Reviews For Spellbound
Reviewer: Maddie Potter
Date: 03/02/12 16:32
Chapter: Crazy Train

Extremely good overall, but Luna is in Harry's year, isn't she?

Reviewer: Ginger13
Date: 09/09/11 14:54
Chapter: Going Green

o wow, i dont even kno what to say! i guessed that the chapter would have something to do with slytherin but i never imagined this! i love it! please write again soon :D

Reviewer: Ginger13
Date: 09/09/11 14:53
Chapter: Going Green

o wow, i dont even kno what to say! i guessed that the chapter would have something to do with slytherin but i never imagined this! i love it! please write again soon :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you liked it. If I remember correctly, the next chapter is in the queue now! ~Manda

Reviewer: iceprincesscutie
Date: 09/09/11 6:31
Chapter: Going Green

I'm confused? You said this would be like the 2nd Harry Potter book, just in Ginny's POV. So why is she in Slytherin?

Reviewer: iceprincesscutie
Date: 09/09/11 6:26
Chapter: Going Green

I'm confused? You said this would be like the 2nd Harry Potter book, just in Ginny's POV. So why is she in Slytherin?

Author's Response: It's an alternate universe story, which means that some things that happen in the story don't happen in the books. Thanks for the review! ~Manda

Reviewer: aviva41133
Date: 08/26/11 14:50
Chapter: The Mysteries of Transfiguration

fricken awsome story!!!! when is chapter 5 coing out??

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't think I'll have time to finish chapter five before the queue closes tomorrow, but I'll submit it as soon as it opens again! ~Manda

Reviewer: grangergirl35
Date: 08/23/11 17:33
Chapter: The Mysteries of Transfiguration

Crazy creepy, but I really love the way you're portraying Ginny. BTW love your choice of beta - I'd do the same, but working with my mom always requires a TON of patience!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I know it does! "I'll read it after dinner, I'll read it after I take a shower..." (: ~Manda

Reviewer: Hplover0695
Date: 08/22/11 19:41
Chapter: The Best Birthday

Very cute! I think you've got 11-year-old Ginny down to a tee! She definitely has the perfect level of childish traits (asking her diary for advice, being embarrassed to even say anything in Harry's presence, yet being resentful when the opportunity to say something to him is taken away), yet she is mature enough to balance out these childish traits (worrying about her family's finances, recognizing Harry's discomfort when forced to be photographed). My one nit-picky thing is at the very beginning of this chapter when Ginny writes, "We didn't have any other wands for me to use other than Ron's old broken one, so mum and dad said I could get a new one!" Ron breaks his wand when the Whomping Willow when he and Harry arrive at Hogwarts in CoS. So, unless he broke another wand before his first year at Hogwarts (which I doubt, as wizards typically get their first wand right before Hogwarts), he hasn broken a wand yet at this point in the story. Otherwise, this story's great, the plot is a wonderful idea, and I can't wait for later chapters when Ginny's tale differs from that of the trio-thus far we've seen an alternate view of the same scenes we see in CoS, but after arriving at Hogwarts, you don't see her much in the book. I'm excited to see your take on what she's doing behind-the-scenes. Or, at least what really happens with the diary! Well done-keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Ah! Thanks so much for the wonderful review, and pointing out that mistake... *shuns mother for not paying closer attention when reading the books* I've got to fix that... ~Manda

Reviewer: Arial Felchem
Date: 08/20/11 21:33
Chapter: The Best Birthday

Good story! I like seeing the Chamber of Secrets storyline from Ginny's point-of-view, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it. ~Manda

Reviewer: Ye_Merry_Hippogriffs
Date: 08/20/11 2:53
Chapter: Rescue Mission Number One

I'm really excited to see the twist in this...but so far I love this Ginny! Her crush on Harry is so cute, but she's still the Ginny we know and love from later books.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! 'Tis coming... ~Manda

Reviewer: Fizzybobnewt
Date: 08/18/11 17:50
Chapter: Rescue Mission Number One

You're welcome. This is great so far, I eagerly await more chapters. You are true to the characters, but show more of the world than the canon reveals, including a take on a scene that I hadn't thought of. (When Ginny "squeaks" at the sight of Harry in the morning, I had figured it was her surprise that he was there.) You also made me laugh a good few times and made me want to keep reading even though, since I'm reading this on my iPad, I have all my apps in the background yelling "play me!"
The bits I took issue with are thus:
The diary excerpts I think would fit better right as she's writing them, instead of before the section. Or, as they mostly just repeat what you say in the non-diary bits, even including the insight into Ginny's mind, you might do better to skip them.
Congratulations on violating your own canon only one chapter in: 3rd-person unlimited says she thinks she can never talk to Harry, diary says she must find a way to.
Nitpick: When Molly is yelling and you use the word twice, you should either use a synonym the second time or lampshade it with something like "It turned out the person doing the yelling was".
The end. Keep up the good work!

P.S. I enjoy acid pops.

Author's Response:

*mouth drops open* Thank you so much for such a great review! I've never gotten one that long. It's just... Awesome. :D I'm so glad you liked it! I changed the second yelling to 'shouting'; I didn't notice that originally. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll see what I can do on your first couple of points. Thanks again for the review! Gah, I'm too giddy for my own good.


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