Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 10/17/10 17:18
Chapter: Chapter 3

i'm loving this new story! it's so fresh and new.

Author's Response: Thanks, karamarie! :) I'm glad you're liking this story!

Reviewer: Crystal99
Date: 10/17/10 12:14
Chapter: Chapter 3

I have a feeling Jett fancys Fauna. Judging by the conversation they had Fauna's dad is not going to take the news of her dating Will very well. It's a good thing she had someone there with her when she was questioning Mr. Preston. I shudder to think what he would have done to her. So they think the killer is a woman? I wonder who it is. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Nicely done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Crystal! I can't really say whether Jett fancies Fauna or not, but there is something going on with him. You'll just have to wait and see how Demetri takes the news, lol. It was good that Fauna had back up, but she can defend herself fairly well if she needed to, right after the initial shock. As for our murderess, she'll make an appearance soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: TarynSage
Date: 10/17/10 10:55
Chapter: Chapter 3

I thought it was long hahahahaha and wonderful xD
It was a really good chapter, from the start where Fauna is doing her job and all the racism, to Genevieve being worried that Demetri will start looking at other women and Demetri's concern over Will xD he's such a hypocrite lmao

Jett was quite the surprise. He's going to the party?? Wow, I really have to wonder how that will turn out xD I just want them to figure out wo the killer is already! lol

great stuff, I really liked this chapter :P

Author's Response: Thanks, Taryn! I would have thought there would have been a flip in the racism sometime after Voldemort, people fighting what the purebloods believed in and what they did to try and achieve complete purity. Genevieve is realizing she's getting older and she doesn't like it at all; glad to know Demetri doesn't care. Demetri is a hypocrite, but there's a reason behind it that I cannot reveal at this point, lol. Yes, Jett's attendance will be something to look forward to and they'll find out about who is the killer soon enough. Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: TarynSage
Date: 10/09/10 10:18
Chapter: Chapter 2

Wow.. so much in this chapter. You were right when you said I would get a better idea of their relationships. Kathy and Fauna complement each other nicely, as best friends. One is sweet, the other's cold Lol

Ah those calls from parents in the middle of things... christ lmao. Poor Demetri, he knows exactly what was going on xD and they both want her over for dinner aww :}

And then on top of everything, the Purity is back. I love it how Fauna and the others don't fully grasp what it could mean, but the older generation is terrified. Can't wait for things to start to unfold!

Btw, Scout was hilarious at the end xD

Author's Response: Thanks, TarynSage! I rather like the way Kathy and Fauna compliment each other too and they always have been really close. As for Demetri, he's starting to put the puzzle pieces together, but its not something he wants to face now especially with everything else going on. The funny thing about Demetri and Genevieve is Demetri is more willing to show affection to Fauna but Genevieve won't show it as much. Yes, the younger generation doesn't really have an idea of how the Purity works, but they'll find out soon enough. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: Alice Sneak
Date: 10/08/10 20:17
Chapter: Chapter 2

Great new chapter. So the Purity of Night is really up again? I wonder who it is...I loved their anniversary dinner. Especially at the end with Scout. I love dogs! Is it bad that I have a sense of foreboding when I think of them announcing their relationship at the party? Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thanks, Alice! Yes, you could say the Purity of the Night is coming back and you'll find out soon enough who it is. I love dogs too, so Scout is lovely, lol. A sense of foreboding isn't anything bad... you're just anticipating for the future, lol. I'll update as soon as I can. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: Crystal99
Date: 10/08/10 9:44
Chapter: Chapter 2

Lol, Scout on the bed with them. I wish Fauna would tell her parents about Will. I know she will eventually, but I'm a little impatient. :) I hope this Jett fella doesn't try to come between Fauna and Will. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the new chapter and I can't wait to read more. Brilliantly done!

Author's Response: Thanks, Crystal! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Fauna will tell in due time; she's just not sure if she's ready yet. As for Jett, he's not going to be much a problem for the time being, lol. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: TarynSage
Date: 09/28/10 19:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

Looool now I know what you meant by the story seeming familiar xD I did recognize some pleads and reasons behind their relationship... wonder how that happened? Lol

Btw, I liked how this bunch didn't turn out to be Aurors... it's quite original. I like the detective work they get down to, and I get the tension between them and the Auror level haha. It's like the NYPD and the FBI, the FBI and the CIA. Fun fun!

What I like about Fauna is that she's not mad at the world like her mother is lmao but she should tell Demetri about Will. First hand experience on that xD Btw, poor Jett!! It's cute how Fauna sort of likes him :P

PS. Scout is awesome. Keep them coming!

Author's Response: haha, thanks, TarynSage! I quite like the change of career here, too; gives some diversity. Genevieve... had an angsty childhood, as you know; Fauna was constantly loved and tried to stay out of trouble. As for Demetri, you'll find that he's changed over the years, the reason for that will appear some chapters from now. So he's not as accepting as you would expect the boy to be (tsk, tsk). And Jett is fun to write, lol. As I've told you before, I modeled Scout from some of my own dog's characteristics, so that was interesting. Thanks for reading and reviewing and I'll update soon! :)

Reviewer: Crystal99
Date: 09/24/10 9:02
Chapter: Chapter 1

I check every day in hopes of finding a new chapter. Today must be my lucky day. Scout sounds adorable. I love big dogs. Oscar cracks me up. The whole bit about the autopsy thing was funny. I like Will and I hope Fauna tells her parents about him soon. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Nicely done, mzap. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Crystal! (actually, I think if you add this as a favorite, you get email notifications of when its updated, lol, but you don't have to if you don't want to ;) ). I love Scout too; I love big dogs and had been wondering if wizards had other types of dogs other than a crup or just having a cat. Oscar is a funny guy... kinda the balance for their little group. Fauna will let her parents know in due time... she will have to. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: Alice Sneak
Date: 09/23/10 20:13
Chapter: Chapter 1

I love how Fauna found a nice boy for herself. Especially how she won't tell her parents that she's been in a relationship for 5 years. And I love the whole CSI aspect in the Ministry, I never really thought about something like that. Great new chapter. Can't wait for more, especially seeing how the Purity of Night plays into this!

Author's Response: Thanks, Alice! I rather like Will, too, and its a bit fun having Fauna's parents not know. Lol. As for the CSI stuff, I've been watching a lot of similar shows lately and realized that not every wizard murder was a result of some rebellion, so why not explore the CSI team? Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: TarynSage
Date: 09/20/10 10:03
Chapter: Prologue

As usual, I love your work :P and it's great to finally see what all the fuss was about. I'm not at all disappointed! This looks like it'll be a really great story, what with Nathaniel escaping and the appearance of Amaris (I cant wait to meet her!!! or Callum... I've been dying to meet Callum!)

I really want to know Fauna's part in all this... it'll be really dangerous for her that Nathaniel knows she exists. Poor Genevieve... she was so scared :(

Loved how Freya wasn't surprised to find Demetri and Genevieve making out xD of course, she had other things in her mind, but.... you know what I mean xD

Can't wait for the next!

(You got your ransom, now release the hostage!! lmao)

Author's Response: Lol, thank you, TarynSage! Okay, okay, I will release the hostage this afternoon, but that doesn't say how long it'll be before its up. :P Like I said before, I am really enjoying writing this story so I hope that comes out in the actual writing. Amaris will come soon enough and as for Callum (stop spoiling for the other readers! :P), you won't see him for a good *checks fanfic folder* 9 chapters after this. Fauna plays a very major part in this and the fact that Nathaniel knows she exists is yes, very dangerous for her. Hahaha, Freya isn't surprised by much these days... she spent quite a bit of time babysitting little Fauna. ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: Alice Sneak
Date: 09/18/10 12:13
Chapter: Prologue

A great opening to another soon to be great story mzap. I love how Demetri and Genevieve still haven't changed over the last 12 years. Though I am disappointed that there's no little brothers and sisters for Fauna. I am very interested in what your going to do with Fauna and how she will be effected by the Purity of the Night. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Alice! And yes, the couple hasn't changed all that much... thought there are some differences, such as they are a little more willing to stay committed to each other. As for the children... Genevieve still isn't a fan of children... she's made an exception for her own, but I highly doubt she'd want another. Thanks again for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: Crystal99
Date: 09/17/10 9:54
Chapter: Prologue

This is going to be an excellent story. I can tell from reading the summary and the prologue. Everything that Demetri and Genevieve went through all those years ago is going to come out now and Fauna will find out. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Crystal! I'm actually finding that I enjoy this story more and more every time I sit down to read and write it, so I know you won't be disappointed. About Fauna, in the years that follow from Hogwarts, her parents reveal more of what happened when Nathaniel first arose, so she is prepared with the past. Only question is, is she going to be able to handle the horror herself? I promise I'll update sometime soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Reviewer: karamarie
Date: 09/16/10 20:36
Chapter: Prologue

wow just when i thought it was over, it's all coming back again! i have utterly missed the drama of the rosier's to be honest. can't wait to see how fauna turns out. glad to have such a fabulous author back!

Author's Response: Thanks, karamarie! I'm glad you've liked the beginning so far and I'm sure you'll enjoy how Fauna turned out... so different from her parents. Thanks again for the review and for reading! :)

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