Reviewer: Cally Pinkle
Date: 09/24/11 14:48
Chapter: Chapter One: Runaway

i really like it!

Reviewer: longbottom11
Date: 09/01/11 8:51
Chapter: Chapter Seven: Letters and Flying Lessons

Oh my goodness!! This story is SO good!! I absolutley cannot wait for you to write more!! Your writing is almost as good as J K Rowling herself (that is a very hard thing to acheive) so Congratulations!!!

Author's Response: You know what, I just got home from an utterly horrible first day of school, and this just totally made my day! I'm very happy that you liked it so much. I'm working on Ch. 8, but it might not be up until the end of the month :(

Reviewer: longbottom11
Date: 08/31/11 21:09
Chapter: Chapter Two: Godric's Hollow

I can honestly say i didnt hate it...It was VERY well written!! there werent any moments where i scrolled past. I loved how you had so much detail!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much! I'm glad you didn't hate it. :) ~Olivia

Reviewer: kerreb7
Date: 08/22/11 21:04
Chapter: Chapter Seven: Letters and Flying Lessons

im really loving this its turning out to be one of my fav fan fics please continue the excellant work

Author's Response: Thanks! Happy you enjoyed it! ~Olivia

Reviewer: NicMc
Date: 08/22/11 9:52
Chapter: Chapter Six: Professor Angela Madison

good story and well written. however i'm confused as to why james plays chaser and not seeker, as in the books.

Author's Response: Thank you! Actually, though, James does play Chaser in the books. He was amusing himself with a Snitch in Snape's Worst Memory, but Jo said that he did play Chaser, not Seeker. ~Olivia

Reviewer: harry potter lovee
Date: 08/21/11 16:53
Chapter: Chapter Seven: Letters and Flying Lessons

I like it! It's been a while since it's been updated, but it was worth the wait. I'd love it if Remus got some romance, but that's just me :) keep updating!!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Sorry about the wait, the next ones should hopefully be up sooner. :) <3 ~Olivia

Reviewer: ProfessorZah
Date: 08/20/11 12:03
Chapter: Chapter Seven: Letters and Flying Lessons

Excellent! Naturally Remus would have feelings for Lily. He's lonely, she's sweet, and they spend time together as prefects. Why didn't I think of that?

Author's Response: Thank you for all the wonderful reviews! I'm glad you liked my idea with Remus and Lily. Jo said in an interview that he was very close to her, so that's how I decided to interpret it. Good point about Lily being more understanding towards Sirius, though I also think that she does feel sorry for him, but doesn't want to admit to herself that maybe he's not all that bad. As for Annalisa being lesbian, I feel like that is an appropriate thing to add to a story like this, because it's about teenagers finding love and making choices and all. Thank you! -Olivia

Reviewer: ProfessorZah
Date: 08/20/11 11:26
Chapter: Chapter Five: The Hogwarts Express

Enjoyed it! I'm glad you included a gay character.

Reviewer: ProfessorZah
Date: 08/20/11 10:58
Chapter: Chapter Three: Goodnight

Excellent! It's past midnight but I can't stop reading.

Reviewer: ProfessorZah
Date: 08/20/11 7:20
Chapter: Chapter Two: Godric's Hollow

Again, well written, but I do have a critical comment:
I think Lily would have been more sympathetic on learning of Sirius' abusive home situation.

Reviewer: ProfessorZah
Date: 08/20/11 7:10
Chapter: Chapter One: Runaway

Very well written! Looking forward to reading the rest. =)

Reviewer: StarsApartlover
Date: 08/15/11 11:31
Chapter: Chapter Six: Professor Angela Madison

Wonderful! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's in the queue, so it should be here soon....

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Diadem
Date: 06/21/11 7:30
Chapter: Chapter Five: The Hogwarts Express

I loved 'Anyone who smiles that much has to be suspicious.' It was so Sirius.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Diadem
Date: 06/21/11 7:16
Chapter: Chapter Three: Goodnight

I still love it.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Diadem
Date: 06/21/11 6:58
Chapter: Chapter One: Runaway

It's really good. This is my first marauder story, so i'm glad I picked yours.

Author's Response: :) :) Thanks, that means a lot to me. (Not to just be all sentimental. It really does) ~Olivia

Reviewer: CandleInTheDark
Date: 06/18/11 7:17
Chapter: Chapter Five: The Hogwarts Express

Not sure about the bit where Annalisa says she's gay, but I guess that has something to do with the future plot?? Do carry on writing it, I'm really enjoying it!

Author's Response: Thanks! The plot is being renovated right now, but maybe possibly Chapter 6 will be here soon. The Annalisa thing... I feel like a lot of Marauder stories don't address that. Or maybe I just haven't read enough Marauder stories! ~Olivia

Reviewer: CandleInTheDark
Date: 06/18/11 6:14
Chapter: Chapter One: Runaway

Really well written! You're one of the few candid writers I know who can really get the personalities of the characters right!!

Reviewer: ATL Lover
Date: 05/29/11 21:31
Chapter: Chapter Five: The Hogwarts Express

Great chapter!!! I LOVED it, I cant wait till the next one!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next one should be coming soon :) ~Olivia

Reviewer: ATL Lover
Date: 05/23/11 11:56
Chapter: Chapter Four: Lion's Lake

I LOVE this storie, its so sad and sweet at the same time!!! I love the way James is towards Siruis!! great fic! i hope you keep writing!!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) The next chapter should HOPEFULLY be up soon, I submitted it forever ago. >:( But anyways, I'm glad you liked it! ~Proserpina

Reviewer: silvertree
Date: 05/07/11 22:49
Chapter: Chapter One: Runaway

today i took the time to read it again... it's so good! You better finish it!!! I like the fourth chapter. When are you going to publish the next one?

Author's Response: Thanks! it'll be up soon, hopefully! ~Olivia

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