Reviewer: crystalphoenix
Date: 05/24/10 14:54
Chapter: Through the Veil

Yikes. That does not sound good. But she got through. Now question is, will she make it back?

Reviewer: Homeless Hippogriff
Date: 05/24/10 14:51
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

This chapter was full of action and exposition, but it flowed really well. The conversation between Alexandra and Journey is especially good. I like how you summarized what happened with Journey in the first book without being tiresome to people who've already read it.

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 05/24/10 14:27
Chapter: Through the Veil

come on just when it was getting good i need to know what happens

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/24/10 9:32
Chapter: The Time-Turner

I'll have to admit that anything having to do with time and turning back time and time turners totally confuses me. I don't know why. It's like I'm dyslexic with space/time issues. But I'll try to keep up. I feel very strongly that you should never tell someone that something won't work. When you do that you cast a negative aura on someone's creativity. I try to remember that whenever I'm listening to someone explain a new idea. We can't predict the future and we don't know where someone's talent lies. If someone can pull off something wonderful isn't that better for everybody? So I think Alexandra should be encouraged or at least listened to--besides, I want Max back as much as the next person:D Great chapter.

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 05/22/10 16:30
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

Holly cow!!! She's doing it!! She REALLY IS doing it!! Oh my!!!

Darla knows, Ben freaking Journey is supposed to help her!!!

What I'm puzzled about is the fact that we still have some rather big issues pending. The Ghost sickness, the dead custodian, the mystery stunner in the basement... They're just too many unsolved details to ignore.

And now Innocence erratic behaviour. She'd been conspicuously absent as of late. Kind of like Ginny during Y2. Makes me wonder, y'know...

Gosh!! I really, really, really don't think trusting in Darla, rather than in Anna is a good idea. She should at the very least tell her she's up to something... Oh, Alex... what on good Godric's name are you getting yourself into?

I really hope an obol's enough to get Alex back safely, at least. You know, if she does get herself killed in the process, Max is soo going to kick her ghostly ass for that! Troublesome punk... I hope she makes it back in one piece...

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 05/22/10 8:43
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

Once again, I have eagerly read several chapters and failed to leave a review. :(

I feel slightly vindicated for not having condemned and written off Darla! Even though, like Alex, I don’t entirely trust her, suddenly a whole new light has been shined on her. That conversation in the library between the two of them was very enlightening and it made me want to go back and read previous conversations with Darla in “Lands Beyond”.

Quite a cliffie in the last chapter. Alex is still quite the determined and powerful little thing, isn’t she? I honestly didn’t think it would work! And then JOURNEY! AAHH! Sooo good. Originally I was wondering "Why him?" But I think that it worked that way because he's been haunting the school and she summoned the ghost on the campus? I will have to go back and read the exact words of what she said when she summoned him.

Okay, those were like, mini-reviews for the chapters I didn’t leave a review for, lol.

That conversation with Journey was fantastic. Just utterly brilliant and terrifying and gripping and yet at the same time I wanted to jump into her world to shake her! Oh Alex you scare me sometimes with your crazy one-track mind and your determination to do things that are ridiculously stupid and have only a bare chance of working. And yet like Harry in HBP with his fierce defense of his Malfoy-is-a-Death-Eater theory…he actually turned out to be right. So I'm going to keep excitedly reading and hope that Alex is actually going to right, because I really miss Max, too.

“Any rational person (other than Alexandra) would think what she was planning was suicide.” LOL

With each chapter I read, my impatience to read the next one grows. Great great story! Thanks!


Reviewer: crystalphoenix
Date: 05/21/10 17:32
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

Oooh, she's actually going to do it! Wow. Anna's going to be really mad that Alexandra is not trusting her again, assuming she makes it back alive.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/21/10 10:31
Chapter: The Historicist

That was interesting--Alex was saved by ghosts--kinda. And, she got to see a real time-turner. But will she find an opportunity to use it? I guess I didn't realize that house elves were skittish around ghosts. You know, it's cool that they have ancestor ghosts that will take care of them, not like the ghosts in Harry Potter that don't seem to have a connection with anyone. Great chapter.

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 05/21/10 9:34
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

i wonder if she can do it, or will she be stop again by an outside force, or could she come back as a ghost and this be the last quick novel? i can't wait to find out

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 05/21/10 9:27
Chapter: The Lands Beyond

OK, so we know that Alexandra will probably fail and get caught and get endless detention once again. But what will happen between now and then, and considering the title, how will she get to communicate with her deceased brother? Will anyone talk more sense into her before Saturday night? (Funny that that chapter will indeed appear on the 'net right after Saturday night, on Sunday ;-))

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/20/10 11:07
Chapter: The Thanksgiving Blessing

I can't wait to find out what Valeria is up to. The people at the Blessing ceremony were horribly rude. It's strange that some people believe in guilt by association. One time someone got mad at me for something my grown son did--I mean, I was sorry but there wasn't much I could do about it. He makes his own decisions and takes responsibility for his own actions. It must be annoying to Alex too for people to keep asking if she's alright. I wonder what trouble Alex will be getting into now. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/19/10 17:38
Chapter: Reunion

It's too bad everyone keeps looking at Alexandra suspiciously when she asks about time turners--how's she supposed to do any research:D David and Angelique are kind of cute. Although, I liked it better when he hung out with Alex and her friends. Yay for Anna for sticking up for herself and her ancestry. I really liked this chapter. I'm glad Alex gets to visit with some of her family. They seem more like family than her mother and stepfather do.

Reviewer: dominiqueweasley
Date: 05/18/10 23:30
Chapter: Deathly Conjures

OH NO! Alex is in waay over her head. What a wonderful and terrible cliffhanger on a Monday!!

I like the way you are exploring Anna and Alex's relationships. KEEP IT UP!

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/18/10 12:56
Chapter: The Dueling Club

Innocence is going to be the death of her sisters:D I'm glad Alex joined the Dueling Club. Even though she's good I think she can still use some training to be her best. I anticipate the day when she'll beat Larry Albo. I'll bet that she's going to figure out how to bring someone back from the dead--she's just got to persevere. Great chapter.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 05/17/10 19:34
Chapter: Cursing and Fighting

I kind of wanted Alex to win but I guess she can't win everything. But to lose to Larry Albo. If Alex is this good now she'll continue to improve. I think the show of support from her friends will do a lot for her also. I loved the Croaker and that it was an Ozarker hex that Innocence taught William, a foreigner:D Great chapter.

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 05/17/10 16:58
Chapter: Deathly Conjures

this is getting dangerous. I noticed she summoned spirits, in the plural. Are other visitors coming, too?

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 05/17/10 16:33
Chapter: Deathly Conjures

Oh my oh my oh my!!! Ben Journey!!!

THIS is VERY interesting in deed!!!

Now, we have ourselves a ghost that might actually feel the need of helping Alex. You could almost say he owes her that much... Migh it be the price for redemption?

You have to admit, her summoning was much more adapt to him than to Max, with that forgiven part... What did Max do that could possibly need redemption? He gave his life for this sister.

You are a true mastermind!!! Keep the great work!!

PS: Darla IS dumb. Or very very smart and cunning. She did not want to get herself into trouble before being sure it might actually work. So she sent Alex to get her hands dirty first. And, provided Alexandra does come back in one piece of this new adventure of hers, we all know there's no way Darla will be able to duplicate what she is doing. Not just verse spells, but I don't see Ben agreeing to be her ghostly guide, do you?

I guess we're in for a bumpy ride. I'll sit tight from now on and hope for the best for our dear Alex!!!

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 05/17/10 11:37
Chapter: Deathly Conjures

man i can't wait for the next chapter, all her planing and now ben is the sprite guide really can't wait to see where this story takes me next

Reviewer: primagirl89
Date: 05/17/10 9:11
Chapter: Deathly Conjures

What? Ben Journey! How did I not put that together with the ghost in the basement? Wonderful chapter once again

Reviewer: Hesperia
Date: 05/14/10 17:23
Chapter: A Deal with Darla

Wow, this is getting very interesting! I love the idea of Death personified. As someone who does research on the psychology of death (and who is probably a little too fascinated by it), this story is really pulling me in. I can't wait for more!

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