Reviewer: WolfishMoon
Date: 08/12/11 18:11
Chapter: A Dose of Reality

Hiya! Great story! LOOVE the detail and angsty stuff. Very creative. I have thought about religous conflicts among wizardry before but not to much extent. Your story really brought it to the forefron of my mind KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 08/11/11 21:37
Chapter: A Dose of Reality


Reviewer: MagicMandy
Date: 08/11/11 17:52
Chapter: A Visit from Albus Dumbledore

I would just like to thank you for writing something like this. Not many people would put something like this online, but I'm glad you did. I think that if Hogwarts and magic were real, reconciling magic with their faith would be a big problem for muggleborns. Anyway, this sounds really interesting and I'll keep reading.

Reviewer: Stargazer1574
Date: 03/20/11 21:46
Chapter: A Game of Wizards Chess

So.... I'm a christain, and decited to read this kinda on a whim from the description and, I COULD NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!! Yep. Just thought I'd let you know. Five stars. :)

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 03/20/11 18:00
Chapter: A Game of Wizards Chess

Lol! Yeah, I'd gotten that much actually. Michelle is really a though headed girl. Can't she see that Jacinto actually seems to be nice fellow?
I mean, from what I can gather my theory is he's being nice to Sypha, because the other girls were downright nasty to her!
I wonder what on Earth could the little bint have done to enrage Pansy and Millicent so... comment on their looks with a shred of honesty?
Keep the great work... And I do hope Michelle gets the blindfold off her eyes before it's too late and someone gets hurt... Sypha, I suspect, would make all hell break loose if she realized she's been played like a pawn!!

Reviewer: SeaSwallowed
Date: 12/27/10 20:51
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

Thank you so much for writing this story. I used to wonder whether it was wrong of me to love the Harry Potter books, but eventually I figured it wasn't. Thank you for exploring the topic as deeply as you have and adding a new dimension to my (and no doubt others') conclusion. I look forward to what coming chapters might bring!

PS. I love the StarKid references.

Reviewer: georgeisholey
Date: 12/17/10 15:42
Chapter: A Visit from Albus Dumbledore


I would just like to say that I've come across similar problems with so-called "fanatics". I had one friend that I had to hide my HP books and movies every time she came over because her mother wouldn't let her play with anyone who owned them. It's very heartening to read something that incorporates both my religion and my favorite series. Cheers for being brave enough to address the controversy. And much thanks.

Author's Response: I can't really say how much courage it takes to brave the slings and arrows of... internet backlash. Not exactly the kind of persecution you quake in fear over. Though to my pleasant surprise--the response to this fic has been *overwhelmingly* positive. I'm glad I started it because it has been both a fun fic to write and cathartic in some ways.

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 12/16/10 12:34
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

Coolio!! I liked how christmas for Michelle is flaring. She's a pretty intelligent little witch, uh? Using Copies to spy on Jacinto... she could become the Rita Skeeter of the future!! LOL!

Author's Response: Heh, except Michelle might know a bit about ethics.

Reviewer: madhumakhi
Date: 12/16/10 1:51
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

WOW! Michelle is smart. Transfiguring her sketch with Copi into a badge and duplicating it to tail Jacinto. That's brilliant. Am waiting for more.

Reviewer: mel25894
Date: 12/15/10 22:57
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

it is really good but there is a spell for duplications it is geminio other than that it was awesome

Author's Response: Geminio is derived from 'Gemini', who are Twins in astrology, so I imagine that duplicating many objects would use a different spell. But thanks for reminding me of that, I had forgotten. :)

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 12/15/10 21:37
Chapter: A Brief Interlude


Reviewer: lilyevansfan
Date: 12/15/10 20:29
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

i noticed your "Harry Freakin' Potter" line--made me think of AVPS!! anyways, great chapter!!!

Author's Response: That's exactly what I was going for.^_^

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 17:51
Chapter: A Brief Interlude

More more moooore!

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 17:13
Chapter: A Letter Home and a Daft Idea

I love the way you're paralleling to JKR's depiction of this specific school year.

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 16:57
Chapter: A Bit of Bad News

Clever clever.

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 16:03
Chapter: A Long Ride on a Big Red Train

Racist lies baha

but, I can't believe she's Slytherin :(

Oh, I hope all those jerks don't give her too much hell

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 15:16
Chapter: A Choice Deliberated


Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 14:39
Chapter: A Summer Holiday With Aunt Amanda

So many normal things happening to a Muggle born that I think we often overlook. :)

Reviewer: Whitlie
Date: 12/15/10 14:28
Chapter: A Visit from Albus Dumbledore

Woah. This brings the magic world straight outta the books. Brilliant.

Reviewer: linnealovegood
Date: 12/10/10 10:40
Chapter: A Theory Worth Exploring

i'm really impressed with your exploration of this topic. i had never considered this situation, despite knowing that the books were banned. i think this is definitely worth reading, and i look forward to seeing more chapters.

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