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Reviewer: locanena
Date: 04/04/11 15:37
Chapter: Chapter 1

Oh no I'm not saying I don't like reading it, I love reading it. Its annoying because I know a lot of people whose like that, and I tell them to get over it cause they knew what they were getting into, I told them to read this fan-fic. I love it write more please

Reviewer: madhumakhi
Date: 04/04/11 7:54
Chapter: Chapter 10

I feel bad for Elisabeth. Poor girl, she seems to be making the same mistakes that Persephone had made.
I can also see a rather insignificant parallel between Persephone and Elisabeth. Persephone and Rickert started their relationship during November; and according to naive Elisabeth, she also started a relationship with Sirius during a November.

Reviewer: locanena
Date: 04/03/11 12:26
Chapter: Chapter 10

Elisabeth is getting annoying, she should've expected it from the beginning that Sirius isn't the commited type of guy.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel that way. If she were a perfect character who made all the right decisions, she would not be interesting to write (or read) about.

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 03/27/11 17:10
Chapter: Chapter 9

ooooh, that was cute! I love flashbacks.

Reviewer: BloodRayne
Date: 03/14/11 20:18
Chapter: Chapter 9

Lovely! Can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 03/08/11 20:09
Chapter: Chapter 8

I was willing to see their breakup. Even more, I had faith Elisabeth would do it. Oh, she's disappointed me ): weak, weak! But... I still like her. Poor thing. She needs to rip Sirius from the inside LOL

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 03/04/11 23:29
Chapter: Chapter 8

that was great having sirius be introduced to persephone in such an awkward way. i still think she definitely needs to flirt with someone else to torment sirius. but i do feel bad for elisabeth in the situation between her mum and father.

Reviewer: locanena
Date: 03/04/11 17:12
Chapter: Chapter 8

wow she's mad weak, I would have broken up with a long time ago. But keep in as a booty call. :-D

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 02/27/11 16:44
Chapter: Chapter 7

oh, lovely sirius, i've missed you!

Reviewer: locanena
Date: 02/24/11 19:24
Chapter: Chapter 7

aww, awesome chapter

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 02/19/11 15:38
Chapter: Chapter 6

i can't even imagine what persephone is going to say when she finds out. but it will be interesting to see if charles really has grown up. but i can't help but keep wondering what is going on with the deatheater attack on elisabeth. i like how you're keeping that in our minds with little reminders in the chapters.

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 02/18/11 16:50
Chapter: Chapter 6

YEEEY! Go Elisabeth! I just love this story. Their fight was really fun to read

Reviewer: madhumakhi
Date: 02/16/11 0:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

Elisabeth meets her father and it's awkward. I love the way you've brought it out. Am waiting for more.

Reviewer: locanena
Date: 02/10/11 9:10
Chapter: Chapter 5

break up with him

Reviewer: locanena
Date: 02/06/11 22:32
Chapter: Chapter 4

man I don't like Sirius! LOL I love it write more

Author's Response: Haha thanks =] The next chapter's in queue now.

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 02/06/11 9:41
Chapter: Chapter 4

i agree with astrid! good way to test sirius' feelings toward her. but i must admit that i like the way you write. it's definitely different. i think because you are a bit more to the point rather than all wordy just for the sake of it. i'm liking that.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you like the style; it's a bit different from the one I've been using for fanfiction.

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 02/04/11 19:03
Chapter: Chapter 4

Oh, I loooove this story! I'm having so much fun with their uncertain relationship. And part of me really wishes she would break up with Sirius, but I just adore him so much.
I would be a little selfish of me to beg you for an update, since you have just done so. But, hey, deep down I don't really care lol. Update pleeeease :D it would make me really glad!

Author's Response: Haha, the entire story's completely written (except the epilogue...better get on that), so updates shouldn't be too infrequent =] Glad you're liking it!

Reviewer: shiznittt
Date: 02/02/11 3:11
Chapter: Chapter 3

Oh, this is so fun to read! I love your fanfiction because usually people portray girls who will never fall for Sirius and will never be "just another one". But in this case, she's one of Sirius' affairs and it's nice to take a look at their point of view. I didn't read Persephone but I'm looking forward to. Please update!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 01/28/11 19:01
Chapter: Chapter 3

oooooh! there was so much foreshadowing in the chapter. first the start of the questions about her attack and then my biggest surprise is to see charles appear! i wasn't expecting that. i can't wait to see how that is going to play out now that he has finally met her. all exciting stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: inspirations
Date: 01/19/11 9:08
Chapter: Chapter 2

Yay, I’m really pleased to see a sequel. Persephone was fantastic, and hopefully Elisabeth is going to match that.

Sirius and Elisabeth are an interesting coupling. He is quite the jerk towards her, and she sees that, but she gives in to him anyway. I thought she was a bit stronger willed than that, especially when she went to confront him about not coming to visit while she was ill, however then she melted. In one way I want her to follow her instincts and dump him, but on the other hand, I like the romance there. It’s passionate, even if Sirius cheats, and there’s a mutual understanding between them that makes their interaction quite realistic.

Being only chapter two, I suppose we might find out more about this as the plot progresses, but this aspect made the chapter a little disappointing for me. Elisabeth being attacked on the train is never really explored. I can understand she’s preoccupied with Sirius, but she doesn’t take a lot of time to wonder about what happened to her. Now she’s in the main school maybe it’ll be touched upon more, but her attack seemed almost random, and no one seems to question it. If anything, if felt to me like you put her in the hospital wing to develop the Sirius plotline. That’s not a bad thing, I just wish there was a little more substance and context in this chapter to show that Elisabeth was attacked, on what should’ve been a safe trip to school. She herself barely seems to dwell on it.

Three days.

I was in the hospital wing for three days.

Three days, and he didn’t even come to see me.

I love that paragraph. The repetition of ‘three days’ really emphasises how she feels about his absence, without saying too much, just letting the reader imply. The bluntness shows how angry she is, which made me anticipate what was going to happen. This was a great way to start that section.

Overall, this is a good start and I look forward to reading on. I can’t wait to see where it’s going! xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I've been really enjoying writing Elisabeth and Sirius's relationship so far. Re: Elisabeth being attacked--it will definitely be explored more in future chapters. Right now, since nobody really knows much about what happened, and she's been separated from the rest of the school for a few days, she's focusing on Sirius instead.

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