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Reviewer: inspirations
Date: 11/26/10 9:43
Chapter: Chapter 1

I really liked this, I just wish there was more. I love a good rare pair, and you captured this one beautifully.

The first paragraph really threw me straight into the story, which is always a good thing, and sets the tone for that section straight away. You didn’t even really need to tell us that Katie was drunk, but I like that it’s stated because it’s so key to the story, in a way.

You introduced Dean’s feelings quite subtly; I like that his comments almost build-up in intensity, in the way he tells Katie she deserves so much better than Percy. "Dull? Staid?" Dean cut in dryly. The word choice there is just perfect -- specifically ‘dryly’. That was the moment when I first thought, ‘aw, he’s jealous/likes her’, and I think that word captures a lot about how he must feel -- he doesn’t like Percy, he doesn’t want to talk about him particularly. That part pulled at the heartstrings for me, and I admire that you get me to that mind-set in so few words.

The scene between friends was great. You could tell immediately what I tight group they are by the way they tease each other. The interplay between Angelina and George was quite upbeat and entertaining, which started to plant a seed of hope for Katie and Dean to make up again, because if it were going to be a sad ending for them, the joking would’ve been slightly out of place. I love this line: He leant over to smooth his wife's ruffled feathers with a quick kiss. -- I thought it was a rather clever play on words.

The open ending left the story on a good note, and a hopeful one too. Although I’d have liked to see what happens next, at the same time leaving it there gives lots of room for my interpretation and brings it to a good halt. Also, it brings the story full circle -- it starts with ‘non-pompous, non-wankers’ and a bottle of wine, and ends with ‘non-pompous, non-wankers’ and a bottle of wine. A great story. Thank you :) xx

Author's Response: Thanks Spire, it's lovely to get such an indepth review on one of my lighter stories, because sometimes I worry that they don't have the same depth or worth as the darker ones.

Writing the interplay between them all in the pub was one of my favourite parts because it was just so much fun, as was the early banter between Katie and Dean.

I always tend to prefer to leave endings a little hopeful I think, because I'm always worried about a happy ending coming off too fluffy, and like you said, it brought everything full circle here that way.

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 09/27/10 3:21
Chapter: Chapter 1

Katie/Percy, eh? Considering my current Katie fixation, that is rather prepostorous to think that she loves anyone but our sex-on-a-stick Oliver. That aside, I love the sex in this story. it's a shame it had to be butchered for the masses. I really must hunt this one down and ogle the unadulterated sex in it. 

Heart the story, and it isn't all smut. And you thought you couldn't balance story with sex...busted, girl. Thou art busted.


Author's Response: You are beyond awesome, my dear. Seriously, you utterly and completely made my day with all these reviews. My God though, woman, you are a reviewing machine! Oh, but of course Katie really only loves the incredibly sexy Mr Wood - she is just dallying with these other lesser boys! It was so hard to hack the smut out of this one because I stupidly laced plot and character development through it. And I'm glad you think it is more than just smut. Hehe.

Reviewer: Russia Snow
Date: 08/31/10 17:54
Chapter: Chapter 1


Woo! That story rocked! You took some of the hardest every character to write, and wrote them so incredibly well! George, Angelina, Katie, Dean and Lee! You kicked butt with their characterisations!

What I really liked about the plot of this fic was that it was so simple, and yet so well executed. When I think back on it, basically nothing happened, but when reading I didn’t realise that. I quite liked the simple plot though because it enabled us to concentrate more on the characterisations. (did I mention how much they rocked? I did? Well I’ll say it again anyway =p) We also get this fabulous insight into a seriously awesome-looking non-canon world where Seamus dies and Katie and Dean are in love. I would say that I would really like to see this extended, but I think there is a certain charm of it being so short and it worked really well just how it is.

I see that it was written for the smutty_claus on LJ, but I actually don’t feel like it is centred around smut at all, which shows how well written it is! It is a simple yet entertaining fic, the humour and romance are shown in every line, the smut is mixed very well into the middle and it flows well, not like it has been out there for the sake of it.

The main question of course is, do they get together?! I assume they do, I think you portray Katie and Dean’s relationship really well, it is convincingly written and very heartfelt.

I don’t really have much to crit, which makes this a fail!review but I look forward to reading more of your stuff, especially fics centring on the same characters you used here, because your characterisation really did rock!

~Russia xxxxx

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review, Russia. It really made me smile. I'm so glad you like the characterisation, because Katie is one of my absolute favourites to write. I think I generally do tend towards quite simple plots because it's the characters that I really love working with, so I'm really glad you thought that worked because it's quite a common occurrence with my stories.

Reviewer: Rosty
Date: 08/28/10 17:22
Chapter: Chapter 1

hey this is really good - please continue!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm afraid it's just a one shot so I won't be continuing it.

Reviewer: Voryn Orochi
Date: 08/25/10 15:17
Chapter: Chapter 1

I love it. It's brief, it's passionate, and it encompasses the reality of lover's quarrels. Your writing is profound and believable in a world that is far out of reach. It was a pleasure to read!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'm pleased to hear that you thought it was both passionate and believable.

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