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Name: Envy_I_May_Be (Signed) · Date: 10/24/11 13:52 · For: Chapter 1
That was beautiful! I think you're a very talented writer, and I love to read your work. I loved this story; it was touching and inspiring. Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: MNFFhasn't been giving me notifications, sorry. :/ I just saw this review. Thank you very much! :) I appreciate it.

Name: the opaleye (Signed) · Date: 04/19/11 4:35 · For: Chapter 1
Oh Natalie. That was... just beautiful. Just beautiful. You have left me speechless, to be honest. Why does this only have three reviews?!?! It's a crime!

The way you built up the tension and sustained it was so well done. I thought you were going to kill Scorpius there for a bit. I'm not sure what aspect of this fic is my favourite because there are so many poignant layers. Hugo's characterisation was wonderful as was Draco's. They felt so... right. And the passive tension between them in the waiting room was almost tangible.

I can really appreciate the way you wrote the numb, blind, restless panic that Hugo goes through. It was so realistic that my heart just ached for him and the Malfoy's. That waiting, it's the hardest thing, and you wrote it so well and sincerely.

Hugo's conversation with Rosemary was also very sweet and the way you slowly revealed more and more about who she was felt truly magical. I loved the way you interwove different seams of the fic together. It flowed so well and kept me completely enthralled until the very end.

And the ending was just so poignant and touching. It really tied everything together with this simple yet profound conclusion. Basically, this is one of the best things you've written, and one of the most moving and touching fics on the site. I'm so glad I read this and I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner. Absolutely beautiful.

Julia xoxo

Author's Response: The story left you speechless? SCORE!

I could never kill Scorpius, but I did want the reader to be unsure of what was going to happen. That waiting can be hellish. I've been through it, and even though I was a kid at the time, I still remember how I was trying not to talk about it,or think about it.

I am happy to see Rosemary being received well. Not sure she would have been there if it hadn't been for the broomstick prompt. Lol. But I am glad I thought of her. :)

Thank you for the fantastic review, Julia. I so fail at responding in a similar vein.


Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 04/18/11 11:05 · For: Chapter 1
Natalie, that was very intense. I really didn't think Scorpius was going to make it for a while, because you really sustained the tension until the very end.

Very interesting premise with the bomb, do you plan to write more? I was very sad to see that Andrew died and I imagine there is a very poignant story there.

I thought you did a great job working this Hugo into your other Next-Gen characterizations. The older generation was well done as well, especially Draco. I really liked his development over the course of the crisis. The line about Scorpius falling in love with a Weasley, particularly a male Weasley was a great line.

I think my favorite part, though, was the woman who turned her husband into a broomstick. First, that was hilarious - best way to incorporate the EC prompt!! And yet as ridiculous as it was, she was also the most grounded, the one who offered Hugo the best support. I liked that he wanted to get in touch with her afterwards. The reveal of their names was a nice tie to canon.

The final paragraph was brilliant writing. It was such a deep, profound thought, but that often happens when something really hits close to home, doesn't it? I hope things work out for Hugo and Scorpius. I'm sort of digging them as a couple after both reading them and writing them a few times now.

Lovely story - good luck in the challenge!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: I...thought I had responded. *headdesk*

Four reviews, and three people said that they thought Scorpius going to die. Mission accomplished! ;) Of course, I would never commit such a crime, but I did want to keep the suspense intact.

Oh I am so relieved you didn't think the broomstick sounded contrived. Phew! I was worried if that came across as a WTH moment. All in all, I am pretty excited to hear good things about this story because it was written on an impulse. Thanks for the wishes, and same to you!


Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 04/16/11 21:51 · For: Chapter 1
Beautiful. That's the first thing that comes to mind about this story... your writing is excellent, you really had me in this story, I was really worried you were going to kill Scorpius or something, so I guess that's what it would have been like for Hugo. And I can't believe you killed Andrew! He's such a wonderful character!

This had a nice mixture of fun, pain, love, tension... just everything. Nathan being turned into a broom really made me smile, and Rosemary was a lovely character. It's weird thinking of Nathan as older... in my mind he's still the innocent Nathan we see in Becoming Rita... anyway...

I liked the way you explored the idea of words. It added something really different to this story.

The first time I read this, Ron's dialogue at the beginning seemed to me a bit more like Harry than Ron, but I didn't notice it so much when I re-read it... so I'm not sure. I can't really explain why, but it just didn't quite feel like Ron. (Sorry, that's not very constructive...)

Now the ending of this story is simply amazing. My last coherent thought before drifting off to sleep is this: tomorrow, I’m for the world and I’ll mourn with it, but tonight, let me stay drunk with life. Just wow. Really. How on earth do you come up with lines like this?

Oh yes, one more thing, I loved what you did with Draco, and the shift in his relationship with Hugo between the beginning and the end.

I'm not the biggest Scorpius/Hugo fan, but your excellent writing really made that relationship believable as well, although it wasn't really the main part of this story.

I loved the idea of a bomb, too. That was something really creative and different, I don't think I've ever read a fic which features a Muggle bomb before.

I had sort of hoped that you'd somehow resolve Hugo's relationship with his father... although I suppose you kind of do in the second last paragraph, or at least you say that he will try and resolve it. It's just that everything else sort of felt resolved, except for that.

I really really really (need I say it again?) loved this story... it was just so well-written and so emotional and really creative as well.


Author's Response: Katrina!

I was so excited to see you had reviewed, as I don't think you read Scorpius/Hugo in general. YAY! I'll consider it a victory. :D

I did think of resolving the scene with Ron, but it felt out of place for the events of that night. :( And speaking of Ron, it might just be the fact that I can't write him (or Harry). However, I tried to keep the character in character by retaining in doggedness. Perhaps, Ron does grow strict with time.

I'm super happy you liked the fic. I wrote it on an impulse; I was dying to write something. It's nice to hear it worked. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 04/16/11 9:43 · For: Chapter 1
Noooooo. You hurt my Scorpy!. Gah, this is fabulously fabulous. i just adore the gut-wrenching emotions you've portrayed in this fic. How the hell can people think SSP is wrong? This is so perfect.

Oh poo, I'm jealous now. And furious ... I'm trying to write High, and Scorpius is supposed to be trying to get with Lily, not her cousin.

Too much squeeing. Fabulous story and I LOVED the broomstick.

I'd wish you luck, but I don;t think you need it. Bloody Brilliant.~Carole~

Author's Response: I actually considered killing him for a minute, but couldn't do it in the end. Yeah, how can people think SSP is wrong? >.< And, yes, it would be hard to write Scily when he clearly belongs with Hugo. Hehehe. Thank you for the squeeing and the wonderful compliments, Carole! I'm thrilled you liked it. :D:D


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