Reviews For Stars Apart
Reviewer: RavenclawAspirant
Date: 07/21/11 13:47
Chapter: Schisms

This was a GREAT chapter! I was literally laughing out loud for all of when they were fighting.

Reviewer: hpgploversforever
Date: 07/21/11 12:58
Chapter: Schisms

Another great chapter can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Reviewer: Lost_Robin
Date: 07/21/11 11:22
Chapter: Schisms

I love this story. I thought that it was Leda the whole time. I was partially right.

Author's Response: it almost was, originally! but i don't like her enough to let her do that ;) thanks!

Reviewer: Ascendio
Date: 07/17/11 15:33
Chapter: Way Back Home

You have a great gift for writing humour, so many things you write cause me to literally laugh out loud, World's Best Trickster Peter talking about his mother's self-help books and then holding James's hand DO you think of these things?

Author's Response: awww, thanks! honestly, though, i never really plan it...the great thing about these characters is that they tend to write themselves :)

Reviewer: Little Lion
Date: 07/12/11 8:08
Chapter: Way Back Home

i loved the chapter! it was an absolutely adorable date!!!! but it can't always be happy i guess =( Keep up the good work!!and i can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: panda_patronus
Date: 07/07/11 15:04
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Yet again, you don't disappoint me. I LOVE this story! And I ADORE the way the date went between James & Lily! But what happened at the end? I need to know! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: awww, thanks :) it should be in queue tomorrow!

Reviewer: emrat416
Date: 07/02/11 23:13
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

You have to hurry!!!!! I am dying here if you don't write quickly I'll stop reading! But this is a fantabulous story (as is the first one) great job and keep writing!

Author's Response: haha i should be putting it in queue tomorrow! hopefully not a long wait from there.

Reviewer: wauwabee
Date: 06/30/11 15:11
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Over-all this was a wonderful chapter, but I do have a few critique points to make. In the beginning of this chapter Sirius used the word "sassy". Although I adore that word and love that you used it, sassy is not a British word. Something my beta, who is from England, told me when I once used it. She had no idea what that word meant. The word "Cheeky" would fit much better with this. Also when James say's "No, Professor Trelawney" I just wanted to remind you that Trelawney was not teaching at Hogwarts when James and Lily were at Hogwarts. I think in the fifth book she said she had been teaching fourteen years. So that would have put her at Hogwarts after Harry was already born. Just thought I would put that out there. Over-all though this was a solid chapter and the date was way cute. Cheers!

Author's Response: Oh, good catch--fixed it, thanks!

Reviewer: scruffieslytherin
Date: 06/29/11 15:51
Chapter: Sad Songs

I ador this work so far, you have a great writing style superior to most of the others I've read here, the romance is done brilliantly! I haven't read your other work but I certainly will now! This is my first review as I'm relatively new to fan fiction and I thought your work deserved the first comment! Thanks for writing such great stories! nearly as good as j.k.!!!

Reviewer: hpgploversforever
Date: 06/27/11 14:50
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

That was a great chapter. Bad cliff hanger but good chapter. Can't wait to see the next one.

Reviewer: I hate Tuney
Date: 06/26/11 15:16
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

I think this is the kind of date all girls would like to experience!

Author's Response: :D ....just saying

Reviewer: The_Dream_Team
Date: 06/26/11 10:17
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Oh no! Stupid ropes :O Such a good chapter, you write the most adorable James :)

Reviewer: dottie_lupin97
Date: 06/25/11 19:23
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

This was a very sweet chapter :) I loved the cliffhanger and I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: siriuslypotter
Date: 06/25/11 18:24
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Awww :) James is such a sweetie, haha.
Great chapter, can't wait for the next!

Reviewer: Livvy Lemon
Date: 06/25/11 15:36
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

WOW! cliff hanger...really cute date haha i wish i could sneak into Hogsmeade. Leda and Annebelle are up to somthing bad i just know it!! cant wait for the next chapter

Reviewer: Snowlily
Date: 06/25/11 6:20
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Absolutely perfect, I've been waiting for that chapter forever!

Reviewer: Marvalo Gaunt
Date: 06/25/11 3:12
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Please keep posting the chapters up asap :)

Reviewer: siriuslypotter
Date: 06/24/11 22:54
Chapter: Way Back Home

Aww :) great chapter! Can't wait for the next update!

Reviewer: StarsApartlover
Date: 06/24/11 20:47
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Oh no! Wonderful chapter as always. Loved the candy part! :3)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 06/24/11 17:47
Chapter: The Best-Laid Schemes

Oh wow...Killing me there at the end! Such a cute and fun date for James to plan out :-) Loved it!

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