Reviews For Eyes Wide Open
Reviewer: guptadips
Date: 11/22/11 7:01
Chapter: Chapter 10: A Crack in the Wall

This chapter was just wonderful. So sweet and touching. I just loved every bit of it... The best part of this chapter was when Draco heals Hermione... Again that was so touching... Can't wait to see where you take this story.

Author's Response: Oh thank you- I'm so glad you loved it!!! That makes me so happy- you've no idea!! :D I've said in other reviews that it was one of my favorite chaps to write. Draco's finding his sensitive side, when he isn't being forced by his family to act like an ass and do terrible things, especially now in his 6th year. There's a lot of action coming up- keep reading and reviewing. It makes my day! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: ooCathrynoo
Date: 11/19/11 0:23
Chapter: Chapter 10: A Crack in the Wall

Wow, such a powerful chapter! He should've let her go and ran into hiding or something. lol What in the world is going to happen to the two of them when Bellatrix sees how Hermione is now?

Author's Response: Thank you- this was noe of my favorite chapters to write. :) Next chapter- the you-know-what is going to hit the proverbial fan. Draco letting Hermione go? Go into hiding? Hmmmm... ;) Thanks again for you review- it means an awful lot. Keep reading and reviewing!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Dreaming-of-Draco
Date: 11/18/11 12:19
Chapter: Chapter 10: A Crack in the Wall


Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: IceyFyre
Date: 11/13/11 22:22
Chapter: Chapter 10: A Crack in the Wall

I so hope Bellatrix doesn't notice that Hermione's healed. And if she does, maybe Draco can lie and say it was so they could torture her more. Poor Hermione. Poor Draco. I love this new plot twist. ^-^ Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks again for some more wonderful comments!! I really like that you give your opinion about the characters and what they're going through. For me, writing the part where Draco heals Hermione was one of the sweetest moments. It's his turning point, and he acts with a gentleness that he didn't even know he posessed. I hope you keep reading and reviewing- I love hearing what you have to say! Luv, Stef : )

Reviewer: IceyFyre
Date: 10/19/11 19:38
Chapter: Chapter 9: The Ministry of Magic

Poor Hermione. Poor Hermione's parents. Poor everyone! This was a sad and cliffy chapter but totally necessary. I hope you'll update soon! :)

Author's Response: I know; my characters go through quite a lot of turmoil- but a crisis can change people for the better, so keep reading and see how that happens. I promise there's a lot of plot in the rest of the chapters- I'm queuing up the next chapter in a day or two. Thank you soooo much for your review! I take each one to heart. Please keep reading and reviewing!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: guptadips
Date: 10/14/11 7:20
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

awww!!! i am lovin' it... can't wait to read the next chapter:)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'll keep the chapters coming!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Dreaming-of-Draco
Date: 10/08/11 22:00
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

I did not expect the story to go this way...I am loving it!! I was on the edge of my seat reading it. I can't wait to see how their relationship is going to develop!! The detail you put in your chapters is fantastic you really set the scene and you can feel the emotion from each character.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you hunny!! I really try to infuse every chapter with realism, concerning believable emotion and reactions from the characters. And I also want to take the reader right where the action is, so they can clearly visualize the scene. Thank you for letting me know that my efforts are paying off! Draco and Hermione's relationship builds very slowly, but I feel that this is necessary. There will be even more of their relationship in the sequal (currently in the works!). I am so curious as to where you thought the story might have gone...if you want to, email me at and let me know what you thought! Thanks again for your lovely review- I really appreciate your comments! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: HappyTurtleo3o
Date: 10/07/11 0:28
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

EEEE!!! I can't wait for the next one!! This is the best story i've read so far!! It's great. Absolutely wonderful,

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you! That's a HUGE compliment, and I can't tell you how much it means to me!!!! I've loved writing this fic. Now I hope you (and everyone else) won't hate me, but the next chapter pulls away from D and H and goes back to her parents and the Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix. It's necessary, but it means you have to wait until the next chapter to get back to Malfoy Manor. Please don't kill me, and please keep reading and reviewing! It's like a shot in the arm of sunshine!!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: HappyTurtleo3o
Date: 10/06/11 22:44
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Snatchers

This story is amazing!! I love it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! More is on the way! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Lulupie
Date: 10/05/11 18:54
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

I really like the fact that you kind of get to know Draco more, about his life outside school and I like the way you potrait him. I have always had a fascanation about him and the way you describe him and his agony about hte choices he make is almost exactly how I have been picturing him. Brilliant :D keep up the good work ;)

Author's Response: Oh, God, thank you! You have gotten EXACTLY the point of my whole story!!! I've always felt Draco was a sympathetic character, and I wanted to look under that veneer of arrogance and entitlement. Inside, I always thought he was overwhelmed by the pressure he was under just by being a Malfoy. Oh, please please keep reading and let me know what you think- I was thrilled to read your review because you got into the heart of the story. Thanks sooooo much! Luv, Stef:)

Reviewer: JV Heights
Date: 10/05/11 16:18
Chapter: Chapter 5: Friends, Foes, and Festivities

Still loving it! Added it to my favorites!

Author's Response: Really??? Thank you soooooo much! I am doing a happy dance right now. That means so much to me. :) I have loved writing this story, and the Christmas chapter was one of my favorites. Please keep reading and reviewing- it's lovely to hear your feedback! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: FiendFyre_357
Date: 10/05/11 1:03
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

O.O please, please keep the chapters coming!!!! I have to know what happens!!!!!!! Also you have a knack for cliff hangers. :) it is both wonderful for suspense but torture to the waiting reader. :/ please update soon! PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: I know- I keep doing that pesky cliff hanger thing!! I am so sorry; I don't actually set out to do it; it just seems like that's how my writing brain works. The good thing is that the whole story is already written, so I will NOT leave you hanging! I'll get Chapter 9 submitted immediately and as soon as it's validated it'll be up. Thank you soooo much for staying with me. PLEASE keep reading and reviewing- it makes my day!!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Alice Mac
Date: 10/05/11 0:48
Chapter: Chapter 8: Malfoy Manor

Aw, I know I shouldn't feel sorry for Draco in this chapter - but you really conveyed how conflicted he was throughout. Bellatrix's manipulation of Draco was very well done! It's going to be interesting to see how Hermione begins to forgive him for that...keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much! Hell, I feel sorry for Draco in this chapter, you go right on ahead. I feel a little more sorry for Hermione of course! I'm glad you enjoyed the Bellatrix manipulation- she's a very powerful witch, and that's one reason why her evil is so potent- her bloodlust knows no bounds. You'll see that in the next few chapters. I'll put chapter 9 in the queue right away!! Thanks again, Alice- by the way, you know I love your fic too! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: FiendFyre_357
Date: 10/03/11 12:09
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Snatchers

I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!!

Author's Response: Tee hee! Things are not looking to good for Hermione. And how will Draco react? Chapter 8 is already in the queue, so hopefully it will be up in a few days. Thank you so much for commenting- it really really makes my day. Please keep reading and reviewing! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 16:09
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Snatchers

Oh, my God, its excellent! I am going to keep reading! My eyes are popping out of my head!

Author's Response: Eeeep! I know- what a place to stop the chapter! I'm so mean. ;) I have the next chapter already in the queue for validation, so hopefully it'll be up very soon. And just to let you know, the entire story is already written, so I won't leave you hanging in the middle of the fic somewhere. I am so looking forward to your review of the next chapter- thanks for all your wonderful words, hunny!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 16:00
Chapter: Chapter 6: Two Different Lives

Excellent chapter! I'm not feeling sorry for Malfoy as much as I am for Hermione, darn you!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!! Hermione goes through a lot in this fic, but I promise you that, as the story progresses, you'll feel equally sorry (if not more so) for our sweet Draco! Rough times are ahead, and times like those can make or break a person. Will it make or break them? Keep reading! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 15:48
Chapter: Chapter 5: Friends, Foes, and Festivities

I love the transitions and the differences of the Christmas parties, though I will have to say that I would be at the Weasleys faster than the speed of light.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'd be hanging with the Weasley's too! This was one of my favorite chapters to write, even though I kept choking up as I wrote Neville's Christmas. Thank you soooo much!!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 14:56
Chapter: Chapter 4: The First Training

Poor Draco! But, this si exactly how i would have imagined his so-called training. Very well, done.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you feel that way! I firmly believe that Draco never really wanted to be a Death Eater- it was more out of wanting to please his father and fear of what would happen to him if he said no. Thanks again, sweetie- you have no idea how amazing it feels to have you review each chapter- I am so happy, and grateful!! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 14:34
Chapter: Chapter 3: Family Matters

This makes me nervous...but once again, a very good chapter! I shall continue reading, and by the way, you're on my favorites!

Author's Response: I can't believe I'm on your favorites!!! Squeeeee!!! :D Thanks, mama! Luv, Stef :)

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 09/29/11 14:26
Chapter: Chapter 2: Plans for the Night

Whoa! Got me blushing, girl! Anyway, excellent chapter, sad that he has to resort to this sort of thing though, the poor thing.

Author's Response: I was totally blushing when I wrote it! Thanks so much for the compliment, too! I know, our poor Draco- he's a very sympathetic character to me. Luv, Stef :)

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