on another great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. Um, well, I want to end this story, but I will probbaly write some more that is compliant with High. I have a few ideas .... I think Narcissa would only defy Voldemort for Draco. Scorpius is possibly too much like his mum for Narcissa to be truly proud of, and I think she always believed in the pure-blood ideals. Thanks again. ~Carole~

Name: xxbabewithbrainsxx (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 15:02 · For: Chapter 21 -Relative Values

Yay, you updated! But I'm sad there's only one chapter left. I've become really attached to Scorpius lately and I thought the matches were written very well.

I also liked that Draco sort of redeemed himself for me. Yeah, he did the emotional blackmail and everything, but he seemed to have seen sense at the end. Which I think is more in character.

I can't believe this is the penultimate chapter. I don't want it to end either :( But I'm glad you're doing spin-offs.

Well done as usual :)

Author's Response: Thankieeeees. Yes, I really should click that new document open and start writing it. It was the same with Lavender, I seem to remember. Draco makes me laugh - well my version does - book Draco is a git! Thanks again for the review and I'm glad you liked the Quidditch. ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 1:09 · For: Chapter 17 - A Testing Time
I love your story! Really. This is like, my second favorite Scorpius/Lily story. My favorite ('The Inquisitor's Son', on Fanfiction.Net) is also written in Scorpius' POV. I think it's much fascinating to read fics on a man's point of view, like reading a Lily/James fic with James' POV, or reading a Dramione on Draco's POV.
And you've done writing this beautifully as far as I'm concerned. I'm still loving it. And you deserve every review you receive, even if (from your end notes) you've lost more than a hundred. :)

Author's Response: I like writing from a male POV as well, oddly. If you like Dramione, I have a story called Shrouds which you might like. The POV is shared between Draco and Hermione, though. For James/Lily stories, there's a great author here called gmariam who has written a lot of J/L. Friendly Competition and One to Remember are from James' POV. Her other stories are more mixed between James and Lily. Any way - tahnk you for the review. ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/29/11 0:18 · For: Chapter 16 - Widows' Weeds
I wonder how hard it was to be in the position he was in...Good chapter, by the way! :D

Author's Response: Thank youuuuu # New Chapter up, by the way. ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/28/11 23:31 · For: Chapter 15 - Breaking In
Oh, I love how great things happen when Teddy appears in a chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm not ashamed to admit it, but Teddy came close to stealing the story away from Scorpius at one point. When this is finished, there will be some spin-offs and Teddy will be in them at some point. I loved his Mum and Dad so much in the books, so I want good things for him. Thanks again ~Carole~

Name: crimson and gold (Signed) · Date: 10/28/11 23:00 · For: Chapter 14 -Confrontation
Hey! I'm back to reading this again after a busy week! Yay!
This story just gets better and greater the more I continue reading (even if I've stopped reading this for a few days)! I was just wondering about what'll happen to Scorpius and Lily now that their parents know about them, especially Scorpius'...
I guess I should just continue reading to find out =)))

Author's Response: I missed you - hee hee. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Yes, you need to keep reading to find out ... ~Carole~

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