Reviews For The Orange Cat
Reviewer: Modea
Date: 08/18/12 20:37
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

I love this story! So cute! :D

Reviewer: Skarlett
Date: 05/24/12 20:22
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

That first part was absolutely adorable. ;D I can just imagine Hermione as an eight-year-old insufferable know-it-all, arguing with a young Ron. I think you did an excellent job at showing their personalities as children. I was also pleased with the way you described the other Weasleys' magic being revealed, especially Percy's. I can definitely imagine him producing multiple copies of a book Mrs. Weasley tried to take away. ;)

I also think that an entire family of red-heads would be rather difficult to forget for such a bright girl, however the story still worked out nicely.

I like to think that something like that might have caused Hermione's liking in Crookshanks, if she had remembered. ;D

Anyway, great story! I really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: HumanHorcrux
Date: 03/06/12 17:43
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

I absolutely love this! The ending is perfect, and the you wrote it really well even through the 2nd person. :D

Reviewer: HermionesLittleSister
Date: 01/06/12 4:38
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Aww that was really sweet :)
I really enjoyed reading that one-shot :)

Reviewer: Shreeja
Date: 11/19/11 20:02
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Ah, brilliant one shot again. This was a nice story, really cute. Nicely done!

Reviewer: canufeelthemagictonight
Date: 11/19/11 15:29
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

It really makes sense, when you think about it...Ron and Hermione met before...hmmm...
Nice story. Especially the last line. "You were right." Just ties the whole thing up.
Double thumbs up to you!

Reviewer: FwooperFeathers
Date: 10/29/11 20:05
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...


Reviewer: GinnyPottterGranger
Date: 09/11/11 15:12
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

this is so sweet!! i could just die!

Reviewer: jeanius
Date: 09/04/11 8:21
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

So cute! Imagining the kid versions of Ron, Hermione and the other Weasleys was awesome! I mean really awesome! You did well! And I love the ending so much! Really love it!

Reviewer: jennyfiveshoes
Date: 08/31/11 20:09
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Cute. :) Very cute.

Reviewer: It Must Be The Nargles
Date: 08/31/11 19:20
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Omg!! Me and my friend absolutely LOVE this!!! Thank you for bringing this story to my life :)

Reviewer: Claraowl
Date: 08/28/11 11:53
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Soooooo cute!

Reviewer: Snowlily
Date: 08/17/11 12:24
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Very well written, ingenious, very interesting, especially because of the third person. I enjoyed it immensley. Please continue to write little things like this - it was inspiring. =)

Reviewer: HPsibunaSarax3
Date: 08/15/11 12:24
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

This was brilliant! I love the idea of Ron and Hermione meeting before Hogwarts :) And it was very well-written too! I could never pull off second person, but you did it beautifully! Nice job!

Reviewer: Amelia_Bones
Date: 08/14/11 17:44
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

Awwwww, very sweet.

Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 08/12/11 20:07
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

This was a very creative idea, and I think you really nailed both of them as little children. I really liked that it was from Ron's perspective, and you managed second person really well, because people often write Ron as a bit of an idiot, and you did a great job at getting inside his head and showing what was really going on, even though he was a bit mean to her at the beginning. (wow that was a really long sentence...)

I also thought it was interesting that Ron was the last to show magical ability in his family - it made me think of Neville, whose family thought he was a Squib - and I think that connection really worked, because both Ron and Neville have little or no self belief and it takes them some time to find their courage. I think throughout canon, Ron struggles to see his own self worth in comparison to all his siblings, so it was great that you showed that right at the beginning.

I loved the idea of Ron being at home and looking after the kids in the last scene, that was really well done. Also Hermione's characterisation, particularly at the beginning, was excellent - I smiled when she said “You just wait! Someday, you are going to be BEST FRIENDS with a girl, and you’ll be eating your words!” because I could just imagine her saying that. As Carole said in her review, I found it a little unlikely that Hermione would have forgotten the whole thing, but other than that, this was an enjoyable read.


Reviewer: RonW
Date: 08/12/11 3:11
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

aww.. this is so CUTE ! anyone would doubt about Hermione being right :)

Reviewer: lunar-eclipse
Date: 08/11/11 8:09
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

I really like the idea of this story. I feel that your version of Hermione as a little girl is perfect, and the whole story in general made me smile.

Reviewer: MagicMandy
Date: 08/11/11 7:36
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

This was so cute! I love how Ron remembered Hermione being right. I can actually see that happening.

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 08/11/11 5:26
Chapter: Your Eighth Birthday...

I very much like the idea of this. Ron's magic coming through late is an intriguing idea, and I love all the other memories - especially Percy's book multiplying. That's really inventive. The fact that Ron and Hermione met before is rather clever, although I can't help feeling that while Ron would probably have forgotten, Hermione would have remembered a family all with red hair. She strikes me as sharp, so that made me ponder a little.

I have a bit of a nitpick at the beginning where you seem to have switched tenses. You start of in present tense 'It is an important day' etc etc.and then switch to past. The final lines of that last section

Mum had made you an extra birthday cake to celebrate you becoming a wizard. is then written in past perfect. You might want to look at altering this so it's all past tense.

The flash forward scene is very sweet. I love the touches of Ron feeding Hugo, Rose ignoring her vegetables, and Ron not knowing how to sign for a parcel - ha ha. Your characterisation was very good and I'm especially pleased you resisted the urge to make Ron a total oaf, which seems to be the fashion atm.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! And thanks for pointing out the tense change; it's funny how that kind of thing has always been a struggle of mine. I do agree that Hermione might have been sharp enough to remember a family with all-red hair, but I sort of pondered that while I wrote. Hermione first only met Ron, and then sort of gradually came across the rest of his family during her train ride and then at the feast, and at the time, there were only 4 Weasley boys at Hogwarts. So it could easily be that without the appearance of the whole family at once, it might not have jogged her memory of when she was eight. Again, thank you for the review!

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