Reviewer: Snowlily
Date: 07/18/11 16:18
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

Forgot to say: please write more stories like this! Scorpius / Lily is so good, and you write it so well! =)

Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet. ^^ This was my first Scorpius/Lily. They are a cute couple. They remind me of Draco/Ginny. :D

Reviewer: Snowlily
Date: 07/18/11 15:21
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

Very good, very well written, very enjoyable. =)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. ^_^

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 06/20/10 3:09
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

Blast, my last review disappeared ionto the ether. *starts again* I do love a good Lily/Scorpius. They're definitely my favourite Next gen pairing (but you know that). This is a very well written story, Lia, that neatly encapsulates a great moment for this pair.

I like Lily here although I agree that she does come across as a bit 'unhinged'. Still, I blame that mix of Marauder genes and Weasley recklessness - poor girl. She's a great character and her observations about Scorpius give a good insight into his character too. Your Lily is different to mine, but I still read and enjoyed and started nodding at their similarites (a certain recklessness and wish to annoy her brothers - LOL) .

I do have a brit pick, sorry. I feel very measley for pointing it out, but I'm a pedantic thing at times. We don't have 'cotton candy' in UK - we call it 'candy floss' . I love that image of her tasting like that confection though. (although I prefer apples *snorts*)

Great story. ~Carole~

Author's Response: I'm sure you'll find certain Americanisms or Australianisms sprinkled throughout my work (ah, a child of three worlds). ^_~ What's funny about my word usage for this one (cotton candy instead of candy floss) is because I had a body spray bottle beside my bed, and it's scent, listed on the label, is 'cotton candy'. I thought, Hmm, it'd be nice to taste like that. Okay, Lily, you're going to taste like my body spray! *starts typing* Lol. I'll go back and fix it though.

I'm glad you liked my crazy Lily though. For me, it's rather unusual to write anyone outside of Draco and Ginny, so it was a challenge. I think I might leave this pairing up to the experts, like you. ^_~

Thank you for the lovely review, Carole. ^^


Reviewer: locanena
Date: 06/16/10 13:39
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

Wow write more

Author's Response: I will try. ^^

Reviewer: Quill And Ink
Date: 06/15/10 23:31
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

well that was fantastic! i cant wait to read more! what an great idea for a fic! good job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. ^^ Maybe I'll head somewhere with this later--if I have the nerve. ^_~

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 06/14/10 17:17
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

i cannot believe you are going to leave this as a one-shot!

Glad to see Ginny and Lily Evans Potter reflected in their line of descent - this is a fiery Lily, and I can see this happening, presuming Scorpius is like Draco seemed to be = and we don't know that he isn't.

Author's Response: Oh, well it's my first Next-Gen fic, so I'm leaving it a one-shot until I gather the nerve to write outside my element. I figured my Lily and Scorpius would be a lot like Ginny and Draco. Hopefully not too much so. *grins sheepishly* Thank you for the review and encouragement. ^^ ~Lia

Reviewer: Hermiones Kneazle
Date: 06/14/10 2:00
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

This was a really unexpected pairing, but I very much liked it! Kudos! The couple seems plausable and your writing captures her feeling well. Nice!

Author's Response: I have never written Next-Gen before, so I don't know what the expected pairings are. Is it Scorpius/Rose? Hmm. I'm glad that I made it plausible enough. Lily is a bit of a nutter in this. Heh. Thank you for the review. ^^

Reviewer: inluvwid_pdft
Date: 06/13/10 23:51
Chapter: A Flight To Remember

Very nice. The rare Lily/ Scorpius. I really liked it. Especially Lily's craziness. :D

Author's Response: Thank yo. It's my first time ever writing Next-Gen. I figured Lily/Scorpius was as close to Ginny/Draco that I could ever get. Lol. And, yes, Lily was crazy. ^_^

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