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Name: hpfan25 (Signed) · Date: 06/05/11 17:34 · For: Right There.
I doubt Voldy would have a threeway with the lestrange, I don't think he was human enough. I have alwYs imagined rodolfus would think like this though, only serving you-know-poo because Bella did. Beautiful, as always

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. In regards to the threeway idea, I'd imagined it as referring to before his first fall, when he would likely have had a more human form. And a nose. I'm glad you liked it, so thanks very much for the review :)

Name: grangergirl35 (Signed) · Date: 04/19/11 22:12 · For: Right There.
Rodolphus and bellatrix lestrange?

Author's Response: Yes, it is, well done!

Name: Elliot Scamander (Signed) · Date: 03/06/11 20:31 · For: Right There.
I loved this! Really good! It is really fluent and definitely has me wanting more!

"It"=The Dark Mark

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the read, much thanks for the review :)

Name: RealMadrilena (Signed) · Date: 02/19/11 21:51 · For: Right There.
I loved it. Yet it left me a bit confused. But it's probably not your fault, I'm a bit short on sleep.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, although the confusion is a bit worrying. It was meant to represent Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort's effect on their marriage, if that helps :)

Name: Ginnythemuggle (Signed) · Date: 02/05/11 7:33 · For: Right There.
Well it is definitely the dark mark. My thoughts as to who she is, Bellatrix Lestrange which means that the narrator is her husband because of the ring. She's also the only one really in love with Voldemort.

Author's Response: Yes, yes, and yes :) Well done, I'm glad you liked it enough to review, thank you very much :)

Name: MagicMandy (Signed) · Date: 01/12/11 15:23 · For: Right There.
'i' is rodolphus lestrange, 'he' is voldemort, 'she' is bellatrix, and 'it' is the dark mark. I'm glad you wrote a story from rodolphus's pov , because he is always forgotten. Most of the story seems very accurate to me, except for one thing: why would voldemort ever share a bed with both rodolphus and bellatrix?

Author's Response: I imagine that Voldemort might have shared their bed when he looked like the handsome Tom Riddle. Considering how freaky Voldemort already is, I don't see it as a big stretch of the imagination that he would be more interested in weird things like sharing their bed. Also, I believe that forcing his followers to let him into their marital beds would be another show of control over them. Thank you for the review :)

Name: GrowingupLuna (Signed) · Date: 01/10/11 18:01 · For: Right There.
Its Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband! Thats my guess! this was Really good, If it is those two. It reflects how her desire for voldemort overshadowed even her desires for her husband Rudolphus.

Author's Response: Perfect guess, well done :) Thanks for the review, hope you enjoyed it

Name: Doxy Eggs (Signed) · Date: 01/09/11 16:56 · For: Right There.
Oooh, this was nicely done!
Was the narrator Rodolphus and his wife Bellatrix? If so, I think it might be a bit over-the-top even for Bellatrix to want Voldemort to share their bed- and I would be shocked that Voldemort ever did so in the first place...
Then again, since when have either of them been normal? :)
Great read!

Author's Response: Yes, it is the Lestranges, well done :) I'm more inclined to believe that Bella never really loved Rodolphus, certainly throughout the books she seems more interested in Voldemort. It's never been mentioned anywhere in Canon that Voldemort shared their bed, but neither are the tortures the death eaters used either. So basically I have taken artistic licence, but it doesn't seem like that big a leap that Voldemort could be that weird. Much thanks for the review, I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)

Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 01/09/11 15:44 · For: Right There.
I'm assuming that I is Rodolphus, she is Bellatrix, he is Voldemort and it is her dark mark. The only thing is... I always thought Bellatrix had wild hair, not silky soft hair (although that could just be the movies... Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Bellatrix isn't exactly forgettable...). And I did find it a little weird that at some point Voldemort shared Rodolphus & Bellatrix's bed, not because Bellatrix wouldn't want it, but because I can't imagine Voldemort wanting that sort of contact with people.

Anyway, I loved this fic!! Your writing was beautiful, and you captured Rodolphus so well. It must have been hard being married to Bellatrix when clearly her whole life was poured into Voldemort. So great job there!!

Author's Response: Go you for getting the people :) And yes, in the films Bellatrix does have wild hair, but I'm pretty sure her hair isn't mentioned in the books. Personally, I've always thought of her as stunningly beautiful, but with a completely warped mind, so it would be impossible to tell her insanity until she said, or did something odd. And anyway, she's supposed to be a perfect pureblood wife, like her sister Narcissa, so it wouldn't be a huge stretch of the imagination that she would be expected to be beautiful. As for the bed sharing, I would imagine for that to have been in Voldemort's first rise to power, when he was Tom Riddle. In this time period, he would still have an attractive body, because let's face it, if you looked like the film Voldemort, wouldn't you have low self confidence? Much thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :)

Name: welshdevondragon (Signed) · Date: 01/09/11 8:54 · For: Right There.
It's the Rodolphus-Bellatrix-Voldemort triangle isn't it? This was really beautifully written- I like your Rodolphus's highly formal but sincere voice and the pain he feels at no longer having Bella to himself is clear in every sentence. He's very, very passive- it sounds as if he gave up on keeping Bella to himself very, very quickly. Really short but interesting take on their marriage (it is them isn't it?) thank you!

Author's Response: Yes, it is the RBV triangle, I'm glad you could tell. I regret the length, but the plot bunny appeared very late at night, and begged to be written then and there. Thanks for the review :)

Name: ShannonMaree (Signed) · Date: 01/09/11 0:51 · For: Right There.
woops, forgot to say that i liked it :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :)

Name: ShannonMaree (Signed) · Date: 01/09/11 0:50 · For: Right There.
who are they?

Author's Response: She is Bellatrix Lestrange. The narrator is her husband, Rodolphus Lestrange. He is Lord Voldemort, and the thing on her arm is her Dark Mark.

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