Reviews For Eyes That Know Me
Reviewer: CharmingApollo
Date: 10/14/12 5:08
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

This was a lovely story that was written beautifully. Its so great that my vocabulary has been reduced to a single noise.


Author's Response: Thank you very much, it's always lovely to hear a squeee. Hmm, I notice from your profile that you enjoy reading slash. I have a Remus/Sirius called Monochrome, and a few others on this site featuring other pairings (Truth or Dare, Drowning Not Waving). I can also heartily recommend hestiajones who has written some amazing Scugo fics (Scorpius/Hugo, like this one) and ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor who writes amazing angsty ssp. (Oh, I have a Harry/Draco called The Grey Between as well). OOOPs, sorry for pimping so many of my stories. Thank you once again for the review ~Carole~

Reviewer: Ginny Weasley Potter
Date: 10/08/12 17:49
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

This was short and sweet, Croll. I really needed this bit of Scugo and am utterly grateful to you for recommending me this. :)

I loved the distinct characterisations of both Scorpius and Hugo. This story had little words, but their characters were very well expressed. It had the right mix-- Hugo was not a carbon copy of Ron, but at the same time, I could relate him to his father. I'll say the same for Scorpius. Also, I liked Scorpius's blue eyes. He always seems to have grey eyes (and has grey eyes in my headcanon) but it really worked well for this fic. Particularly here:

Blue met blue, mesmerising Scorpius and holding him in total thrall.

Blue is a mesmerising colour and this went very well with the situation at hand.

I felt quite sorry for Scorpius, that his grandparents kept pestering him to marry by making him meet girls. Reminds me of the Indian society a little bit. But yes, I can definitely, definitely imagine Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy being like that. :/

I loved the scene from Hogwarts. I totally agree with you-- I'm pretty sure Scorpius and Hugo have a scandalous Hogwarts past (though in my headcanon, they had sex once too). I liked the subtle sexual tension.

Speaking of the Hogwarts scene, I really adore the unity of the houses! Hehe, them having a snowball fight was definitely what I hadn't expected, but it was lovely to read. Rose kissing her boyfriend was so funny. XD That would have happened anyway!

The ending made me squeal with joy. At first, I was sad that they possibly weren't about to be together, but then when Hugo kissed Scorpius... it made me very, very happy! And I hearted the last line. It was wonderful!

If I’m sinking, I want you with me, Scorpius.

So lovely... so subtle and beautiful. I loved this fic. I loved how your minor characters for the fic had their own distinctive personalities. I loved everything about this. You said a lot in very few words and I enjoyed the fic for that.

That said, is there going to be a sequel? :D Hee, I just really loved this!

Anyway, thanks for recommending this to me, once again, Croll! You're an amazing author. :)

Author's Response: Scorpius always hs blue eyes in my fics, it's the one thing, looks-wise, he inherited form his mum in my canon. As much as I enjoyed writing this, I can't see me writing a sequel because Scorpius/Lily is far too firmly entrenched in my psyche now. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing after I nagged you - hee hee. ~Carole~

Reviewer: olipop10
Date: 01/21/11 9:31
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

LOL, that's a so unprobable couple! but i liked it! LOL! well written :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Hmm, I'm not so sure they're improbable. I have Scorpius with Lily in my other fic. Thanks for the review- I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 01/08/11 19:01
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

Oh, I really loved the snowball fight. That was well played. Once again, you write the next generation so effortlessly I am envious. And between you and Natalie, I rather like Hugo/Scorpius. It's a nice twist on what Ron tells Rose at the end of DH. And I like how Gryffindor bravery doesn't always extend to relationships - I wrote the same idea into a J/L fic (what else?) because I think it's an interesting way to see Gryffindor. Two questions: who was Rose's ex, and what does Hugo do?
I liked it! Do you have more stories? Keep writing! (haha, don't you love it when reviews ask/say that?)
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Oh, hmm, I can't think of anything else about Scugo at the moment and I have to say I haven't really thought about Hugo's career. I can't see him at the joke shop - well not in this incarnation - so maybe he works at the Ministry. I like the Gryff bravery thing when applied to relationships because we don;'t see them being that brave, do we? It took Hermione seven years to kiss Ron, after all, and they were rubbish at asking girls to the Ball. Rose's ex is just some random Ravenclaw - probably a prefect. In High she's with a Hufflepuff called Benedict MacMillan - I like him. This isn't compliant though. Thank you for the review ~Carole~

Reviewer: lucca4
Date: 01/07/11 23:08
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

My apologies…this will only be a semi-coherent review as I really should be asleep right now, but I was too curious to read my first Scugo fic :).

What always seems to stand out in your stories is the amazing characterization, and in this one-shot it was no different. I love the Lily in this story doesn't seem to have changed much from "High," but most especially I love your Hugo. He seemed so real, artfully created with the perfect mix of dry wit and uncertainty (though I liked that he wasn't uncertain about what he wanted, just the fact that he didn't know if he wanted to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of everyone else who assumed him to be straight).

The flash-back was very well done; I liked how it soon turned from frivolous play to tension. I also liked how Scorpius was the take-charge one, quicker to give in to his desires without dwelling over the consequences. On a side note, for some reason I just loved the bit about Rose kissing her ex…it was a really unique way of characterizing her and I really love it--it makes her seem more like a teenage girl than she usually does in more clich characterizations of her. I don't really know why that part was so enjoyable for me, but as a general comment I love the little details you add into the story, it just makes everything more believable and fun to read.

The entire flashback scene creates a wonderful backdrop for the future New Year's party. I enjoyed the set-up, with James being the leader and almost forcing Hugo to attend. Finally, perhaps my favorite part was the ending. I was so worried that Hugo would leave because he wasn't ready to pursue this type of relationship, and it made the surprise kiss just all the more better to read. I was smiling by Hugo's last line…this entire story was such an enjoyable read, and a great post-holiday pick-me-up.

Amazing job with this story, as per usual :).

xx Ariana

Author's Response: *and now I feel guilty for begging people to review* Thank you very much for the review, Ariana and I'm glad you liked the story. Glad you liked the Rose bit; I don't like her being portrayed as a Hermione clone, so I wanted her to be a bit more Weasleyish. If you want to read more Scugo, try Natalie's 'At the Back of the Shack' - that was my inspiration. Oh and this isn;t compliant with High at all - ha ha. ~Carole~

Reviewer: Rislans88
Date: 01/06/11 13:38
Chapter: Eyes That Know Me

thiiiis is a fantastic ship (way under-appreciated) and you did it justice :-) i love all of your stories and this one was great too!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. If you like this ship, can I direct you to In the Back of the Shack by hestiajones? It's a really good story. Anyway, thanks again for the review, I'm glad you liked it. ~Carole~

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