Reviews For The Wrong Secret
Reviewer: Daughter of the Light
Date: 03/16/11 0:54
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

The only way I can respond to what you said is by reviewing again, haha. I think I see what you mean - one thing that suddenly popped into my head while I was reading was the idea that Tom Riddle never wanted to depend on anyone or anything, and he didn't want anybody else's actions to influence his. So if he fell for her, then he would automatically take the appropriate measures to get rid of her, because he would never approve of needing anyone but himself. Your story is really making me think, it's great:).

Author's Response: Hi Maddy, Thanks for reviewing again. Yes, you're right, Tom can't let himself depend on anyone else, because he believes he has to do everything entirely independently. In "Curiosity", he discovers the thrill of being able to influence someone's emotions, and at the same time, he knows that he doesn't want to be influenced in that way. I'm glad it's making you think! ~Katrina

Reviewer: Daughter of the Light
Date: 03/16/11 0:13
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

Hello again!

I saw your response and decided to read this, because I loved "Curiosity" so much. You certainly did not disappoint, this was a marvelous piece! I like it even more now that it's from Myrtle's perspective... it must be the worst feeling, beyond the worst feeling, to know that the first and last person you truly loved used you only to murder you.

Tom Riddle was never supposed to love, as you mentioned in your note on "Curiosity", but I don't think you strayed from canon at all, because if you think about it, he DIDN'T love Myrtle. So you managed to stick to what we know about Tom Riddle - especially his ability to influence others.

Once again, I must say, this was fantastic. Terrific work :).


Author's Response: Hi Maddy, Thanks for reviewing this straight away as well! Yes, I think it's a horrible feeling that Myrtle has to live (well, not quite live) with, but I also thought this gave her a better reason for wanting to be a ghost. After all, in canon it says that she wanted to 'haunt' Olive Hornby, which I'm sure gave her malicious delight, but it doesn't seem to fully explain her decision. Did Tom Riddle love Myrtle, or did he just use her? I haven't quite decided... in "The Wrong Secret", Myrtle believes that he didn't love her when she finds out who he became, but I think that perhaps he did fall for her, and he killed her as soon as he realised it. Also in these stories, I quite liked the irony that Myrtle ends up a ghost - so in a way she's immortal - which is what Tom always wanted. Anyway, thanks for all the compliments :) ~Katrina

Reviewer: xxbabewithbrainsxx
Date: 01/29/11 9:38
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

This is a really interesting oneshot. I've never read anything quite like this, although I blame that on my ignorance :) Anyway, it was fascinating, how you explored Myrtle and Riddle's relationship. I always did wonder why Riddle wanted to kill Myrtle--although I put it down to Riddle just wanting the school not to have Muggleborns in it. It took me a while to guess, but I did when you mentioned Olive Hornby.

Your writing style is good and it flows quite well. You did a great job of writing in second person, something that I have never been able to master. Also, your characterisation of Myrtle as being boring and sad as well as nerdy was intriguing, because it never occurred to be that Myrtle would be as studious as you depicted her, although as always with fanfiction there's room for interpretation there. Anyway, overall, great job!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I think this might be the longest review I've ever received... thanks for all the great comments. Originally when I had the idea for this fic, it was just going to be about someone who loved Tom, and then I realised I could use Myrtle and it would work out really well with why he killed her and that sort of thing. Plus it gives a better reason for Myrtle sticking around as a ghost than just to annoy Olive Hornby. And I thought in a way their characters could be quite attracted to each other... With Myrtle I also had quite an opportunity to expand her to my own liking, as her character isn't explored that much in the books. Thanks for commending my use of second person... I wasn't really sure that I'd pulled that off, but I really wanted to use it because it gives the feeling that from the start Myrtle is defending her choices by trying to put the reader in her situation. Anyway... this response has gone on quite a bit... but thanks so much for reviewing :)!

Reviewer: SaboteurVictory
Date: 01/23/11 19:05
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

Wow! This was really interesting to read. When I read the description, I assumed it would be Snape and Lily, but this was totally original. Well done :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yes I did try to do something original in this... initially the fic was based more around Tom, but then I realised that I could make the other character Myrtle and she really fitted the part. Anyway, thanks for the praise and taking the time to review :).

Reviewer: mwuaha-la
Date: 08/23/10 5:58
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

This pairing is so engaging thanks to your awesome writing!
Can't wait to

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to have another (completely unrelated to thise on though) fic up in the next couple of weeks (hopefully) so there will be more to read.

Reviewer: the fetal positon
Date: 08/20/10 18:39
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

I loved it! I like how you designed Myrtle differently, yet she still remained the same Myrtle from the books. It was very interesting (and effective) to write it in second person; I felt connected to her throughout the story. Going into my favourites. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wrote it in second person because Myrtle is trying to justify that she still loves him, so by writing in second person I was trying to project all her feelings on to the reader. Thanks for putting it in your favourites :). I hope you look at some of my other fics, you'll probably enjoy them too. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: FangedFrizbee
Date: 08/17/10 23:43
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

I really liked how you gave Myrtle an entirely knew character while keeping her actual self from the books as well. I would have never thought of such a pair! Well done. I can't wait for your next odd pairing ;)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review. When I initially had the idea for the story it wasn't going to be Myrtle, just a random student and I was just exploring the idea of 'can you still love someone when they've done terrible things'. So I was thinking about which students were alive in Tom's time and I thought of her and the part really fit her personality. I don't know how many odd pairing stories I'll write though, usually I prefer to stick to canon, but we'll see ;)

Reviewer: Blooming Jade
Date: 08/17/10 23:33
Chapter: The Wrong Secret

Hey I liked your story! it was really interesting! the idea of tom and myrtle together was great! good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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