Reviewer: Marauders Daughter
Date: 01/06/14 15:13
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

This is very good! Please write the next chapter's quickly! Can't wait for them.

Reviewer: J-Holly
Date: 03/31/13 8:22
Chapter: Chapter 1: Hope Comes Home

Hmmm??? The snitch??? Are you suggesting something??? Well, I'm going to find out. *Next*

Reviewer: J-Holly
Date: 03/31/13 8:11
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

Wow, this really is a great start! I can't wait for the next one! *Clicks the Next Button*

Reviewer: Proserpina
Date: 08/23/12 17:47
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

Hey, I loved this! I thought it was interesting the way you started off the story, with the Order picture. The characters I think were characterized well, especially Snape. My only criticism is small: I somehow don't think that there would be a fifth male Gryffindor in that year. Wouldn't he be friends with the Marauders? They always seemed to me to be very accepting and outgoing. Unless there was a good reason for it, I don't think James would've picked, say, Peter as a friend over Sam Trent, who would seem to fit much better into their group. Of course, maybe Sam wouldn't WANT to hang out with them, but it would be great if you gave more detail on that situation in the story. Other than that, great job! and keep writing! ~Olivia

Author's Response: Sam is one of those guys that always seems to get along better with female friends - I'm sure you know the type! But it will be explored a little more later on :) Thanks for your review! I hope you stick with me (I'm absolutely AWFUL about quick story updates!)

Reviewer: crazyhead109
Date: 11/27/11 5:21
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proud Hearts and Stubborn Wills

loved it

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! :)

Reviewer: PerfectInTheEyesOfErised
Date: 09/28/11 16:57
Chapter: Chapter 2: Proud Hearts and Stubborn Wills

I really enjoyed reading the three chapters. You described the personalities so well and creatively used the info from J.K.R. to feed another story. I hope I read more from you in the future!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Reviewer: beforeward
Date: 06/29/11 2:14
Chapter: Chapter 1: Hope Comes Home

I genuinely felt I was there again. Reminds me so much of what I used to get from those books. I am looking forward to seeing Sirius development, he's always been my fav character : )

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I will be working on the second chapter and hope to have it up soon. (Sirius is one of my faves, too :D ) -Kimmi

Reviewer: TheCursedQuill
Date: 08/31/10 19:25
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

Hey! The prologue was a great start to your story! Although I haven’t read the first chapter yet, I think it’s going to be really good. I like how you started the story with Harry, it keeps it canon even though it is slightly AU by adding another character to the Order. You make what I can only assume is Sirius’ love interest believable this way which is something most people have a hard time doing.

Giving Sirius any kind of partner can turn out very clich, but from what I’ve seen you’re going to make this story very realistic!

Harry’s character was a little off for me; he seemed too much like the boy we see in the books, instead of the man that he becomes. I don’t feel the maturity of Harry that he would have gained from becoming an auror, a husband, and a father. Though your main plot isn’t about Harry, it would have been nice to see some added character to Harry.

I like your plot line so far, especially how it mostly has to do with the first war and it changed the lives of the young students in Hogwarts. Your style is very much like what we see in the books, just with all of the added little details, such as the small flying notes flying around Harry’s desk, and the photos of Harry’s family around his cubicle.

Expect another review for your first chapter! :) I can’t wait to read it and review your take on the marauders!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for such a great review! I hope you know how much this means to me! :) Sorry I took so long to respond...please don't think I'm a jerk!! :( Your constructive criticism is sooo nice to hear as well. I think you make a great point about Harry's character, and I just wanted to say that he sound childish because he's being childish :P You'll see him as an adult later, and I hope the more mature side of him will come through. Please keep reviewing! Reviews like this make writing so much easier because it lets me (and I'm sure other writers!) know that people are actually receiving it. (And, yes, Alice will be Sirius' love interest - but hopefully you'll be pleased with the complexity of the situation - assuming I can write it well enough!) Again, thanks a billion! :D -Kimmi

Reviewer: siriusblackhead
Date: 07/20/10 21:39
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

Wow this is really well written and seems really thought out. The characterizations are great. I'm interested to find out more about Alice and why she disappeared from the Order. Putting this in my favorites! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm really glad you like it!! It feels great to hear that...I've worked hard on it, so it's good to know someone out there is making it worth the work. :P

Reviewer: paperrose
Date: 07/20/10 9:32
Chapter: Prologue: Another Day at the Office

Interesting beginning! And Harry's characterization is spot on with how I always imagined after.

Author's Response: Thanks! After the teenage years he had, I think Harry'd be thirsting for adventure. :)

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