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Name: Arial Felchem (Signed) · Date: 09/07/11 8:29 · For: Chapter 1
I have to admit that this story kind-of made me laugh. It's really horrible that Filch and Madam Pince are just sitting there listening to a student being tortured, but the fact that they're just sitting there sipping tea while it's happening was a bit funny; it seems sadly in character for them. This seems like a very canon type of scene that actually would have taken place while the Carrows were running Hogwarts. Good story.

Author's Response:

You would not *believe* the amount of angst writing this story generated. I got the prompt for a Filch/Pince, quasi-romantic story for a fic exchange, and no matter how I churned it in my brain, everything just seemed so overtly horrible. I'm actually happy with the end result, but oh my, it could've been bad, lol. I'm glad you like it.


Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 04/09/11 22:53 · For: Chapter 1
Hi Jess,

Thanks for such a quick response to my last review, I'm glad you like receiving them.

This is another fic of yours I read a while ago and didn't get to review... I think I wasn't quite sure what to think after my first reading of it. It is certainly disturbing and macabre... to the level that I usually expect Tom Riddle stories or something like that to be.

You have certainly done something fantastic with your characterisations here... and even though both Irma and Argus appear cruel and horrid, somehow you created a strange sort of empathy for them. I suppose I've felt that for Filch since we found out he was a Squib, and Madam Pince seems to be a rather lonely woman. Somehow I felt bad for them. Which is something really impressive to do as an author... because their behaviour in this fic is absolutely despicable. I suppose you're working on the theme that no-one is truly evil or truly good... that we all have both parts in us and sometimes circumstances can affect how we are.

The juxtaposition of them drinking tea - something that seems old-fashioned and friendly - with them listening to torture is just brilliant, particularly as it gives insight into their tortured minds.

Anyway, great fic, though certainly disturbing...


Author's Response:

Hmm, this story was a dark, twisted baby, born of a rather hideous prompt for a fic exchange. I can't think of a pairing that I would want to write less than this one that doesn't involve Snape, so yeah... it is disturbing in that manner, as well.

The thing I've always thought about Filch and Pince is that they are rather pathetic people Filch gets walked over for a living by little bastards like Fred and George (which begs the question of whether the Marauders drove Apollyon Pringle to early retirement). Dumbledore seems to grant him some respect, but the bitterness about being surrounded by magic yet never being able to cast so much as a single spell would definitely eat at him. Plus, he probably wasn't all that nice to begin with. :/

And with Irma, I pictured her as a rather plain woman, likely not all that different from Snape's mother, Eileen. She is bookish and not very pretty and probably a bit standoffish. We havea pretty good idea, having been in school ourselves, what that does to one's social life. And when she chose a career that, whilst dealing with her true love in life, was essentially doing the same thing over and over -- putting back books that students mistreat and never return to their shelves -- it isn't unlikely that it would make her a bit... cross. And compile years of that and the stress of constant staff changes (and subsequent changes in curriculum, hence needing new stock for one thing or another) in the current school environs, I can see how she could take a llittle bit of pleasure out of one of the little rats that had made her job harder than it needed to be getting what was coming (in her view, not mine!). 

And there you have now two not so nice people sip tea over the sound of a teenager being tortured. It was macabre, and not at all pleasant to write, but I was actualy surprised how un-sickened I was by the final product. 

Thanks for dropping in again. I fear I may run out of stories for you to review soon, though. Venturing deep into my older fics is a dangerous business. I don't even do that, lol. 

Well, anyway, ta for now!


Name: One Lily (Signed) · Date: 01/29/11 9:29 · For: Chapter 1
great. it was cool to see filches and madame pinces piont of view.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked the story. These aren't many people's favourite characters, but it's interesting to see how they might have dealt with the presence of Death Eaters in the school. I hope it was plausible.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Name: hestiajones (Signed) · Date: 01/28/11 13:58 · For: Chapter 1
I have no other words to describe this except "brilliant". Honestly, Jess, I am even a little jealous because (a) I am personally invested in the pairing, and (b) I have thought about writing it, but nothing I have thought of matches up to this. This is just how rarepairs should be written.

You know, romance is not all about smut. It can be done so subtly, and the subtlety you have employed here is perfect. Romance doesn't always have to be appealing, too. What is shaping up here is as romantic as Filch/Anyone could get, but am I attracted to the idea? No. That said, it is still fascinating, mainly because it has been so masterfully, so aptly written.

And the setting is so realistic, the characterisation so utterly believable. This is just the kind of fanfiction which I like - credibile original, and enjoyable.


Author's Response:


You know, when I got this prompt, I wanted to hide from it and quit SPEW just so I didn't have to write it, but then I got the idea to make it macabre and a bit disturbing, because, well, the idea of Filch and Pince is on that side in the first place. And this is what came out.

I'm glad it doesn't suck and that it even appeals to a specific audience, because I was more worried about it creeping out readers. :D

Lovely review, matey!


Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 01/21/11 10:53 · For: Chapter 1
AGHHHHH! I'm shocked. Why? Because I drink PG Tips as well.

Jess, this was macabre but very IC. I often wondered why the Carrows kept Filch on, but I guess they liked abusing him and he'd be useful to them. (Actually, I think Snape rather liked him ... go on, I dare you ...)

Liked this ~ Carole ~

Author's Response:

Filch, to me, has always been a man of few virtues. He just isn't a nice man at all, and you know he has to be bitter about whatever life choices led him to being, in essence, a school janitor and all around life failure. Add that to years of dealing with little bastards like the twins, and it's no wonder he gets his jollies by listening to them scream for mercy.

Pince might not have been so indifferent had the student in question not been a book snatcher, but as that wasn't the case... Well, she's not very nice. 

Thank Hannah for PG Tips. She suggested that or Tetley, and since I don't really like Tetley all that much, the decision was made. :D

I'm glad you liked it, despite its nastiness and not-very-niceness, hehe.


Name: dahtonen (Signed) · Date: 01/20/11 21:15 · For: Chapter 1
Wow! Jess, great job! Once again, you have put another unlikely pairing together and made me believe it could be so!

Author's Response:

Well, I suppose jerks of a feather flock together, so it therefore makes sense. I remember cringing at the very thought of the prompt that inspired this, and I was vastly relieved that I didn't gross myself out. :D


Name: MagicMandy (Signed) · Date: 01/19/11 10:31 · For: Chapter 1
This is exactly how I always assumed Filch saw everything. The violence inflicted on students is slightly depressing, but it wasn't that bad. Also, didn't Harry suspect in the books that Filch and Madame Pince were in love? were secretly i

Author's Response:

I'd like to assume that Filch isn't a complete tool, but alas, I cannot find one redeeming quality in the man. He just needed a soul mate, no matter how horrid the circumstances, lol.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. Have a lovely day!


Name: ProfPosky (Signed) · Date: 01/18/11 19:10 · For: Chapter 1
Well, it is perfectly in character, as far as we know them. So the indifference to pain and suffering is appropriate.

Really, when you think about it, that school employed some pretty horrible people over the years...

Author's Response:

Indeed they did. I just figured that there had to be some kindred spirit within those walls for Filch who wasn't Umbridge. Now THAT ship would make me vomit. :-(

I'm glad you liked it, Thea (at least I'm assuming so). Thanks for stopping by!


Name: nevilleherosnape (Signed) · Date: 01/18/11 9:08 · For: Chapter 1
That was a very interesting take on them!! Wow! Seriously though, it wouldn't have suprised me if there had been someone other than Flich who was delighted with the Carrows!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you found it interesting. It could either be a fascinating look into his world or just completely horrible, so... thank Merlin for that, I guess. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Name: Kerichi (Signed) · Date: 01/18/11 7:44 · For: Chapter 1

Little did you know you tempted fate by saying you could write any pairing! I don't know if you cursed profusely when you received your prompt or just said, "Why did I get stuck with the weird one?" but I appreciate the thought and craft you put into the story.

Argus and Irma are very well matched. Both think no one understands how hard their jobs are and torture is fitting punishment for student wrongdoers. The implied similarities in the personalities of their pets, too, was very well done.

“My dog, Mr Corbie — he’s a toy poodle — can sniff out any library book. He can even tell which books belong in the Restricted Section and which ones are in the General Section.”

I could imagine him barking at students who dog-ear pages. :D

The missing portraits highlighted what was happening at the school and Irma and Argus's approval of it, and I approve of dark humor, heh, so I grinned through the tea and punishment scene. I've tried PG Tips, but I don't think I'd be able to tell the brand from Twinings or any other black tea. Our callous couple must have animal-like senses of smell in common, too. ;)

I still think "dead pissed off" isn't a phrase Argus would use, even if he picked it up from students or watching Monty Python back in the seventies. It is punny, and although our odd couple didn't pick up on the humour, I did.

Thanks for the amusing and thought provoking gift of a fic! ^_^

Author's Response:

I will admit, I was rather hoping I wouldn't have to write a brain-shredding ship like Filch/Pince. I wouldn't even read a fic featuring them, so I never thought I would have to write one. That being said, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. It would be easier than writing Umbridge/Yaxley or something equally horrible, at any rate.

I have always thought of tea/coffee as something similar to beer in the way that everyone has particular tastes. To the indiscriminate tongue, Brand A and Brand B taste the same, but to the dedicated drinker of said brand, the differences are marked. For instance, I can drink most any major brand of cola and tell the difference between them without the benefit of knowing which is which. I just wanted that extra connection point between them, and commiserating over a beverage was the next step, I suppose.

And about 'dead pissed off', as you noted in your review on LJ, 'pissed' means drunk, and he'd definitely not that. It just seemed like a a good idea at the time, I suppose, lol. I'm not sure what else I could or would have used there. No doubt there is some ultra British-y phrase I could've used, but even my mastermind Brit picker couldn't think of anything else as an alternative. So there you have it. I really just wanted to give him a bit of untold background, since putting 'dead' in front of nearly everything is a marked Gloucester thing.

Thank you for the review, and I'm glad you liked your gift fic. It was interesting to write. :D


Name: Siriussirius (Signed) · Date: 01/18/11 7:41 · For: Chapter 1
Hello! Nicely written, of course; I love all your stories! :D But wow, this is really something else! Why have you written it such that Filch and Pince don't recognise the line between discipline and torture, and actually relish the latter? Perhaps there is some back-story somewhere? *eager look*

Author's Response:

Well, there's not much in the way of backstory, but it's simple enough to see why they are the way they are. First off, you saw that Filch was ecstatic when Umbridge's disciplinary measures became violent. In his eyes, he is finally getting some form of retribution for years of misbehavior by the students. And Pince... I took liberties there. She's one of those borderline sociopaths who feel like their needs and problems in their own personal universe are more important than other people. And witnessing torture was a new experience for her, so it still retained the newness and thrill, which only someone with the proper predisposition could feel. That's all, really. I don't know if I have it in my to write something like this again. Too shippy for my taste, lol.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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