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Name: BluebellFlamez (Signed) · Date: 05/03/11 17:22 · For: July the Twenty-Fourth
LOL my b-day's on July 24! So thanks :p

The story was so sweet. Poor Jane, then yay Jane!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :) it's nice to know that some of my older fics are still being read. That's funny that it's your birthday, I just sort of picked that day because Harry's initial letter arrived about a week before his birthday I think, so it seemed a logical time for Colin to get his. I'm glad you thought the story was sweet. I think it would be hard having older magical siblings if you were a Muggle, because in a way, you're cut off from the Muggle world as well by having to keep the secret of your siblings, and yet you're a Muggle, so you don't belong in the magical world. So I think for Jane it was important to learn that she is fine just as she is and not to be envious of her brothers. ~Katrina

Name: Grace has Victory (Signed) · Date: 03/08/11 19:56 · For: July the Twenty-Fourth
PS - And McGonagall WAS still at Hogwarts in 1999. But as she was by then the Headmistress, it makes sense that someone else would have replaced her as Transfiguration Teacher and Head of Gryffindor. I'm sure the students adored Bill Weasley!

Author's Response: Oh, was she? I couldn't find out (using HP lexicon) so I assume she retired after the battle. Oh well. I couldn't think of anyone else to become Head of Gryffindor, as JKR killed off half the Order, and they seemed the logical ones. Although I thought Bill wouldn't want to do it for more than a year because he wouldn't want to live away from his wife and family (as Victoire was born in May of 1992). Although even while at Hogwarts he must have seen Fleur at some point... because Victoire was born... anyway, thanks for pointing that out about McGonagall, I'll keep it in mind for future fics.

Name: Grace has Victory (Signed) · Date: 03/08/11 19:55 · For: July the Twenty-Fourth
Awww, sad. Some sibling jealousy is only to be expected, especially as Jane was unlucky enough to have TWO wizard brothers and be the only one left out. But the odds are 1 in 4 - so the Creeveys only had a 1 in 16 chance that BOTH of Colin's younger siblings would have been magical. Jane had a lot to put up with in her adolescence.

There were uncomfortable parallels to real life here. It's so hard for children who believe their siblings are more talented, or beautiful or simply more loved. You've used magic as a metaphor for a hornets' nestful of triggers.

I'm rather glad that you let Colin survive. Somehow I always expected Dennis to be the one to die - after all, Colin was only a few weeks below the cut-off age, while Dennis was two years younger. I think it's highly likely that Jane would marry a wizard because of course she'd meet all her brothers' friends. Producing a Squib child, though? Only likely if her husband was from an old, inbred purebood family that carried the bad gene, in which case their chances were even. So I suppose that's the sort of wizard he was.

Thanks for making us stop and think.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!!! Yes, I think what Jane suffers is common enough amongst us Muggles, only using magic sort of exacerbates what happens and makes it more obvious, and I think it would be particularly hard being the younger sibling of the Creevey brothers because they're so excitable and enthusiastic that I think they'd find it hard to be sensitive to Jane at the same time. So that's actually the only reason Colin lived... when I started writing this fic, I'd forgotten that he died in DH. Yes, I agree that it's more likely that Jane would marry a wizard, partially because she met all of her brothers' friends and also because she would struggle to talk about her brothers and everything she experienced because of them without revealing their secret. As to the probability of Jane producing a Squib - I never bothered to figure out genetics or that kind of thing, I didn't think about that at all. I put it in rather to show that it's possible for Muggles and wizards to live in harmony, even in the same family. Which is a nice ending for Jane, as she really struggled with it in her own adolescence. Anyway, thanks for the review :). ~Katrina

Name: theempress101 (Signed) · Date: 12/23/10 1:34 · For: July the Twenty-Fourth
This really reflects how I felt when I didn't get my letter. :) Very well written and very sweet. Nice new character. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked the fic, and the character. I thought it would be interesting, as Colin and Dennis are so excitable and not exactly known for their sensitivity. This is also actually one of my less favourite stories... so I'm glad you still liked it :). Thanks so much!

Name: the fetal positon (Signed) · Date: 08/28/10 20:56 · For: July the Twenty-Fourth
This was very sweet! You showed how easy it would be to be jealous of older magical siblings (I know I would be ticked off if I wasn't a witch! ...oh wait, I already am ;) ) It was nice how the family came back together at the end, and Colin lived. Well done again!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually started writing this story forgetting that Colin died in DH... I just thought knowing how excitable Colin and Dennis are, it would be really tough being their younger sibling and not magical. I also thought it would be interesting being half in the magical world, especially during the time of Voldemort, so that's why the last line is the way it is. Thanks again for reading!

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