Reviews For Expectations
Reviewer: arnold_the_pygmy_puff
Date: 06/29/11 15:42
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great story! I felt bad for Harry though. I would havr thought that because Harry and Ron were so close from the start that Ron wouldn't care what house he was in. I think it was written nicely, very interesting.

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you liked the story. I can see what you mean about Ron and Harry. I think the main reason I figured Ron would be able to turn against Harry was because he had only really been friends with him for a few hours, whereas his family had been telling him his whole life that Slytherins were evil bullies. Harry, of course, didn't make things better by confronting him immediately and refusing to wait to reason with him when Ron was cooled off.

Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Simply Being
Date: 01/06/11 12:46
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great job! I really enjoyed this. Like the other reviewers, I too was left wanting more. It was almost not enough detail at times, but I love that you took this plot line and turned it into a one-shot. I've never seen this done before, and it's a very cool idea. I really like the blunt nature of it, and the questions you raise about people's expectations/perceptions and really genetics vs. environment too. Great work!


Author's Response: I love that you liked the blunt style of it.  Thanks for reading and reviewing.  :)

Reviewer: Diannika
Date: 12/21/10 9:14
Chapter: Chapter 1

i really like this. There are alot of slytherin!harry fics some of which are amazing that are novel length. You told the story in a very few words and managed to make it far more direct in doing so. I hate one-shots or even short stories but this one i love

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.  I'm glad you appreciated my direct writing style.

Reviewer: the fetal positon
Date: 08/19/10 21:14
Chapter: Chapter 1

Wow, very well written and explored. I loved it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.  I'm psyched that you liked it.  :)

Reviewer: radcliffe4eva
Date: 03/13/10 20:32
Chapter: Chapter 1

This is... very sad. I understand that you chose this "style" of writing for a reason (and it worked well!), but at the same time, I feel as if something were missing. That, however, is probably just because I would have liked to see more of your writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.  Always appreciate people who say they wished for more.

Reviewer: wilted_orchid
Date: 03/12/10 15:20
Chapter: Chapter 1

I understand and appreciate the lengths you have gone to when it comes to style, but...I don't know if it all came together in the end. There was too much focus on structure and as a result, its promises weren't fulfilled in characterisation or plot.

That being said, there were flecks of absolute poetry in there, I loved the circularity "His parents would be ashamed, wouldn't they?" and the heads or tails argument your story presents is interesting.

Kudos to you, on such an ambitious piece.

Author's Response: Thanks for the constructive critique - somehow, it's just as valuable to me as a thousand "Great story," comments.  I'm so very glad that you liked the circularity of the piece.  When I wrote that line at the beginning of the story, I realized it was how I wanted to end the piece too.  Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 03/12/10 11:36
Chapter: Chapter 1

Amazing how fickle people are! Good story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.  I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: hermionegm
Date: 03/11/10 22:31
Chapter: Chapter 1

my friend. Though you have done a good job with the story, but you have got a fundamental thing awfully wrong. A person, if good at heart will sufferat the hands of fate, but will never bow to evil. That is what makes the world go round still today in the face of so many adversities...and also there is always the chance of redemption for everybody, only you will have to feel the repentence and the universe will forgive you....

Author's Response: Thanks for reading.  Though I understand what you're getting at, I'm afraid you've misunderstood the point of my story - Harry wasn't "bowing to evil."  He was still a good person in this story, just with a different environment, leading to a different type of personality.  He wa

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 03/11/10 21:38
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was interesting. One line that really stood out for me was that Slytherins didn't have friends; they had enemies, associates, etc. In the end what would Harry's parents be ashamed of? Harry or Hogwarts? At one point I thought this was going to go a different way. In the graveyard, during the Triwizard Tournament, I thought you were going to say that Harry had been so mistreated that he could fire a Killing Curse and mean it--that his mistreatment, in the end, led to the same result that everyone wanted--the death of Voldemort. In the end, it didn't matter whether he had been supported or mistreated, that he stood alone to kill the Dark Lord. Very well done. Once I started reading I had to finish it.

Author's Response: I'm very glad you found this interesting.  Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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