Reviews For Eyes Wide Open
Reviewer: slytherinsocks
Date: 06/23/11 19:00
Chapter: Chapter 2: Plans for the Night

Make another please oh please

Author's Response: I will, I will!!! Thanks so much! Chapter 3 is here and just awaiting validation. Hope you like it- review it too please cuz' reviews totally make my day! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: slytherinsocks
Date: 06/23/11 19:00
Chapter: Chapter 2: Plans for the Night

Make another please oh please

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 06/12/11 15:53
Chapter: Chapter 2: Plans for the Night

Nice one. Me likes it! Me likes it very much. Your writing style is highly enjoyable, very descriptive, without needless flourish to tangle the reader's mind. =)
Your Lucius is beyond creepy. No wonder Dobby loathed his former masters.
Really looking forward to see where this is going! Kudos!

Author's Response: Thank you soooo much!! Your compliments are like music to a writer's ears, and you've got me doing a happy dance right now! I truly appreciate your words. :D When it comes to writing, I work very hard to find the balance between the efficiency and beauty of language. I never want the plot to drag or (as you said so eloquently) "tangle the reader's mind" with unnecessary verbage. But I still want to paint clear pictures of the characters and their experiences. Oh yeah, Lucius is a creepy creeper in my story. He only gets creepier in my opinion. PLEASE keep reading and reviewing- thanks again!!!!!! Luv, Stef : )

Reviewer: iwishicouldwrite
Date: 06/12/11 14:43
Chapter: Chapter 2: Plans for the Night

wow I loved this chapter ;) you nailed Malfoy's character, both his outward fascade and secret problems. looking forward to more!!

Author's Response: Yay, thanks hunny! So glad you enjoyed Chapter 2! I enjoyed writing this one a lot. ;) And I'm really glad to read what you got from it: Draco's social mask and the true feelings he always keeps to himself. For now at least. Nothing feels so good as hearing that I nailed my character!!!!! Chapter 3 is coming!! Thanks again! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: slm
Date: 06/03/11 1:49
Chapter: Chapter 1: Always the Same

Wow reeling from that can really see where Draco is coming from keep writing

Author's Response: Thanks, hunny! I've actually got about 28 chapters already written- it's nearly finished!! I'm just sending one chappie at a time to my Beta so that each one is perfect. I should get chapter 2 back in a few days. Keep reading (and commenting!)- I really appreciate you taking the time to review! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: lucilla_pauie
Date: 05/30/11 23:36
Chapter: Chapter 1: Always the Same

This is promising to be a very dark story. This is promising, full stop. I can't wait to see where you take this. I'm glad I sidestepped the warnings and took a peek! The dialogue between all of them rings authentic for each situation. My heart broke for little Draco. I can see how those two kinds of upbringing from his mother and father shaped him up to be the little cockroach he was, although of course I hope he'll be redeemed yet. :)

Author's Response: It is pretty dark- I've tried to intersperse the darker chapters with a bit of softness so it doesn't get too overwhelming. I've always had a soft spot for Draco- I think he's a very sympathetic character. This chapter, with the abuse, was challenging for me, but it flowed out of my brain like I was watching a film. Will there be redemption? You'll just have to wait and see.... (mwahahaha) ;) Please keep taking the journey with me; as far as the warnings go, this chapter is one of the worst, so if you did ok here you should be fine. The non-consensual sex doesn't come til waaaaay later and it's not overly graphic at all. Thank you so very much for your review and your awesome words of encouragement- they mean the world! I should have another chappie up in a few days. Feel free to comment anytime!!! Luv, Stefanie

Reviewer: olapepsicola
Date: 05/30/11 16:10
Chapter: Chapter 1: Always the Same

please keep writing. i myself am a crappy writer but you are really good and your writing is incredible. i would really like to read just another chapter of this story :D

Author's Response: You are so sweet- thank you for your lovely compliments!!! But don't be hard on yourself! *smacks your hand gently* Just waiting on my Beta to ok my next chapter- I plan to update often. Please keep your reviews coming; readers' comments are the oxygen a writer needs to continue on! Can't wait to hear what you think as the story progresses! Luv, Stefanie

Reviewer: iwishicouldwrite
Date: 05/25/11 19:12
Chapter: Chapter 1: Always the Same

wow that was an intense chapter with well-written description. i really like draco/hermione romance so i look forward to more chapters!

Author's Response: Thank you soooo much! Admittedly, the first chapter is quite intense and a bit disturbing, but I needed to set up a bit of Draco's history. Hang in there for the D/Hr part- I build their relationship slowly because I want it to be believable. I'm so excited that you commented!! Looking forward to more feedback from you! : )

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