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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 02/19/15 17:41 · For: Hermione
I feel like I've read this before. Whatever, it was fun to read again. I think I'm like Hermione. Whenever I go on vacation I count the hours until it's over which interferes with my enjoyment of the vacation.

Author's Response: You may well have done. There is (was?) a rauncher version out their at site which accepts porn. Having said that, I don't think I'm particularly good at writing porn. I prefer this version. -N-

Name: MalchomMcGonagall (Signed) · Date: 12/19/12 15:12 · For: Harry
Rereading one of my favorite stories, and I came across this line-

"...the idea of two people living together for more than twenty-five years without a serious dispute shows a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.”

This is not only a great bit of writing, but just in general is a great piece of advice for anyone going into a serious relationship. You are a wise man Neil!


Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

I'd forgotten that line. It isn't mine, it's something my dad told me years ago. I suspect that he read it somewhere ... and Google attributes a very similar quote to both A.P. Herbert and Walter Lippmann. As I've never heard of Lippman, but I inherited an A P Herbert bookfrom my dad, I suspect that's where he found it. Not mine, then, nor even my dads, but good advice anyway.


Name: AuroraB (Signed) · Date: 10/06/12 4:31 · For: Hermione
I don't read much fanfic but I am always looking for some that fits my very specific criteria: canon pairings, sex, nothing else. I am appalled by the violence, death, drugs, & other depressing things in most fanfic. I want to be cheered up by a story, not depressed, and yours was uplifting. I did a search for "Professor" rating and "sexual situations" and this piece came up. I enjoyed the multiple viewpoints, the good writing, and keeping to canon. I would have enjoyed Harry & Ron's perspective on their first times & more explicit sex scenes rather than the ol' leave-it-to-the-imagination fade. Others will disagree, I am sure. Overall, great story.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.
All of my stories take place in the same future, and all head inexorably towards the epilogue. This is probably the most rewritten and edited of all my stories. The Hermione chapter was originally a one shot. It is the only “rude” story I’ve written, mainly because writing good (and accurate) sex scenes is easy to get horribly wrong. This is simply smutty fluff. I have written a ruder version (and also a less rude version). I checked with my betas and this is as “adult” as this site will accept. Since your review I’ve taken a look at the (unpublished) very rude version, and I think that I’ve found a couple of sites which will take it. However, I will rewrite it (again) first.

Name: turquoiseturkeyz (Signed) · Date: 07/13/12 3:04 · For: Hermione
Do you reflexively respond to every review? I can imagine some do no more than compliment, but it is nice to know that you care about your readers personal opinions. I was a little wary as the "fluffy smut" progressed but it cut of nicely. I have read many smutty but badly written stories (there are some that are nice, though); yours leaves a lot to the imagination.
I think I can connect to Hermione's point of view the most as she is reviled to have read about the deed before having done it. A fine point to make for a girl, who no doubt, reads millions of books both muggle and wizard.
In response to your answer to my It takes two review, I know nothing about British speech patterns, geography, and small social norms than what I have siphoned from J. Rowling, Philippa Gregory and (most the silly) Downton Abbey; I generally like to make a connection to the authors description of a location with what I have seen. It is nothing you should be offended about.
~ Ellorah

Author's Response: Ellorah
Yes, I reply to every review. Even a simple “Great” will get a “thanks”. If someone is interested enough to leave a review, then they deserve to get a reply.
My personal view is that leaving a lot to the imagination is the best thing to do. Even competent professional writers tend to avoid writing raunchy scenes. Hermione will always try to prepare herself by reading. By the time Rose is born she’ll probably have a couple of shelves of pregnancy and baby care books. Ron won’t have read any of them. :-)
I’m well aware of many of the differences between English (US) and English (UK), as MSWord calls them (personally, I call the latter English :-D). I try to retain the Britishness of the stories, I hope that I don’t overdo it. The social mores of Downton are slightly outdated, but not as much as you might think.

Name: Ruchira_M (Signed) · Date: 07/02/12 15:20 · For: Harry
Ah, I love this quartet.

Author's Response: Thanks. -N-

Name: awsomesnape (Signed) · Date: 01/12/12 3:28 · For: Hermione
This is what I think is one of the best stories on the fourms

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Name: lumos05 (Signed) · Date: 12/22/11 20:02 · For: Ginny
good story, i think you have captured the two relationships in an honest yet cute manner. does this follow on from one of your other stories?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, it’s always good to hear that I’ve captured the relationships.
All of my stories take place at points along the same timeline. This one is during/after Aurors and Schoolgirls.
Happy Christmas -N-

Name: Shreeja (Signed) · Date: 12/15/11 18:37 · For: Harry
This compilation is wonderful. Loved how each story wove into the other, almost seamlessly. My favourite was Ron's. His humour was caught very well. I think you catch the boys' emotions rather well.

This line was absolutely hilarious! I loved how you highlighted "real" in real danger. I was smiling throughout. "But this isn’t Voldemort, this is Mrs Weasley! She can find out anything! And then we’ll be in real trouble."

In a way I am glad, I have been following your stories (as you might already know) and was wondering if this would be a pre-marriage or post marriage thing according to your head canon, but seeing as how they've all been together for so long and through so much, I didn't expect the latter. You wrote it out rather aesthetically, which I must say, is an art. Loved it, as usual.

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review. I hope that Ron’s humour shone through in both the Hermione and Ron chapters. As a bloke, the male chapters are easier for me – thinking about it – that might be why Strangers takes so long to write. I have to set myself into Jacqui’s perspective before I can even start. Male, or third person, would have been easier, but it wouldn't be the same story.

I’ve always found it essential to keep my girl’s mother on my side, and Harry’s no fool, he’s seen what Molly is capable of. Humour is essential, especially given the subject matter.

I knew the timing and location of this “thing” almost as soon as I started plotting my timeline. As I didn’t want teen marriages, and we are dealing with four young people who have been together for such a long time, this seemed perfectly natural to me. Everything from Amortentia potions to JKR tells us how much they mean to each other. I'm not keen on the graphic stuff, and anyway it's very easy too write it very badly. I've referred to this as "smutty fluff" which, I hope, it is.


Name: Brennus (Signed) · Date: 10/20/11 17:47 · For: Harry
Thank for this wonderful little piece of smutty fluff. I think I have read nearly all your work on this site and almost without fail love everthing (although aurors and schoolgirls is my favourite). May I add my name to the list of people wanting the Rhodes story...and I know you stated you wouldn't write anything this smutty again, but damn it sir, we British invented smutt! Do your patriotic duty for us perverts..er, I mean keen readers.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review
I need to get the next chapter of A&S finished (This story is, in a way, and "outtake from it, as it takes place during the Easter Holidays during Hermione and Ginny's last year at school). The Rhodes story remains unfinished and I have too many others to consider completing it for a while, sorry.
The idea for this was around for quite some time and it matured (or festered) until I had to write it. If I write more smut I suspect that it will be closer in tone to "Swimsuit Quidditch" after all, we British invented Humphrey Lyttelton and Samantha (who has nipped over to Prague for a quick check up...)

Name: nayin (Signed) · Date: 10/20/11 16:12 · For: Ginny
Oh wow! I can't stop grinning while reading your chapter about ginny. I love the part when harry congratulated her after winning the quidditch cup,its sooooo romantic. Ty for writing this,I'm a huge h/g fan

Author's Response: Thanks for the review of my rudest story. I, too am a huge H/G fan, but so is JKR, so we're in good company. :-D -N-

Name: Menotyou (Signed) · Date: 10/02/11 22:02 · For: Harry
that stry was SO awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks -N-

Name: kate-rose (Signed) · Date: 09/29/11 10:01 · For: Hermione
Its 3:30am in Australia and I'm laughing at Ron.

Author's Response: Thanks Ron annoys Hermione, but Ron also makes her laugh. That (in my opinion) will always be his trump card. -N-

Name: sylvelle (Signed) · Date: 09/15/11 23:26 · For: Ron
Steamy.. Cute and funny too. Loving Ron right about now.

Author's Response: Thanks, and that was the plan. :-) -N-

Name: sylvelle (Signed) · Date: 09/15/11 23:10 · For: Hermione
Loved it. I think you captured Ron perfectly at least the Ron inside. Just a lovely story. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I never tire of tlling people that Ron is grat bloke. :-) -N-

Name: JinxHowl34 (Signed) · Date: 09/08/11 18:00 · For: Hermione

Author's Response: Thanks -N-

Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 08/09/11 10:02 · For: Harry
I know ive reviewed this story already, but after the 7th movie I reread grave days, aurors, and this. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. Your stories continue jo's story perfectly and have become part of the story for me. Your fanfictions ensure that "all was well" wasn't the end of everything. This story, with all its "fluffy smutt" remains my favorite (a tough choice since I love them all) because...after all the hardship our beloved characters have been through, its beautiful to finally experience well-deserved joy. Thanks again for everything, I look forward to your future work :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. This will (almost certainly) remain the only Professor-rated story I will write (although some of the Lavender stories may come close.
There will be more Aurors and Schoolgirls soon, I hope, but currently in the queue is the only story I've ever written which does not fit into my future history, and a second new story (which does).

Name: ginnytonksandluna4ever (Signed) · Date: 07/26/11 12:58 · For: Harry
that was really good!! amazing actually

Author's Response: Thank you. -N-

Name: scruffieslytherin (Signed) · Date: 07/16/11 14:51 · For: Harry
I really enjoyed this story, it made me laugh a lot! i look forward to reading some of your other works! well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. If you want laughs, you might like Swimsuit Quidditch, too. -N-

Name: Mie--jadus (Signed) · Date: 07/16/11 10:11 · For: Harry
Woah. That was weird...
But I like it :)
Have I missed the holiday in Rhodes?
I haven't read all of your story's yet.
By the way, I like the Mind of Arthur Weasly story. I would be a little silly to leave a review there too if I could just do it in one time.
So then I'm gonna say too that I'm desperate for another chapter of Aurors en Schoolgirl.
Excuse me for my bad English. Bye!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
You haven't missed the holiday, it's yet another part written story on my flash drive.
This story (as you've realised) takes place immediately before The Mind of Arthur Weasley.
The next chapter of Aurors and Schoolgirls has been submitted (and your English is fine).

Name: sunshinesparkles (Signed) · Date: 07/07/11 16:24 · For: Harry
That was cute! I liked how you captured the awkwardness of it all. I feel like you really made Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny very much like how they were in the books.

Author's Response: Thanks, awkward is what I was trying to achieve. The entire thing cant be anything other than awkward nd fumbling. I try to keep Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny in character, Im glad you think Ive succeeded. -N-

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