Reviewer: AriPotter
Date: 10/29/11 20:13
Chapter: Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

I really enjoyed reading the first book in this series yesterday, and this one seems like it is going to be really great as well! Are you planning on finishing it or has it been abandoned? I was really looking forward to watching the relationship between the members of ScoRA and see what happens to them next!

Reviewer: kri
Date: 01/15/11 6:35
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

lovely...just as a previous one...r u J.K Rowling's relative? ;P

Author's Response: I don't you think she'll adopt me?

Reviewer: RavenclawAspirant
Date: 01/14/11 18:36
Chapter: Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

I like the story, but i thought that the idea that the Weasley's would ever put a child through that was wrong. Wizard or not breaking the bones of a child and denying them sleep for three days is not like them at all it is really cruel. Mr and Mrs. Weasley would not allow it and neither would Harry or Ginny, no matter how much they care about Quidditch. They would play in the orchard for fun not to torment. I still think it is a good story and i like the idea of the previous one with the magical creatures.

Author's Response: Well, everyone sees the wizarding world differently.

Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 01/14/11 7:37
Chapter: Chapter 4 The Weasley Quidditch Training Gauntlet

Haha! I loved this! I kind of wish I was a Weasley just so I could see what the training consists of. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, it's always a lot more fun when you aren't the one it's happening to.

Reviewer: Penelope Rose
Date: 12/27/10 18:58
Chapter: Chapter 3 The Front Page

I do hope this story is updated soon (along with Hermione). I do enjoy the Arcane ScoRA

Author's Response: New chapter just went into the queue and you will see it soon!

Reviewer: beaternumber1
Date: 12/21/10 18:02
Chapter: Chapter 3 The Front Page

I can't wait to hear what happens this year for the Arcane ScoRA!
Update soon! :)
By the way what happened "Once, on one of those rare occasions when a reporter did manage to get through"?

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue, and as for what happens to the other reporters, I might have to include that in a later chapter.

Reviewer: astridweasley
Date: 12/03/10 21:41
Chapter: Chapter 3 The Front Page

Hey! I've been reading your stories and they are really good. I had a question in regard to the story."receiving strange gifts of great magical power followed by perfect oppurtunities to use them, it is proving quite difficult." Are these gift as in objects are natural gifts. if that would be spoiling the story than you don't have to answer. Anyhoo I can't wait for the nxt chapter!

Author's Response: Well, I am hard at work at the next chapter.

Reviewer: iLuna17
Date: 11/12/10 13:56
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

People hate cliffhangers. I personally like them, but. . . others do not feel the same way.

Author's Response: Well, everyone's entitled to their opinions.

Reviewer: iLuna17
Date: 10/18/10 5:02
Chapter: Chapter 3 The Front Page

You are amazing. I really love how you combine two amazing story lines, and how you always keep us guessing about the older story line, and how it affects the first. You might want to lay off the cliffhangers though, they may affect your reviews.

Author's Response: Huh? I didn't have that many cliff hangers? I'll have to go back and count to see. And how exactly do cliffhangers effect reviews negatively?

Reviewer: iLuna17
Date: 10/17/10 14:56
Chapter: Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

The plot thickens! I am so excited. I cannot wait to see what happens when the dueling story lines collide, and if Maddox is really guilty. Did I spell that right?

Author's Response: Yes, Maddox (and you did spell it right) is indeed guilty. He sicked a manticore on three first-years.

Reviewer: iLuna17
Date: 10/17/10 14:47
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

Wow. That was extremely deep. I cannot wait to see how Albus and Rose fit into this. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Well, read ahead, and I hope you'll review the other chapters too!

Reviewer: RavenclawAspirant
Date: 08/16/10 19:30
Chapter: Chapter 2 Preparing for the Second Year

I really liked this chapter! I only had one thing i was wondering about: what job does Ginny have? Does she work at the ministry too? She didn't seem the type to be a stay at home mom to me (not that there is something wrong with stay at home moms just that Ginny didn't seem like one)

Author's Response: Well, according to interviews with J.K, Ginny played for the Holyhead Harpies for a while, but then retired to become a Quidditch reporter for the Daily Prophet. Ginny's work as a reporter will be a big issue in the next chapter, and I promise that it's coming!

Reviewer: RavenclawAspirant
Date: 08/16/10 19:14
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

I was so happy to see you were writing a sequel! I like it although i think that there might have been an editing problem because there are sentences every now and then that look like they had the ends cut of.

Author's Response: Hmm, a problem with the sentences? I'll have to look into it.

Reviewer: Sdogg
Date: 06/03/10 22:03
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

Yes! The Arcane ScoRA are back! I'm super excited for this story; keep writing!

Author's Response: Well, I am working quite hard to finish chapter 3.

Reviewer: U-No-Poo
Date: 05/03/10 5:24
Chapter: Chapter 1 Finger Prick

I'm very impressed so far with your first chapter! I loved the first one, and I was happy to see that the sequel followed shortly afterwards. This one looks very suspenseful, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: Well, it feels good to be starting on the next story, even if I still don't have all the details planned out. I hope you will continue to read and review.

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