Reviews For Chocolate Frog
Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/22/12 21:11
Chapter: Eight / Moody: The Devil's Playground

It's coming to a head. The Battle is just hours away. Yes I do wish Mad Eye could join in the fight. He's right though. Showing up would be a tremendous distraction.I will tell you how happy I am that you were able to explain how Moody survived. With Lupin and Tonks about to be gone. I would like to think at least MadEye will be around. Constant Vigilance!!!!!! I must go on.
PS I always had a "thing" for Mad Eye.

Author's Response: Mad-Eye's a wily one to be sure. It was my moral obligation to save the man that led me to find that loophole. After all, he's a long-lost relative from my husband's side of the family (the Moody clan) which came to America from Scotland by way of Nova Scotia,

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/22/12 6:40
Chapter: Seven / Remus: The Yoke Tightens

I have been sadly waiting for this chapter. My heart breaks for Andromeda, Dora and Remus too. I guess I understand now why Dumbledore is staying quiet. A good one.

Author's Response: A sad chapter to be sure. But a necessary foundation for Remus to later know how to find Bill and company at Shell Cottage to announce the birth of his son. Ever wonder how Remus knew where to find Harry that night when everyone was doing their best to lay low?

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/22/12 1:34
Chapter: Six / Ron: Self-Reliance

Oh dear. How quickly after leaving the influence of the Horcrux Ron felt he screwed up, again. Dumbledore missed the chance at riding along with Ron. How much better it would be if the Trio had Albus with them. But I wouldn't be surprised if Ron had some of his cards with him. I can't wait any longer to go to the next.

Author's Response: I like your idea of Dumbledore helping them figure things out from the beyond. It certainly would have made their Horcrux search less onorous. But then I would've likely deviated too much from canon. It wasn't clear how Ron would've found Fleur and Bill's cottage in DH, so I felt I could safely expound on that aspect of his untold journey.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/21/12 21:28
Chapter: Five / Tonks: Traditions Old and New

A bit of a break. But yet not. Dumbledore is keeping pretty quiet. I am so full of regret for Remus and Tonks It should be a lovely time, but with the oppresive regime it's the best they can do. I must go on.

Author's Response: Carving out a life in the midst of war is never easy. Made all more bittersweet because we know that we are withnessing their last golden moments togetther.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/21/12 16:59
Chapter: Four / Remus: Seeking Forgiveness

Oh Remus. I truly thought he would have gone straight back to Dora. But I guess his selfworth is still pretty low. I am so glad to see that Andromeda accepted him immediately. Well Dora did too, she just wanted him to suffer just a bit more. I have a feeling that Dumbledore will make his presense known soon.

Author's Response: As usual, Remus judges himself much more harshly than those around him. Sometimes it takes a stranger to help you see your true blessings. Tonks always wears her heart on her sleeve, so I can't see her making Remus suffer for too long. Her fear for his safety would've overcome her anger at any rate.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/21/12 13:41
Chapter: Three / Remus: Soul-Searching

I guess I always hoped that Remus went back to Tonks right after Harry's tirade. I guess that would have been too pat. Dumbledore while maybe a help is still putting himself in the center and trying to orchestrate things. Now he has no reason to obscure the truth. Got to go on!

Author's Response: Remus was so caught up in his own 'pity party' at that point that I felt he needed a swift kick in the pants -- wizarding style! Hope the added chapters of his life make him seem less pathetic: I can't deny that I felt JKR short-changed his character in DH.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/21/12 12:21
Chapter: Two / Moody: Resurrection

This is coming back to me, as it's been awhile. I think using the Chocolate Frog cards are great. In fact there is another Author on this site who is using it too. There are subtle changes between your and his. Using Patronus messages are brilliant, but you never know who might be around to hear it. I like the fact that you've only given us a hint as to why Alastor plans to do. That will make it that much better. I will go on now.

Author's Response: Before DH was published, I remember reading a theory that the Order was using Chocolate Frog cards to communicatie with one another. JKR had a different approach (Patronus messages), but the idea stuck in my mind that there was so much untapped potential in that notion.

Could you direct me to the other story that employs the Chocolate Frog card device? Now I'm curious.

Reviewer: FriendofMolly
Date: 10/21/12 9:47
Chapter: One / Moody: Limbo

It's been a while, so I'm begining again. An interesting scenario. I now must go on as you have caught my interest again.

Author's Response: I've really been enjoying your comments are you go along. A different viewpoint is so enlightening. I apologive for getting behind in my responses so will try to catch up.

Reviewer: Ruchira_M
Date: 10/18/12 14:39
Chapter: Thirty - Eight / Harry: Victory Anniversaries

Little teddy is so dearly adorable!

Author's Response: So relieved you like Teddy! Small children are so difficult to write without making them seem unrealistically precocious. Notice that Victoire has stage presence but no dialog at this point.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 10/17/12 18:07
Chapter: Thirty - Eight / Harry: Victory Anniversaries

Your writing style never ceases to amaze me! Brilliant as always!

Author's Response: Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you didn't have to wait too terribly long for the next installment. I lost the battle with Real Life again...

Reviewer: Californiasun
Date: 08/14/12 4:48
Chapter: Nine / Dumbledore: On the Wings of a Thestral

I just discovered "Chocolate Frogs" and haven't been able set it down. Of all the backstories you have created so far, the train station is absolutely stunning. A superb job of storytelling that is simultaneously as uplifting as it is heartbreaking!

Author's Response: I’m so pleased that you discovered my long and winding tale! There are just so many interesting characters to explore. With Dumbledore’s arrival in the tube station in the HBP movie, the significance of the scar on his knee made perfect sense: the man simply likes trains of all sorts. From that, the idea that he, like Harry, would see eternity in terms of a cosmic train station gave rise to all sorts of imagery. In the end, this turned out to be one of my favorite chapters as well. I was so hoping to capture how I felt as I finished DH: that their losses tended to overshadow the fragile sense of victory. Your comments made me think I accomplished this.

Hope you’ll stick by the story -- especially when posting new chapters takes a backseat to real life (which happens more than I’d like).

Reviewer: Ruchira_M
Date: 08/13/12 14:46
Chapter: Thirty - Six / Harry: Two, Not Seven

Oh this is so cute- imagine Ron and Hermione actually spying on them- I didn't see this coming at all!!!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! I couldn’t resist having Ron “double-cross” Harry while at the same time managing to surprise Hermione. Growing up amid the twins’ pranks, he can’t always be as hapless as others see him.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 08/07/12 2:33
Chapter: Thirty-Seven / Harry: The Belle of the Ball

Re: "a gown that would turn heads" -- I'm a bit surprised that Harry didn't say something to the effect that she's "turn heads" regardless of what she was wearing. :-}

That back-story of the Black girls' childhood was particularly nicely done.

I suppose that the hypocrisy of Bella advising her sister "Don't break his heart too cruelly" is to be somewhat expected, given Bella's nature.

Cygnus Black's counsel serves as a stark reminder of the lack of correlation between astute observation and bigotry -- or even insanity.

Re: the color for Ginny's gown -- Id expect that red would be difficult to reconcile with her hair color.

Andromeda's crack about Cissy delegating some of the aspects of Draco's birth was quite amusing. She has an ... interesting ... sense of humor, which makes a great deal of sense.

Aunt Muriel as "the old thestral"? LOL!

So, that rather begs the question: Just how near-sighted is a flobberworm, anyway? :-)

Back to Andromeda's narration(s) -- yes, the bigotry against those who aren't like us is similar, regardless of the natures of the bigots.

Given Dumbledore's interrogation of Ted & Andromeda, it would seem that the Marauders may have got him to loosen up a bit.

Well done.

Author's Response: Your comments about Harry’s sense of style really made me laugh. If he’s anything like most young men at that age, he’s probably thinking that Ginny looks the most fetching with absolutely nothing on. Luckily, he has the good sense to not say that aloud. I doubt that he’s astute enough to realize that just because Gryffindor colors suit his dark hair, that’s not the same case for everyone. Ron, on the other hand, complains from the very first book that maroon is not his favorite color. In the end, you’re just going to have to trust Andromeda’s judgment when it comes to Ginny’s dress choice.

Glad you enjoyed the background for the Black trio; it was so much fun reshaping the little tidbits we are given in canon. I so wanted to contrast Andromeda with her sisters and using her sense of humor just seemed ideal. As for the prejudice of the pureblood fanatics, the same attitudes prevail in all societies. Such elitists are so certain that even if their narrow-minded views throw society back into feudalism, they will be the lords and not the serfs (which isn’t necessarily true).

Dumbledore is just honing his manipulative skills with Ted & Andromeda. Once he determines that their feelings are genuine, he rewards them with an oblique reference to the Room of Requirement, thereby enticing them to find it on their own. (A subject for another story, I suppose.)

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 08/06/12 1:26
Chapter: Thirty-Seven / Harry: The Belle of the Ball

I do love this story!!! Fantastic!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I’m so relieved that you’re sticking by this story. Real life seems to have interfered with my plans yet again, but I hope to get back to regular updates very, very soon.

Reviewer: dawndragon2
Date: 06/19/12 22:07
Chapter: Thirty - Six / Harry: Two, Not Seven

As allways WONDERFUL!!! thank you

Author's Response: So pleased you enjoyed the chapter. Sorry it taken so long to get the next one ready. Due to length, had to divide two chapters into three and that’s always a tricky undertaking.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 06/18/12 3:55
Chapter: Thirty - Six / Harry: Two, Not Seven

Hurray!!!! I wondered when we would see them reconnect!! Love how you had everyone in on it but them of course and I most certainly see Dumbledore "chuckling into his beard"!

Author's Response: Hope it was worth waiting for. JKR hints so many times in canon that Ron is so oblivious about his feelings for Hermione that I wanted to show that it works both ways. Not that I could top the classic example of denial: Remus holding out on Tonks.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 06/17/12 20:22
Chapter: Thirty - Six / Harry: Two, Not Seven

Cute. Good to see that the "rocky patch" -- well, that particular one -- seems to have been resolved for Harry & Ginny.

I wonder if Harry will ever admit to her that he actually was in attendance at that game. Somehow, I suspect he might ... but not particularly soon.

Nicely done.

Author's Response: Funny you should say that about Harry revealing some of his innermost secrets to Ginny. I was thinking much the same thing in the next chapter – written prior to your comment, by the way. Glad you enjoyed their reconciliation; I didn’t want to make it too trite and it seemed like just the counterpoint to Ron’s bumbling proposal.

Reviewer: SandraJo
Date: 06/13/12 10:58
Chapter: Nine / Dumbledore: On the Wings of a Thestral

This chapter could have stood as a one shot apart from the story if you wanted. It moved me to tears and I actually had to stop reading at one point to keep from breaking down and having a full out sob fest. Just a completely beautiful and heart breaking chapter.

Author's Response: This is one of my favorite chapters, too. I’m pleased that my words moved you; it’s hard not to care deeply for these characters that have carried us through so many books. I always felt that the ending to DH was bittersweet at best. Hopefully, this story will establish how these characters continue to live on – and not just in people’s memories. I’ll just leave it at that so as not to spoil anything.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 06/11/12 1:56
Chapter: Thirty - Five / Remus: Thinker, Tailor, Schemer, Spy

W. O. W. Just, you know when you're reading a great book and you actually feel like you've been right there in the story just to the right of the characters and you hit the end of the chapter and reality smacks you and realize there aren't enough words in the human language to properly explain or cover the sheer awesomeness that is that chapter?! This was that chapter! Bravo! Just WOW! I feel like I need to rest along with Remus and Severus! Fantastic!!

Author's Response: Your compliments really made my day! It’s so satisfying to know that you were swept away with the adventure. That’s what storytelling is all about, that all-important escape from reality. The sensation of immersing yourself in another world is even more profound when you’re the one writing it. Remus and Snape are my favorite characters to write; I couldn’t just let them gather dust on the shelf where JKR left them.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream
Date: 06/10/12 21:05
Chapter: Thirty - Five / Remus: Thinker, Tailor, Schemer, Spy

Ah, yes -- the crack about W. Pauli got a LoL out of me. :-} I trust you found the information about Pauli ... interesting.

It's rather amusing for Hades to use the expression "bold as sin."

Snape seems to be on remarkably good behavior: in this life, he certainly wasn't keen on being indebted to James Potter. Lily's influence for the nonce, or has he actually turned over a new leaf (considering how many of "Potter's Circle" were helping him) ... after getting proof that Hades has no (real) claim on him...?

Author's Response: I always felt that Snape’s debt to James was repaid by giving Harry the final memories to survive Voldemort. Even though he was more intent on gaining Lily’s forgiveness, James was generous enough to welcome Snape into the afterlife. Make no mistake, Snape is still his snarky self with all though sharp edges that make him such a unique delight. But he no longer has to hide his true allegience or create enemies left and right so that everyone will perceive him as the blackguard in their midst – an essential element to his double-agent role at Hogwarts. At this point, he will do just about anything to bask in Lily’s presence, even if he has to endure James and the rest of the Marauders to do so. Since Remus always struck me as the most cerebral of the group, Snape would be more likely to stomach his presence.

Harry’s point-of-view throughout most of the seven books reveals just how much he fears and despises Snape, but that’s not to say that his colleagues always felt the same way. I always imagined that in the teachers’ staffroom, Snape’s scathing comments were often met with laughter, at least behind his back. Can you just imagine Snape deriding Umbridge (after she’d been striped of power, of course)?

P.S. Hades likes to think he’s a street-smart kind of guy but his ego is clearly in control. Not that such self-indulgence isn’t encouraged in the Underworld.

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