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Name: Elijah (Signed) · Date: 08/15/17 6:56 · For: Perfect First
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Name: Rose Nym (Signed) · Date: 08/05/10 11:21 · For: Perfect First
Just like it probably happened!!!!
I have always felt a little sorry for Viktor as he seemed to care more for Hermione than she cared for him.
I like that the romance between them doesn't go to a point where it would be impossible for them to be friends in the future. (When Hermione is with Ron). I like Viktor Krum and wish J.K. Rowling would mention a little more about him "finding love in his native Bulgaria."

Author's Response: yeah, I would agree that he probably cared more. Shame. Of course I'm still a fan of R/Hr haha, but still. Maybe you could write about his native love for JKR ;-) maybe someone will... hope so! The poor guy deserves someone perfect, considering he doesn't pretend to care about the fawning fans. I respect him a lot.

Name: Ravenclaws Noble Heir (Signed) · Date: 07/08/10 8:43 · For: Perfect First
this is so sweet! awwww .... i love!


Name: majestic_ginny (Signed) · Date: 07/06/10 12:50 · For: Perfect First
Hey Breann!!

This is a really nice one-shot, trust me. Krum was totally in character, and his accent was perfect. I also loved Hermione, and I think this is totally how she felt, considering her behaviour around Krum all the time in the books. Oh, and loved the last line, by the way... so Hermione!! Overall, Awesome one-shot! Keep it up, girl! ^_^ --Nadia

Author's Response: Thanks Nadia! I love how awkward they both are and exploited it hehe :-) Thanks for the review!!! -Bre

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