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Name: Melina Malfoy (Signed) · Date: 08/17/11 9:51 · For: The Unforgiveable Curse
How I LOVE fics that get inside my favorite character's head-my fic is similar, but it's Draco resisting the Mark. Your work is brilliantly descriptive and I love how it patches up the missing parts of the story we know. You had better add another chapter! :)

Author's Response: You have no idea how much your review meant to me when I read it. A closet fanfic writer, I had to leave the room, shut the door behind me, and jump up and down where no one would see me and wonder what had gotten into me. The funny thing is that I recognized your name as soon as I saw it as I've been following Eyes Wide Open since Chapter one first posted. I remember thinking, "Wow! This is so different from my version of Draco's story!" But I was nonetheless intrigued and continue to be. And, yes, I will post another chapter. Since no one knows I do this, it's been difficult to write over the summer with my kids constantly looking over my shoulder. They head back to school next week, and the first thing I want to do is sit and write. I have five or six more chapters already written ... they just aren't chapter 3. Please let me know what you think as The Mark of the Death Eater unfolds. And thank you, thank you, thank you!

Name: snuffles77 (Signed) · Date: 07/12/11 15:16 · For: The Unforgiveable Curse
write the next chapter! i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Snuffles, for reviewing! Reviews, like coffee, keep me going and make every day just a bit sweeter. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed my latest chapter. I do have four or five more chapters written. I'll submit when I can. I also noticed this is your first review to write. Welcome to Mugglenet Fanfiction. It's addictive.

Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 05/08/11 19:30 · For: The Covenant
Hello there. :) I said I would watch for this, and here it is. Congratulations on your first fic. I see in your response to the other review that you also write your chapters out of order. I suffer from the same malady... hehe.

I am not a Draco fan, but I think this is a good start. My favorite thing about it is the description of the Dark Mark actually being burned onto his skin, and how his future became clearer as the lines of the mark did. That whole bit of description was very haunting and sad, which I think is what you were going for. It's a very creepy scene, and you wrote that well. My only hesitation is that I think Draco would have been more scared/nervous during this ceremony, especially with his parents not present (or were they?). But that is not canon--it is only my guess, and I am the last person on earth to trust when it comes to Draco's characterization. LOL.

So well done, and yay for getting your first fic up. I will look for more chapters when you have them. But you must warn me if this is going to turn into Dramione... I would not be able to take it. LOL.

Take care, Lori

Author's Response: Lori - Thanks so much for your review! Still a novice at this fanfic thing, I'm coming to realize I crave reviews more than chocolate. Better for the figure, I suppose. I appreciate your willingness to follow along my Draco journey when it sounds like you would normally run the other way. If it's any comfort, I promise not to write any Dramione into the story. While I'm comfortable writing scenes that didn't appear in the books, I have not yet reached the point that I feel I can betray the characters I love so much. Hermione and Draco??? Nah. Her heart belongs to one man. To address your hesitation in regards to Draco's lack of fear in the scene, I believe this moment to be, perhaps, his peak of confidence. His dad was in Azkaban for the recent part he played in the Department of Mysteries fiasco. I would assume Draco was furious about this and, of course, blamed Harry and Dumbledore for it all. He was choosing to enlist, choosing to fight against the forces that put his dad in prison. I also think he was determined to prove himself to his father, whom he appears throughout the books never to completely satisfy. Draco asked for this (my interpretation ... though other fanfic authors would disagree) from Voldemort, and I think cocky little Draco had no doubt, at least at this point, that he was doing the right thing. Were his parents present? Well, his dad was in Azkaban. At one point, I had a bunch of Death Eaters watching this scene, but, quite frankly, they got in the way, so I got rid of them. I've written a piece to address Narcissa's part in this in chapter two, but that might get axed as well. Who knows. And don't sell yourself short on Draco characterization. From your own stories, you obviously seem to have great insight into her characters. And we all (myself included) only know what Rowling gives us anyway and interpret from there. Thanks again, Lori. I truly value any feedback or insights you have to share with me. Thestral Wings

Name: Zack (Signed) · Date: 05/07/11 17:49 · For: The Covenant
You write so powerfully. Well done!! Please, add more!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Zack, for my first review! I'm glad you liked it. Yes, there is more Draco to come. I've written a handful of chapters. Unfortunately, not one of them is chapter two. It's in progress, however. Keep an eye out for it. And thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!

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