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Reviews For Ghost of Christmas

Name: whichone (Signed) · Date: 12/15/16 21:25 · For: Ghost
Oh my God Paige I am literally sitting here bawling. My grandfather died six years ago shortly after his wife, my grandmother. James meant the world to me. His birthday was 21 December and he loved Christmas. Since then Christmas has never been the same; the winter solstice has never been the same. Yes we celebrated that for James I skip Christmas some years because I can't ...This is absolutely fucking beautiful. Death, getting over a death, and having to deal with it again is just like this. This is beautifully simplistic yet so profound. You know when you read a random piece at the right time and it's so universal it just hits home? You've done that. Thank you. Jenn

Author's Response: Hello! It's the day after Christmas, and I was scrolling down the Unresponded column next to my reviews (I always reply, so I find spammers to report on the beta boards by clicking on the ones in the column of zeros, heh). What a lovely surprise to find this review! Thank you for being such a sensitive, wonderful soul to feel the poem personally.

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 02/24/11 10:14 · For: Ghost
This was amazing. And beautiful. It was chilling, but in a sad-making way. Just amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've thought about writing a one shot from Andromeda's pov, but I'm afraid I'd cry too much . . . and constantly hear Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd singing, "Poor thing! Poor thing!"

Name: inspirations (Signed) · Date: 01/19/11 8:57 · For: Ghost
Paige, this is a truly beautiful poem. I was looking for a poem to read and yours caught my eye -- such an intriguing title!

I love the symmetry of this poem, particularly the use of ‘b’ to begin the same two lines in each stanza. It shows Andromeda stuck in this mindset, being this ghost and her moving on simultaneously, perfectly. Is this in a particular poetic form?

I like the use of the different ghosts in chronological order, kind of capturing each stage of loss. It helps us to see how Andromeda is evolving as she comes to terms with it. In addition, I don’t know whether you purposely built it around Scrooge, but the use of the ghosts and all the negative descriptions surrounding her Christmas do give her a Scrooge-esque feel. The difference here, however, if that it is easy to sympathise with Andromeda, and understand why she is acting how she is.

The Christmas theme incorporated puts a spin on the happy feeling that Christmas supposedly represents. However if you’ve lost somebody it’s not going to be all happiness at Christmas, so the sad sort of feeling you’ve produced along with this particular season goes a long way in showing how hard things are for Andromeda, and how hard they can be for real people in this situation too.

Honestly, great poem. I’m pleased I got the chance to read it and feedback. :) xx

Author's Response:

Spire! I'm so happy you had the urge to look for a poem to read! Not a lot of people do, and if I had a Galleon for every review that had "I don't ususually like poetry", well, I couldn't spend them, heh, but I'd have a shiny collection. :D

I read poetry, but I don't study it like I do fiction writing (somehow I got the impression poets have super-analytical math brains, and I'm the math for liberal arts type  :P).  I just write and work out the poem as I go. With the different ghosts making a pattern, the repetition of 'b' seemed to fit.

Yay, you caught that she was feeling Scrooge-ish, bah humbug, until time and perspective changed her heart! Sometimes when you lose someone you feel detached from all the holiday cheer, guilty if you enjoy it, and a bit resentful that everyone else seems to have moved on (which leads to more guilt).

You made my day with your feedback. Thank you!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/20/10 6:11 · For: Ghost
You should feel proud of yourself. You've got me reading poetry. I'm usually not into poetry. Maybe because I love to read and that's easy for me. Poetry, however, often takes a bit of interpretation and makes me think too much:D This poem was clear in its meaning. Are there any other holidays that are so bittersweet? It's a strange holiday when feelings are so exaggerated and they stay with you year after year. This Christmas, 2010, is off to an excellent start so I'm predicting that this Christmas present will be a positive one. This poem will stay with me as a positive memory.

Author's Response:

I think any holiday where people have vivid memories of spending time with loved ones they've lost are bittersweet, but Christmas, with its emphasis on family and incessant cheer exaggerates emotions, just like you said.

I'm all for positivity, and thank you for the compliments! :)

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