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Name: Whitlie (Signed) · Date: 12/15/10 12:36 · For: Plans
It's dead winter right now and I like this first chapter almost as much as I'd like spring flowers and Easter eggs. Kudos.

I like the feeling that I'm getting to know the baby Potter characters haha

Author's Response: Thank you! Funny how "baby Potters" are the same age their mums and dads were when they fought Voldemort. Time's passed so quickly! ^_~

Name: ShadowNeo (Signed) · Date: 11/29/10 14:27 · For: Family
This story is so good!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Real life has been a pain, but I'm hoping to have an update by Friday, December 10th. I wouldn't want lack of updates to put me on the Naughty list, heh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/21/10 11:26 · For: Family
I think you outdid yourself on this chapter, although I'm such a sucker for romance and people taking chances for love. I'm not so much into game playing--I don't think. I'm always fascinated by Lucius. I can't wait to see what he does to instill justice. I was charmed at how he reacted when he thought Rose had been harrassed by some other Knights. I chuckled at Scorpius' comments to Teddy about how he'd one day look like Stern--but he could always morph:D I was thinking about how lucky we are that you decided to make this a chaptered story. I'm always afraid that you will turn your talents to writing and making money and leave these wonderful stories untold. I wouldn't blame you, of course but I worry. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response: What a sweet review! Are you angling for Father Christmas to switch your name from the Naughty to Nice list? :D I think it would work.

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 11/17/10 15:59 · For: Family
Aww I lovee Lilykins.(: She's such a booboobear. I love her. So kind! I was thinking about how I'd want to be the "trustworthy" cousin. I'd want Scorpius to ask me for help; I like that kind of thing.
Anyways, Lily. Yeah, she's a boss. Scorp is just an old softie whom I lurv. I'm slightly confused about the charges but I rarely understand all the business stuff. Gr. I need to read more police magazines.


Author's Response:

If Albus is Rose's best friend, Lily's a close second and definitely ranks higher in the "friend to both Scorpius and Rose" column. ;)

Scorpius was trying to make it clear to Lucius that he could either cooperate and help identify the guilty, or have the Ministry investigate the Knights of Walpurgis as a whole, scrutinizing every single member and digging into their finances and records. Not something they want, heh, dubious characters that they are. :D

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 11/17/10 14:27 · For: Fight
Ooh I just loved it, must say. I'm glad they're finally off the island--Rhys creeped me out, and I didn't much like him, he was a bit of a creeper hobo--and they were in lots of danger anyway, I prefer them here, even if they're in shock. I liked how you incorporated a bunch of stuff from other fanfics and books--for instance, Dean Thomas being DADA professor without specifically saying his first name, and Jerry Connelly arriving on the scene despite the fact that Rose never knew him--but really I just love Rose and Scorpius, whatever they do. I also love Ron and Hermione (separately AND as a couple) so Ron's reactions amuse me. Smarmy little git :)

Happy Halloween! (I tad belated, granted, but I'm for it)

Author's Response:

People keep Christmas in their hearts all year long. Why not keep the spirit of Halloween? Fun, mischief, and the love of dressing up and giving sweets? :D

I'm so glad you liked all the references! I shouldn't laugh at Rhys, but your "creeper hobo" description is hilarious and I can see why he'd strike you that way. Dude was living in a cave, lol. Most of Rhys' backstory wasn't important to the plot so I had to leave it out, but he does what Remus did that Christmas Mr. Weasley was in St. Mungo's, he talks to new werewolves and takes it further, counseling them and helping them adjust. 

I hope you had a happy Halloween, and that you have much to be thankful for even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. (I can't remember where you're from. D'oh!)

Name: Kaiserin (Signed) · Date: 11/15/10 16:13 · For: Family
Hehehe... of course I got that hint towards the belly and the teeth. That was what I liked the most about that sparring. That and Scorpious finese! The boy is brilliant.
Are you planning on a story about Lily!? Featuring Scorps and Rose!? Do tell!!!! When? Tittle? Who's the leading male!? Do tell!!!! Another Kerichi love story!! *does happy dance* (it's a bit like the macarena)

Author's Response: I don't remember if Jo ever said what House Teddy was sorted into, but I think of him as Gryffindor in this chapter, boldly antagonistic, while Scorpius is Slytherin using more subtle...but effective...means. :D Thank you for liking it, and wow, you picked that up about Lily! It'll probably be a short story...or maybe three parter, heh...and the part of love interest is open to suggestion, hint, hint. ;)

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 11/13/10 23:48 · For: Fight
I had to smile a little at the mention of our old friend Jerry. It made me miss Tonks though! Anyway, great chapter. Can't wait to read the next.

Oh, and I've been searching through discussion threads on dozens of HP fan sites and I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Do you know what Dudley saw when he was attacked by the dementors and who does magic late in life?

Author's Response: Thank you for smiling to "see" Jerry! Have you checked on Jo's website to see if she's answered the Dudley question? I'm pretty sure it's Squibs that do magic late in life sometimes. :)

Name: CloverSun (Signed) · Date: 11/13/10 16:54 · For: Family
I love the story sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally fall in love with your stories when I first read our little secret, I think it's the best and the most realistic fiction of Scor/Rose I've read!! So i followed to this story, since I know I won't be disappointed!!! Please update soon, this is so well written!! Thank you for writing them! x

Author's Response: I love you for saying that! Thank you! And thank you for following the stories. It means a lot. *hugs*

Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 11/12/10 14:56 · For: Family
can't wait for more romance! update soon!

Author's Response: Romance coming up! (hopefully sooner than later. ;)

Name: Kaiserin (Signed) · Date: 11/12/10 14:49 · For: Family
I liked vey much how you made Scorps and Teddy dislike each other! Quite so behemently, also. Bad auror - Good auror game was fun.
Lily was such a gem for them, yet again.
And it seems Grampa is seing some sense? One would hope...
I liked this chap, just as usual. ^.^
Can't wait to see how this ends.... yet do not actually want it to end!!

Author's Response:

Ta, thanks! :) Scorpius remembers Rose had a crush on Teddy, so he wasn't that fond of the guy before he started playing Bad Auror and ragging on him in the interview room. Of course Scorpius paid Teddy back, implying that soon he'll be fat with coffee stained teeth, heh.

Lucius is all about self-interest, and it definitely isn't in his interest to ruin the whole group for the sake of those who have used the Knights' property as their hunting ground. He just has to swallow a bit of pride...and humble pie is his least favourite flavour. :D

Lily has been a true friend to our couple. One day, in another story, they might return the favour. ;)

Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 11/10/10 14:48 · For: Fight
I really like this fic, I love Rose and Scorpius together, they make such a romantic couple! I hope their romance gets more intimate in later chapters...

Author's Response: Thank you! I agree, a couple who makes it through tough challenges deserves to have a romantic ending. It won't ever be Professors rated, but I firmly believe intimacy doesn't have to be graphic to be sexy. ;)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/30/10 6:43 · For: Fight
To use one of your terms, I abso-bloody-lutely loved this chapter. It was brilliant. I was so entranced with my eyes glued to the screen that I almost didn't notice my Great Dane trying to steal my breakfast (I did say almost). I managed to stop him but he's now drooling on the keyboard--that can't be good. I didn't expect their protection to cause such gory results as to burn someone alive. Rose and Scorpius seem like such nice young people but I guess with their backgrounds they really do have to protect themselves at all times--they are a Weasley and a Malfoy after all. I'm interested in Edgar--was he on the good side or the bad? I loved that you brought Jerry Connelly back in--or was it his son? A lot of time has passed after all. If it was Jerry it was good to see him alive and well after all this time. I was charmed that Scorpius sent his Patronus to get Ron and Hermione. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think I have a crush on Scorpius:D Ron was right in character with his hugging his daughter fiercely and Hermione being calm and in control. I smiled to think of all the people who had to be added to the Weasley clock. In a way, my family has its own "Weasley clock." My mother has been known to call my job and tell whoever answers the phone that I'd better hit the road because the weather's getting bad--I've got a 20 mile drive down a country highway. Someone asked me yesterday if my mother always watched for when I came home. When I said "yes" he snickered. I told him that she watched for all of us who live close by and it was nice to have someone watching for my safety and knowing if I needed help. He couldn't help but agree. Well, I wish you a Happy Halloween and can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Hemi is a growing puppy. I'm sure he was hungry. The drool might gum up the keys, I hope you wiped that up...can't have you unable to type! ;)

Edgar's an ambiguous fellow. You'll find out about him in the next chapter. 

Yes, it's Jerry, he's only in his forties. Cami would say he's in his prime, he's kept fit leading his sons and the rest of the wizard scout troop on hikes. :D

Scorpius and Rose aren't "normal" teenagers, that's very true. Rose is in shock over what happened, but she's got family and a loving boyfriend to pull her through. 

Your mom doesn't need a clock, she IS the clock! That's nice that she's watching for you, but heaven help whatever man drives up to your door, hehheh. 

Happy Halloween! Thank you for the review filled with sweets!

Name: Kaiserin (Signed) · Date: 10/29/10 14:59 · For: Fight
Your writing rocks my boat! ^.^ ALWAYS a treat to get a chappie from you Kerichi.

Author's Response:

It's always a treat to get a review from you. It's like we're trading Halloween candy.

Yum! ^_^

Name: Pozzen (Signed) · Date: 10/29/10 10:56 · For: Fight
i really like this story it is very interesting. But iīm having truble understanding all of the content everything just seems rushed and written i a hurry. Everthing happends to fast and you canīt keep up. other than that i think you should keep up the awsome wor you are now:D

Author's Response:

It takes me weeks to write chapters these days, so I promise nothing is ever written in a hurry. I go over it again and again. It's romantic suspense, a couple's holiday doesn't go as planned, they try to make the best of it, but then find out the person who burned the villa is still on the island and the people who sent him there are coming back. Now they're off the island, and have to deal with what's happened.

If you ever have the time, I'd love you to go back and read straight through, not rushing, not in a hurry, and see if you pick up things you missed before. I had a reader on another site ask why, if they could summon Aurors, hadn't they done it before? She'd missed the part where Edgar said they'd transport to a warehouse his father owns in London and could summon help from there . . . and the Portkey activating and taking them there . . . .  


Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 10/18/10 0:36 · For: Flashback
You should write a novel. Seriously, it would be amazing and I'd definitely buy it. I liked this chapter though it was a bit short. Looking forward to the next.

P.S. I was reading some old reviews I left on your earlier stories and they made me want to cring in embarrassment. I'd like to take this time to apologize for putting you through that.

Author's Response:

Aw, thank you! I hope to PM you one day in the not too distant future and say, "Remember when you said you'd buy a copy?" :D

No cringing allowed. Every review you give a writer is a gift. Like all gifts, they vary in size and some come with ornate wrapping, some have big bows, and some are wrapped in comics, :D, but all are appreciated and there's no take-backs! 

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 10/15/10 13:57 · For: Flashback
Haha I love Lucius...sometimes ;) He's a good grandfather, but not when he's being a Knight. I just approve of his making his grandson's wishes come true, like a boss! It was...almost sweet. You know, for Master Lucius. ;)

Oh snot! Scorpius is such a fool. Surely he knows that telling a secret makes it positive that it won't come true at all! Well, I guess not when Mr. Malfoy is your grandpa, but...even still. I approve of my own Muggle traditions!
On the other hand, Scorp's wish was innocent enough, but Lucius turned into a CREEP when he admitted to specializing in making people do things against their will. Question: Why were they never arrested? I never understand how they got off. Especially since Harry and Draco are enemies, and Draco owes Harry his life twelve times over, how on Earth did they escape Harry's naming of Death Eaters? Especially with Lucius as a known Death Eater?! (sorry. not questions for you. But I am curious of yur infinite theories....)

Narcissa is awesome, I always liked her.

Scorp has always been innocent; he felt naughty for asking for his innocent wish, and he's so polite. He learns well, and he's a sweetie for sure. He only wanted to visit Edgar because he was a curious little one. I like him. I know you know:D

I'm so glad you updated this! I love Scorpius, and I love Scorpius and Rose, and I love you(:

I love kidss! "Are you allowed to ride it in the house?"
"They never said I couldn't."

It's good to have somebody on the inside--someone who knows how the Knights work, and how they think, so that they can better strategize without so much of the unnecessary fear. And I wish that half the things he'd saved for "different circumstances" were actually used properly. Fluff fics are nice, but I guess action and plot are more interesting, so better...I just wish that Rhys wasn't there to ruin the fun! ;)

I got really into it when I saw Edgar in the story, but of course I then had to go back and reread to make sense of it, because my first thought was "OH CRAP! EDGAR'S EVIL!" but considering the shout about his girlfriend he's on a secret rescue mission, one that I'm not positive the Knights know about but either they're about to get a shock or he just turned traitor. Either way, bloody beautiful (heheh) job. I'm dying for more! (okay, enough with the vampiric puns (; )

Author's Response:

Lucius...Don Malfoy...great image!

After the battle, I think it was pretty much "Whatever Harry wants, Harry gets" so when he testified on the Malfoys' behalf, Narcissa saving his life saved her family from Azkaban. The Ministry/Wizengamot threw people like Sirius into jail without trial, so I guess they decide to pardon as arbitrarily.

I love questions and discussing HP theories...as I know you know. ;)

Fluff without conflict and obstacles to overcome is great in a scene or one shot capturing a specific moment, but in most stories characters need to change and grow to earn (and appreciate!) their happy ending. :)

All Scorpius knows right now is there's a girl, and there's Edgar. You'll have to find out next chapter what, if any, connection there is between them. 

There's no such thing as too many vampiric puns. :D

Name: Bastet (Signed) · Date: 10/14/10 5:59 · For: Flashback
Ah!!! Get on with it already!!
Kidding here, don't take it badly. It's just you always leave it hanging!
Love it, as usual. Keep them coming. xD

Author's Response: I honestly didn't intend to leave it hanging here, but when I started writing, I realized dealing with the trio on the veranda was a false climax, and the real one was going to need it's own chapter.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/13/10 8:55 · For: Flashback
Incredible!! Brilliant!! I loved every second of it. I'm anxious to know what Lucius will do when he finds out what's been going on. He's clearly a doting grandfather and probably wouldn't hesitate to kill if someone hurt his grandson. I chuckled at how sweet Scorpius was to mind his manners as his grandmother had taught him. Gregory Goyle is such an arse-wipe. What is he doing to his son?? This story turned out way longer than I thought it would and I love it. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response: You're the one who's sweet, and yes, Lucius would kill...after making sure he had an alibi. I think every kid that's used to people generally being nice to them gets freaked out when they run across a nasty adult that makes it plain he or she doesn't like them. Goyle is worse than an arse-wipe. He's a s*** (hope it's okay to write that, it's a vulgarity, not an expletive, :D).

Name: Kaiserin (Signed) · Date: 10/13/10 7:23 · For: Flashback
Fine piece of work. I do suspect you've uncovered a T-Rex, by the way the story keeps finding more and more twists... I take it that blondie is with Edgar and he showed up to the rescue like a nice daring knight?

How heartening!!

I find the adorable fluff in the story intoxicating. Really all the sweetness going on between Rosie and Scorpious is... *sigh* Lovely!!!

Author's Response:

What gave it away, the teeth or the gigantic ribs? :D

Blondie is a werewolf and Edgar had a change of heart about going along with his Dad's Father/Son adventure. 

Thank you for liking the romance. It's very true to life. Doesn't matter what kind of circumstances you're in, what you're up against, when you're in love there will always be romantic moments. If there weren't, life would be too damned depressing.

Name: claymor (Signed) · Date: 10/13/10 6:38 · For: Flashback
As always, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you! Things are getting complicated...which will likely be the story of Rose and Scorpius' life. :D

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