Reviewer: J-Holly
Date: 03/07/13 10:40
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hmm... It's great, but I guess it doesn't have much impact on me because I already read Prefect Paralyzed and it was really amazing. But reading again, I see that this story is also interesting. I like the way you wrote Ron's thoughts, that's exactly what he would have thought. You really have a gift in writing, I never could have written anything like this.

Author's Response:

Hello again! I think you've reminded me of how many random things I have on my author page, hehe.

I'm glad that you liked the story and found it interesting. I've been told I have a knack for writing Ron, even though he's not one of my favourite characters. Though his thoughts after the war might've been a bit on the dark side, I think he would take the first chance he got to make things right with Hermione, because he loves her.

Anyway, happy reviewing, and thank you for stopping by! If you would like an author recommendation, I wholly endorse Equinox Chick, both for variety and quality. :)


Reviewer: hanname
Date: 01/23/13 15:09
Chapter: Chapter 1

Way to go Ron! Nice to see a Ron with selfconfidence. Well written piece :)

Author's Response:

Though he's far from my favourite character, I always feel like Ron acts and then thinks about what he does and says a split second later, which adds a level of self-deprecation in his own mind due to his almost immediate awareness of it, as well as sparking indecision as to how to proceed. What I think his bout with the Horcrux gave him in DH was the ability to see himself -- inside and out, good and bad -- and accept that these things would always be a part of him and make him who he is. Only then could he learn to accept himself and believe that he was worthy enough for the blessings in his life. In this, he is definitely a fascinating character.

Aside from a fluffy thattaboy, this story was written to prove a point to a friend that, while I have no attachment to Ron at all, I can still dig around inside his head. I'm glad that you enjoyed the fruits of my endeavour. :) And, lastly, thank you for reading!


Reviewer: ChosenOneFtw
Date: 09/24/11 0:22
Chapter: Chapter 1

Lol at the end! Bahhaaha that was cute :) Will you write more chapters or was that the last one? :( Oh well, if it is, why don't you write more R/Hr? You seem pretty good at it ;)

Author's Response:

I'm not really planning much by the way of Ron/Hermione. I'm not really comfortable enough with Ron's character to write him at length, as he's never been high on the list of characters with whom I really identified. Most of my work tends to gravitate to non-canon pairings and dark/angst. You'd be surprised how hard it was to write something this light-hearted, hehe.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for reading!


Reviewer: jeanius
Date: 09/06/11 6:50
Chapter: Chapter 1

I love Ron! As in that's my answer to the question above! LOL! Really nice!

Author's Response:

Hello, and welcome do the depths of my author page!

At any rate, I'm glad you liked it, as it's not my normal writing fare. But I was quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for reading and reviewing. :)


Reviewer: EatMyPixieDust
Date: 07/17/11 16:51
Chapter: Chapter 1

This made me smile :D. Good job, superbly done. I love the fact that you made Ron during the conversation somewhat nervous, but at the end:

[Never again would he let that sort of doubt plague him again, because damn it all, he was Ron effing Weasley, slayer of Horcruxes and champion of the elves!

Really, what wasn’t to love?]

He was plain old Ron. Thank you for making my day brighter for two whole minutes. ;)

Author's Response:

I'm glad you like it. I just had a thought one day about what happened to the rest of the Trio after Harry went for a sandwich and a nap. And Ron probably is nervous about much of what he says and does around Hermione, even before this. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Reviewer: GinnyPotterFan26
Date: 06/13/11 16:29
Chapter: Chapter 1

I've never thought about reviews as being like crack before, but though I've never tried crack, I can see the similarities. I really enjoyed this nice bit of Ron/Hermione fluff. It stayed very true to the Ron and Hermione of Jo's books, while still managing to have them continue developing that little bit further.

Author's Response:

I can't remember exactly how this plot bunny came to me, but I do recall wondering what Ron and Hermione were up to when Harry wandered off for a sandwich and a nap. Considering the kiss that had happened, this seemed like an inevitable confrontation, since they never actually talked about their feelings before.

I really can't explain why reviews feel so important. There's just some little spark of happiness to get that email. Even if the review is two words and really vague, it's still such a joy to get them. 

Anyway, thanks for adding to the squee all day. I'm glad you've been enjoying my stories. :D


Reviewer: Evangeline_DeMore
Date: 06/06/11 14:34
Chapter: Chapter 1

That was awesome can you write one about Harry and Ginny and say Remus and Nymphadora survived one about them!?!?!?!?!? It would totally rock my world like this one does!

Author's Response:

Well, i'm glad you like it. I have no plans for any more Harry/Ginny, other than the one already on my author page, and I've never really written Remus/Tonks before. I may some day, but at this time, I'll have to leave you to enjoy the fruits of others' labour in these categories. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing. 


Reviewer: The_Real_Hermione
Date: 02/24/11 0:55
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was really sweet! I think you characterised them both really well - particularly the tension at the beginning, and I loved how Ron finally plucked up his courage and explained to her what had really gone on in his mind. It shows a side of Ron that people sometimes ignore and really showed why he belongs in Gryffindor.

The idea about Hermione's middle name was perfect for this, I think, because it shows how much further Ron and Hermione can go together. Plus it was really sweet.

I loved the change in Ron throughout the fic, and the last paragraph was just perfect!!

Sometimes I found your narration a little clunky... I don't know, I don't really have examples so I'm probably not being particularly useful here... I guess I just didn't like it as much as the rest of the fic.

Oh also, I loved the idea that Harry just wanted a sandwich!! That gave away so much about his character/your interpretation of his character in just a sentence.

So yeah... I really enjoyed this, great work!!


Author's Response:

I will let you in on a little secret: I don't like Ron. If I knew him in person, I'd not like him at all. That being said, I decided that it was worth the challenge to portray him in a positive light and make my own hypothesis of what happened in post-sandwich Hogwarts. In about 70 minutes' worth of work, this is what came out. That might account for the 'clunk' in the narrative, since I really didn't, um, edit it past a quick punctuation sweep. Busted, hehe.

Anyway, I was pleased with how it came out, but most importantly, it made the birthday girl happy. I'm glad that you liked it, and thank you for taking the time to write such a nice review.


Reviewer: TeamHarry112
Date: 01/08/11 13:05
Chapter: Chapter 1

awww! that's a very sweet story!!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. I just always wondered how they would react to one another after they finally had time to worry about themselves and not Harry. This is what came out. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing~


Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 01/07/11 16:54
Chapter: Chapter 1

Um... SQUEE! I loved this, Jess. Seriously, this was absolutely perfect for this weird R/Hr mood I seem to be in. I loved the mix of awkwardness and comfort you created and I loved the ending. It was fluffy but in the best way. It wasn't saccharine sweet at all xD

Author's Response:

Hehe, I thought this was the perfect gift for Hannah: Romione with a happy ending and no smut. It actually turned out to be my second most popular one-shot. :D

Glad you liked it, dearie, and glad it sated your Romione lust!


Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 01/07/11 11:02
Chapter: Chapter 1 keep saying you that you don't write "fluff" very well, but you certainly do write romance and a great story just fine, and this was just lovely. It made me sigh and smile and it was really delightful to read.

:) Amanda

Author's Response:

Thank you, dear.

I always wanted to know how Ron and Hermione would react to one another when Harry wasn't there to get between them, and this is just what popped out. Plus, Ron seemed pretty big-headed in the Epilogue, so that had to have started somewhere. :D

Thanks for reading, and yay to my story pimping bringing you some enjoyment during your sly work-reading. 


Reviewer: dahtonen
Date: 12/19/10 15:08
Chapter: Chapter 1

This is really good, Jess! Sorry that I am just coming around to reading it, but very good! I also think that you captured Ron's character really well. I know this is a departure from the normal for you, but it was really well done!

Author's Response:

Hehe, canon is good for the soul. It makes you think harder about how the characters are rather than what you'd like them to become. Ron is probably my least favourite of the Trio, so I tend to leave him out as much as possible, so I felt that, for Hannah's birthday, I would write her something right up her alley, even if its far from mine. It's turned out to be one of my most popular one-shots by far. I'm rather proud that I was able to write something this... non-violent. It's been a while. :D

Thanks as always for the lovely visit, and take care!


Reviewer: coolh5000
Date: 10/31/10 17:37
Chapter: Chapter 1

Ok, so I know that this was my birthday present, and that my birthday was two weeks ago now, therefore making this a very late review, but I still wanted to come and tell you how wonderful this fic is.

It was a perfect Ron/Hermione. This conversation is one that they so obviously needed to have after the events of DH and I think you chose an excellent setting for it. I chuckled with the opening line about Harry and his sandwich. I liked the reference to Harry’s rather mundane end of DH thoughts, when what we really wanted to know, and what you’ve done an excellent job of filling in, was what was going to happen next.

While on the subject of Harry, I think you put an interesting focus on the fact that it was never just Ron and Hermione together in canon. Harry was always there, and they were hardly likely to get an intimate moment alone together, particularly in DH. Ron and Hermione’s lives have been dominated by Harry’s issues just as much as Harry’s was, to the extent where they had to sacrifice parts of their own lives. They know all about Harry, his life, and his troubles, but still have so much to learn about each other, away from the context of being Harry Potter’s best friends. Ron even knew Harry’s middle name before he knew Hermione’s – a sign of just how much their school lives have been about Harry.

I found this line particularly effective in showing the relationship between the trio: “But I never said it to you, Hermione. Before, it was like I was saying it to Harry, because he is my best mate and all. Ron apologised to Harry for abandoning the mission and letting him down in that respect but he never really got the chance to apologise to Hermione for everything else, for the stuff beyond just leaving the fight for Horcruxes and the fight against Voldemort. This is the first time we see him properly acknowledging his feelings about Harry/Hermione and admitting that no matter how ridiculous it might have seemed, his paranoia was very real, and that he let it damage his relationship with Hermione. I’m glad that he was able to tell her that, but I also felt like Hermione’s reaction was well-thought out. There was little that could be said in response to his admission and so I think her course of action was much more effective than any words could have been.

The characterisation of both Ron and Hermione was believable and well thought out the whole way through. The little details – Hermione being the one to initiate the conversation, Ron’s continued stupidity when he said, “Listen, if you want to forget the whole thing and—“ were just so right and a very natural way to behave. You managed to achieve the balance between setting a romantic tone and keeping the couple in character. They didn’t just fall into each other’s arms straight away, and I think it was right that there was still a lot to be said between them. Ron didn’t suddenly become a gushing romantic but he did eventually manage to express his feelings, and the dialogue really sounded like him. It was slightly awkward but it got the message across. I really liked that even though it was Hermione who kissed him, he was the first ones to actually say the words I love you. I think that struck the right balance between the two of them. And the last line was just perfect – a really great way to end – it showed Ron for who he was as himself not as the best friend of Harry Potter or anything else.

Overall, Jess, this was a wonderful, fluffy piece of Ron/Hermione writing and a lovely birthday present so thank you very much for writing it.


Author's Response:

*stares stupidly at the screen*

I'm so glad you liked the story. You picked up on all the little things that I wanted to put into it, and it's a relief that Ron/Hermione shippers actually think it's plausible and well-characterised. I feel like this is a win for me in the canon department, not to mention I didn't kill anyone off. :)

Again, lovely review, and I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you for making my night. :)


Reviewer: LineGanger
Date: 10/28/10 12:32
Chapter: Chapter 1

That was really, really great!!
Perfect actually! I loved it..! Can't we get a chapter more? ;) Please!!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. Ron is a difficult character for me to write, so I'm happy his characterisation was well-received. Alas, though, there will be no more chapters in this story. It was meant to be short and sweet -- a snapshot in time, so to speak.

Thank you for reviewing, and have a lovely day!


Reviewer: EmmyT
Date: 10/24/10 6:05
Chapter: Chapter 1

Really enjoyed reading this! Short, sweet and very romantic :D Too many stories on here are a bit long, so this was a breath of fresh air!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day.


Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 10/21/10 8:51
Chapter: Chapter 1

Awww, Jess, this is lovely. Just the type of fic I need to read when I have a teenage daughter shouting at me. *sigh*.

Steps back ... wow, you're writing Romione/Heron - heh heh. Seriously, I like this very much and think the characterisation is so good. I'm not entirely convinced by Ron's real reason for leaving Harry and Hermione, but that's my personal opinion and you've made an exceptionally good case for him leaving them. What I would have preferred, I think, is if he'd said it wasn't the entire reason because I do think the Horcrux had a large part to do with it. Anyway, that's by the by and we can debate that until the Nargles fly home.

Ron effing Weasley, slayer of Horcruxes and champion of the elves - ha ha ha ha. Best line ever.

Damn, this makes my rather drunk poetry look even shabbier ... sorry Bob ~Carole~

Author's Response:

Hellooooo, Madam Caroleeee. :D

I'm glad you like the characterisation, considering it's a pairing that I've never written before. I just wanted a sweet little moment that gave Bob warm fuzzies, but also could have ACTUALLY happened. Plus, Ron from the Epilogue has a sort of swagger to him, so that had to start somewhere. lol

Glad you enjoyed it and that it didn't suck for something I wrote in no time flat and read through maybe once. Then again, those seem to be my most popular fics these days. >.<


Reviewer: Siriussirius
Date: 10/21/10 0:11
Chapter: Chapter 1

Ooh, really enjoyed this short story! :D I've always loved the "dysfunctional" relationship (as you said in an earlier reply to one of the reviews) that Ron and Hermione share. Sure, for all their squabbling and differences, their feelings for each other would always triumph in the end, and that's what I find really heartening!

"There had always been a gap between them, some yawning disconnect between the palpable attraction between them and the way they actually acted toward one another."
I particularly find this line extremely spot on with regards to the distance that stemmed from them being unable to articulate that dormant passion they shared for each other!

You're a really emphatic writer! I look forward to more of your stories!

Author's Response:

Oh, wow, what an awesome review! Though I tend to wish that Harry/Hermione had really played out in canon, I do appreciate and believe in the Ron/Hermione dynamic. Ron is almost the prototypical 'boy who pulls pigtails'. He treats Hermione like crap more often that not, usually not realising that he's doing it, but when it comes down to it, he is really there for her.

I'm glad you liked the story, considering it's something I wrote in about an hour after being up for almost 24 hours, lol. Yay for that. :D


Reviewer: BookWorm530
Date: 10/19/10 15:40
Chapter: Chapter 1

A cute short fic that made me smile. I like how it picked up exactly where HP7 left off before the epilogue, with Harry returning to his room. It was sweet to see Ron and Hermione having this romantic moment in the Common Room, thanks for sharing!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it. sort of had a stray thought a while ago. Someone asked me what kind of sandwich Harry asked for, and I thought, "Hey, what would Ron (the one who is far more food-obsessed) want after the battle?" Well, Hermione...duh, lol.

Since this is not a ship I typically write, it's nice to know that it seems IC. Thanks for reviewing, and take care. :D


Reviewer: xxbabewithbrainsxx
Date: 10/19/10 10:33
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was a really nice piece: short, fluffy and sweet. I didn't think that you'd do R/Hr but I'm really glad you did as it turned out very good. It was quite in character for Ron to say "Love you" and for Hermione not to say anything back. You did a great job with one of my favourite ships.


Author's Response:

Hello again!

I tend to stick to different ships, as Ron/Hermione has so many spectacular pieces with which I couldn't possibly compete, but it's a ship I've always believed in. Sure, I think they have a dysfunctional relationship, but they really do love one another. I'm glad you liked it and thought it was in-character. Lovely to hear from you as usual.


Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 10/19/10 3:53
Chapter: Chapter 1

I don't think she will think you murdered them. It was quite lovely, actually, though you are starting to freak me out with two R/Hr pieces in the last week or so... I did a double take on the author's name. Hehe.

Best part: "Jean. It sounded familiar, which meant that she had told him at some point and he’d forgotten. Whereas he would have brushed off such a lapse before, it now made him sick."


Just so you know, my birthday is April 15.

Author's Response:

Hey, I can write canon. I just sort of used it all up for challenges and stuff for the meantime. And that part was kind of my favourite too.  :D

And LJ is kind enough to remind me of everyone's birthda, because I'll so forget in ten secons, lol. Heart.


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