Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 04/29/12 15:25
Chapter: Great to be Back

Amazing what goes on Luna's head, I like that we see her intellect and it's not snorkcaks and nargles, I tried to make that point in book seven fic I posted.

Author's Response: Thanks. Luna is a Ravenclaw, and she’s obviously very clever. She is a lot more than simply a believer in odd creatures. -N-

Reviewer: ckwright51
Date: 04/29/12 15:08
Chapter: Galleon

What a fun idea I loved this story from Cho's perspective very good idea and well done so far

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. There may be multiple perspectives, but this is all one story. I think Cho deserves some respect. -N-

Reviewer: JCJ58
Date: 04/11/12 2:03
Chapter: Index

loved this story

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: Ginnypotter2699
Date: 01/29/12 5:19
Chapter: Parents

How could they both be half-bloods? Is the child of a pure and half blood a half-blood?

Author's Response: Yes, Purebloods have "no Muggle blood" and Muggle-borns are just that, evryone else (about 50% according to JKR) are balf-bloods. -N-

Reviewer: mysinger
Date: 12/29/11 5:42
Chapter: Index

This story was enthralling and absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: Shreeja
Date: 12/06/11 20:08
Chapter: Index

This collection is brilliant. You have picked up characters and given them souls. I especially liked Lavender's and Neville's. You brought out aspects that were probably latent, or not dealt with at all. Narcissa's was great too. Your OCs could have fit in like they were canon. I am unable to really tell you how painful yet amazing this collection was.

In essence, the psyche of different people and different perspectives in the background of a war was brought out really well.

Definitely one of my favourite stories here.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.
This collection was a lot of fun to write, although it has a somewhat complx history. Most of these stories were (very hastily and badly) written for a HPFF challenge, and my decision to re-edit them resulted in my being asked to leave that site.
Not only were these stories a lot of fun to write, they allowed me to experiment with many different personalities, perspectives and points of view.

Reviewer: Osced
Date: 11/27/11 19:42
Chapter: Son of the Air

Oh loved this chapter...interesting to read through Buckbeak's point of view


Author's Response: Thanks This was my first attempt at a second person poit of view. I've recently tried it again in Owl Post. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 9:02
Chapter: Index

You should do a follow-up! Goyle and his cronies got away and I'd like another story, but whatever, it was excellent regardless.

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews.
All of my stories are inter-related, the timeline is on my author page. Goyle will be captured, eventually (I could tell you the date). But that story remains unwritten. I'm glad you enjoyed these tales an I hope you like my other stuff.

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:58
Chapter: Paperwork

Sweet, it was sad to read though.

Author's Response: Thanks. You might want to read Fred and George's Busy Day, too. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:54
Chapter: Ouroboros

I see who wears the robe in this family, Narcissa is just as horrible as the rest of them but she made very good points. Good chapter, nothing to report.

Author's Response: As I read DH I became convinced that the balance of power was shifting. Lucius was effectively emasculated by Voldemort. Draco has never had any courage, merely people prepared to back him up. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:49
Chapter: Broken Flint

Oh, please! Millicent you horrible, rotten little...anyway, good chapter and very twisted POV, which I liiked.

Author's Response: Thanks. Millicent may be horrible and rotten, but she certainly isn't little. Millicent makes appearances in some of my other stories. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:45
Chapter: Snakeslayer

I love you Neville! His POV is very straightforward and informative and i really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks. Anyone who doesn't love Neville is extremely suspect, in my opinion. Neville is very straightforward, too, don't you think? -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:39
Chapter: Son of the Air

Ha! Buckbeaks POV! Excellently done and very well written.

Author's Response: Thanks. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:38
Chapter: Son of the Air

Ha! Buckbeaks POV! Excellently done and very well written.

Author's Response: This is my "mistake" chapter :-(
In DH, Macnair is seen alive after this (he's in the Great Hall). I'm not going to delete the chapter.(/br>-N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:35
Chapter: Parents

He can't blame Harry for doing what he had to do! lol. Anyway, nothing to report, so I shall keep reading.

Author's Response: Why not? People blame Harry for almost everything. :-D -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:32
Chapter: Falling Angel

I sort of had a fanfiction in my mind about this, about why Fred asked Angie out in the first place. You read my mind! Anyway, well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. What alway puzzled me was the complete lack of any mention of their Yule Ball date the following year, when Angelina was their Quidditch Captain. That's what spured me to write this. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:27
Chapter: Worn Out Boot

Simple, doesn't always mean boring or dumb. But his blunt way of looking at things made this fast to read and I appreciate that.

Author's Response: Terry is another character who reappears in my other stories. This chapter defined his character for me. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:23
Chapter: Cornered

Good twist at the end, great POV

Author's Response: Thanks, until I wrote this I'd never liked Michael. -N-

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:20
Chapter: Die Dumb

Ugh, that jerk...the only thing I can say is that you didn't include that Harry, Ron, Hermione and Percy were with Fred, unless this POV happened afterwards. That's the only thing i can say, but its probably me just being a silly fangirl.

Author's Response: Thanks.
This happened after. I tried to make that clear in Abbott Ails, Bad Faith, and this chapter. They put Fred's body in an alcove. Percy left to tell the family, Harry, Ron and Hermione went to try to finish the battle. They had rescued Draco and Goyle but left them unconscious in the corridor. I wrote a timeline for the battle based on canon before I started these tales. I made one mistake.

Reviewer: Gabriella Hunter
Date: 10/09/11 8:17
Chapter: Bad Faith

Nothing negative to say, only that Draco is a damned fat git.

Author's Response: Thanks.
This is the 200th review of these stories ("cheers!") - and it goes to Draco?
He's a git, but he's lucky.

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