Reviews For Carry Me Home
Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/25/10 20:04
Chapter: Carry Me Home

That was depressing. And I just added you to my favorite authors list and said you had a sense of humor:D I realized fairly quickly that you were writing about someone growing older and anticipating death--maybe even hoping for death. Shortly after that I realized that he was going to visit a grave. The sad part was that he said he would sit there and wait for her to come and get him so they could be together again. This was a wonderful, creative story. Sad though.

Author's Response: LOL! "All her stories are so humorous, except this Carry Me Home story...I hate her!" Heheh. Yes, I wanted to toy with the idea of an aging Draco, going through the stages of dementia. The saddest part was the fact that he not only welcomed death, but that he was waiting for Ginny to come get him, which shows such a weak side of Draco that you would never expect to see, for him to reveal. He places so much reliance and strength in his dead wife, and it is heart-wrenching to see someone like him grow frail, yet, stubbornly holding on to what little dignity and pride he has left.

Thank you so much for adding me to your favourites list. ^_^ I am very honoured. You may be happy to know that I plan on finishing the last two chapters of Plan B while I am away on a business trip, So, hopefully, within the next month (or less), they should be posted -- so no more sad stories. :P

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