Reviews For Stars Apart
Reviewer: Jessabelle
Date: 11/17/10 17:24
Chapter: Fight or Flight

hey, im really likeing your story, i hope you poat another chapter soon :)

Author's Response: thanks! and it's in queue now, should be up soon :)

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/15/10 13:46
Chapter: Fight or Flight

hey do you know when the next chapter will be up....Sorry for asking again!

Author's Response: it's in queue now!

Reviewer: jordanpotter98
Date: 11/14/10 22:59
Chapter: Fight or Flight

awesome! please continue :)

Author's Response: that's the plan! thanks for reading :D

Reviewer: ravenclaw1997
Date: 11/14/10 15:24
Chapter: Fight or Flight

Ugh, Leda's really pushing my buttons now... I can't wait to find out who the trickster is! Great work; your fanfiction is amazing!

Reviewer: schizoid592
Date: 11/13/10 20:53
Chapter: Fight or Flight

I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but in one of these chapters James and Remus were talking about how to make the Marauder's Map, but in Trickster, Sirius used the Map when he told Snape how to get past the Whomping Willow. Slight problem there. Despite that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fanfic. The characters are brilliant and it is fantastically written. Can't wait for the next chapter! : )

Author's Response: oh wow good eyes. i guess i just kind of figured that they've been working on it for awhile, but had some trouble getting the kinks out and temporarily gave up? so the version Sirius used in Trickster was an incomplete one. Nice call, though, I totally forgot about that. And thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/12/10 15:27
Chapter: Fight or Flight

Hi! Yes it is me again....I really really hate to ask you but, when is the next chapter going to be up. By the way I have not stopped reading this and Trickster.It is one SIRIUSLY good book. Yeah anyway if you could let me know when the next chapter would be up that would be great! Bye!

Author's Response: haha should be within the next couple of days

Reviewer: little_em
Date: 11/08/10 9:58
Chapter: Fight or Flight

I love it, great chapter!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 11/07/10 14:59
Chapter: Fight or Flight

Hmm all these pranks are really starting to make me wonder... Lovely chapter by the way, You really are a good author!

Author's Response: aww, thanks! next chapter should be up soon :)

Reviewer: Hopes Mom
Date: 11/07/10 14:53
Chapter: Fight or Flight

Leda is such a sneaky jerk - maybe she should have been Slytherin? I was Siriusly (sorry!) disappointed that Lily didn't tell her off on the pitch. I really liked Sirius' appearance on the pitch as a dog. I thought Jinx' uses as an "owl" was cute. I am looking forward to more information about the Marauders working on the map. Thank you for updating!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 11/07/10 14:52
Chapter: Crash Into You

Awesome chapter! This story is definitely keeping me on my toes, and craving the next chapter

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 11/07/10 14:47
Chapter: Limbo

Amusing how all these pranks are happening...Wonder who is behind them ;-) Enjoyed reading this chapter!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 11/07/10 14:40
Chapter: Suspended

LOL Great chapter! I am totally sold on this fan fic :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 11/07/10 13:09
Chapter: Way Back Home

Poor Lily, it was exciting to see Petunia being nice to her sister. I was super happy to see this sequel to Trickster :-)

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/07/10 12:46
Chapter: Fight or Flight

I know it sounds mean but can Sirius bite Leda's face. She is a little prat if you ask me....

Author's Response: hahahaha maybe. we'll see if he can keep his temper ;)

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/07/10 11:43
Chapter: Fight or Flight

Once again AMAZING!!1

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/07/10 11:30
Chapter: Way Back Home

I have read trickster about a thousand times and this is just as amazing! When will you be posting the new chapter?

Author's Response: i try to update as soon as possible! there should be a new chapter every week or so :)

Reviewer: Rene4hp
Date: 11/02/10 19:29
Chapter: Crash Into You

Once again AMAZING!!!

Reviewer: RavenclawAspirant
Date: 10/27/10 18:33
Chapter: Crash Into You

I love it! Please update again soon i want to hear who is behind these!

Author's Response: asap! almost done with the next chapter :) glad you like it!!

Reviewer: Abigail Weasley
Date: 10/26/10 21:34
Chapter: Crash Into You

You really know how to keep those new pranksters in the back of our minds, keep us wondering on who they are. James teaching Lily how to fly should be pretty interesting and leave her awfully vulnerable...even more so than she already is around James. The way everyone keeps accusing Sirius of the pranks is really funny, it's exactly the sort of thing I can see build and build within him to make him want to battle it out with the new pranksters. Great chapter! I really can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in queue now! Thank you so much :)

Reviewer: Hopes Mom
Date: 10/26/10 17:01
Chapter: Crash Into You

Who are the new tricksters? I wonder. Sirius is much more perceptive in your story than he is often pertrayed in other stories - I like it. Thank you for another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I feel like he has to be sort of perceptive--just a lot of hints we get in the books about how protective he was over Lily and James, and how involved in the Order he was...enough that he knew there was a traitor, but he didn't realize it was Peter. So I always just sort of saw him as being boisterous and ridiculous, but I also think that he's really pragmatic and observant...just with a blind spot where his friends come in. That was a lot of info. Needless to say, I love Sirius. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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