Reviews For Shattered Trust
Reviewer: 99luna_lovegood99
Date: 02/10/05 17:51
Chapter: Chapter 4: Bravery

this really is getting better and better. please update soon!!!!I am sick and i need something to do at home. i want to hear the part when Seri talkes to Walden. Please hurry and update!!!!

Author's Response: Okay, okay! Aww, I'm sorry you're sick, that's no fun at all. Just for you, I will try to finish up chapter five (where the fatal meeting occurs, dun dun duuun!!). Thank you for all your reviews, they're very thoughtful!

Reviewer: Alice Gray
Date: 02/10/05 17:25
Chapter: Chapter 4: Bravery

This is getting better and better :)

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad you think so! It's gotten more organized in my mind ever since I made a little plot skeleton. Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: potter black
Date: 02/07/05 22:09
Chapter: Chapter 3: Interest

HALLELUJAH! it's finally up, i love this story, thankyou!!!

Author's Response: Ha ha, yes, it's FINALLY up. Gads, I love that mod. And it is completely my pleasure to be posting this story for you guys. After all, I get to read all your touching reviews. Thank you very much for your review, potter black!

Reviewer: Jennifer_Cairns
Date: 02/07/05 18:58
Chapter: Chapter 3: Interest

Very good- just read the first 4 chaps in one sitting- I am really enjoying this- can't wait to see how this goes- and her family's reaction!

Author's Response: Yes, a new reader! I always love those. The family's reaction, or at least a hint of it, will be seen in the next chapter, once I finally have time to put it up. *eye roll* *mutter school mutter mutter* Keep reading, and thank you for the lovely review!

Reviewer: 99luna_lovegood99
Date: 02/05/05 9:37
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

what is so wrong with your story!?!I have so many good stories but muggenet has rejected them every time i try to help make them better, they just get rejected agian!!!!anyway, back to your story! please!!!!!none of my favorites have been updated!!!!!!I have to many favorites to keep up with another on there! i don't want to start reading another story!!!it gts complicated!!!!!!but mugglenet WILL approve it or they will have to face my RATH!!!!!....................or, i could just send James and Sirius after them*shifts eyes*..."Oh POTTER!!!!!!BLACK!!!!!GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!!!WE NEED YOU AT HEADQUARTERS!!!!!!!!AND BRING THE NEW AND IMPROVED DUNGBOMBS!!!!!

Author's Response: I don't know what's wrong, they didn't say! Ugh, I know, the rejection/acception thing is necessary to the site, but it's a pain in our rear ends. (Sorry, Mugglenet, sorry...) And again, *cowers* I sent it in, it's waiting in queue! Ha ha, I agree...DUNGBOMBS AWAY!! (Btw, thankee for the review. *grin*)

Reviewer: 99luna_lovegood99
Date: 02/02/05 20:07
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

will you hurry up already! if it hasn't been aproved then email it to me. just go to my personal info and click contact. please!

Author's Response: I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying, I'll send it in right now, or something! *cringes from luna's wrath* Ha ha. Thankee for the review! Wow...I love my reviewers. You all are so great.

Reviewer: Dynie
Date: 02/02/05 0:46
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

Waiting for next update, this is a really good read. Please UPDATE!, and keep up the good work, I'm realy liking it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I tried to update it, but it was mysteriously rejected, reason unknown. *cries* Oh mods, why do you hate me? lol. But I'll try to send it in again, after I find out what was wrong. Thanks again, and keep those wonderful reviews coming!

Reviewer: potter black
Date: 01/28/05 4:39
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

i love this story! i hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I updated the twenty-fourth, but it STILL hasn't been approved yet. *grumble grumble stupid queue grumble* I'm working on the next chappie right now, and I've got all the others planned out, so hopefully I can get them up! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: 99luna_lovegood99
Date: 01/24/05 21:51
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

I LOVE REMUS! anyway, be sure to update, i am adding this to my favorites list

Author's Response: Who doesn't love Remus? lol. He gets even more wonderful in the next chappies. I updated with the third chapter; it hasn't been approved yet. The fourth chapter is in the works. Thanks again!

Reviewer: 99luna_lovegood99
Date: 01/24/05 21:28
Chapter: Chapter 1: Change

yea, it is very dramatic, you describe the characters to good that i can picture them in my mind. it is just is all i can think to say exept keep it up. sirius definatly sounds more of a gentalman here. i like it. usually on reviews about serius, i shout BRING OUT THE PITCH FORKS! lol. i really do, if you look at the reviews of going back, it is in my favorites, you will see my anger towards him, i like this one better

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so happy! (I had a nightmare last night that I got like twenty reviews for this, and all of them were bad!!) It's brightened my day that I came here and found two really wonderful reviews! Ha ha, sometimes people do overplay Sirius being a ladykiller...I have him rather gentlemanly, with a steady girlfriend, but still a bit silly. Thanks so much for the great review!

Reviewer: On Angels Wings
Date: 01/16/05 14:36
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

I absolutely love the Switchfoot Dare You to Move lyric on there! I am a Switchfoot band down to the bone! Also I love your story, you've created a very solid character and a very good story line. Keep it up! Smile, On Angels Wings

Author's Response: Yes, Switchfoot is awesome. Btw, the lyrics are from "This Is Your Life," but that and "Dare You to Move" are so similar, I get them confused all the time. It's cool. ;) Thanks for the compliments!!

Reviewer: Snowflake_Dove
Date: 01/16/05 0:52
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

This is a great story, just like your others. I'm looking forward to when you next update!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU!! *beams* It's hard trying to juggle all these stories, but I'll manage to update sometime soon.

Reviewer: iheartsirius
Date: 01/15/05 15:10
Chapter: Chapter 2: Knowledge

Yay! A new chapter. And yay! We meet Remus. And again, yay! Seiri's in Gryffindor. But boo! This chapter was short. And nice insertion of Yvonne, lol (I'm reading that story, too... I think I already reviewed it though, so you'd know). Update soon, coz I wanna see Remus again :)

Author's Response: Remus is always just...yay. This chapter was short?! Wow, I thought it was too long. But I'll make the rest longer, just for you, lol. I certainly did appreciate your review for A Joker's Tale. The next chapter is in the works. Thankee for ye olde review!

Reviewer: Square
Date: 01/12/05 23:38
Chapter: Prologue: Fury

oh that is so sad! i feel so bad for this imaginary character. that is interesting how you used the executioner as tha dad. its so sad. i hope things get better. oh and read one of my fics!

Author's Response: Um...the executioner is her brother :)... If you read the rest of the story, you'll see that it gets a lot better for her. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: iheartsirius
Date: 01/08/05 19:41
Chapter: Chapter 1: Change

Wow, this is deep. I really like Seiri's character, and I think it's cool how you had her being in a family that we don't often hear about, the Macnairs, instead of the Malfoys or Lestranges, or something. While I'm sad that Sirius isn't going to be the object if Seiri's affections (that would be weird on several levels- arent they related?), I think I detected a hint that it might be Remus. Wicked sweet. From only reading these two chapters, I can tell you're a really good writer. Update ASAP!

Author's Response: Wow, now THAT'S a compliment. Yeah, I needed her to be in a Death Eater family, because she can't have gone to Hogwarts before, but I didn't want her to be yet another exchange student, so I thought a tyrannical Dumbledore-hating father would do the trick, and it worked out well. And, again, there's already too much about the Malfoys and Lestranges, you're right. And yes, it is sad that it won't be Sirius/Seiri, but since this is a continuation of my story A Joker's Tale, that wouldn't work. The pairing in that is cute, though, if you want to check it out. The two S's ARE related, distantly. As for Remus...well, I'm not saying. *shifty eyes* The next chapter's almost done, though, so you'll see, and thanks SO MUCH for the wonderful review!

Reviewer: CutiePieLCK
Date: 01/08/05 5:49
Chapter: Prologue: Fury


Author's Response: Um...yes? :-D I have absolutely no idea what you mean, reviewed my story! w00t! Thank you!

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