Reviewer: Hesperia
Date: 04/26/10 20:49
Chapter: A Tightly-Wound Plan

Ooh, things are getting exciting! Alex is both very clever and very stupid. I have a feeling she's going to mess things up badly. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/26/10 14:24
Chapter: A Tightly-Wound Plan

holy moley, she pulled off getting the time turner now i can't wait to see if she can safe max or if her pops will stop her or even valeria. amazing chapter loved it best one yet

Reviewer: primagirl89
Date: 04/26/10 8:55
Chapter: A Tightly-Wound Plan

wow! Did not expect such action so soon! How cruel to post this on a Monday when we have to to wait to Friday! So worried about Alex; at least she feels guilty but she still does things...

Reviewer: dominiqueweasley
Date: 04/23/10 20:30
Chapter: The Time-Turner

ahh time travel! The plot thickens. I like Valeria quite a lot... it's so interesting and natural how you bring certain characters into the forefront in each story. :)

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/23/10 13:32
Chapter: The Time-Turner

another great chapter, i can't imagine that this is going to stop alexs plans

Reviewer: primagirl89
Date: 04/20/10 10:04
Chapter: The Historicist

valiera is not little miss bookworm! time-turner! Oh man hope alex is not going to something rash (might be rather vain hope). I like to think valiera learned the blue flame spell from hermonie-seems they would travel in same circles. Ok, im really confused, i think i just forgot when this was explained, but why do valiera and alex refer the ghosts are their ancestors? Isnt it mrs king's family's property so those would be her and julia and max's family not alex's? help anybody! I have the answer on the tip of my tongue but can't reach it. Is it that its' alex's father's ancestral home but mrs king stayed on after the divorce? hmm

Author's Response:

The Thorns were one of the original families living on the island. Thalia King moved to Croatoa when she married Abraham Thorn, and stayed there after they divorced. But the Thorn family crypt holds Abraham's ancestors (and thus his children's ancestors). This was mentioned in AQATLB.

I have actually drawn up a bunch of family trees, which I will post on my LJ in the future.

Reviewer: dominiqueweasley
Date: 04/19/10 19:56
Chapter: The Historicist

Dun-dun-dun! Oh, this is getting so exciting! What is Valeria up to, and what is Alex going to do NOW? The cliffhanger is killing me. Fabulous writing as always, of course!!

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/19/10 14:35
Chapter: The Historicist

holy cow is she going to steal it ask for or what man what a cliff hanger man now i really can't wait for the next chapter. alex really does have quite the nack for getting into some serious trouble and more often then not danger

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 04/19/10 11:34
Chapter: The Historicist

Holly mother of Winged Horses!!!!!! This is NOT good!!! Not not not good!!! If I were Dobby I'd be hitting my head against the wall right now!!!

Look out Valeria!!! You've got a tempestuous teen between your hands!!! I suspect this has to do with the Elect stuff, uh? I mean the big secret Valeria is researching. Quite the scheeming little minx Val, uh? Using her family ties for her own good. Has she researched Salazar Slythering recently?

I suspect Alex is going to have a nice little meet up with Time Travelling to turn things right, uh? And what was Triss attitude towards ghosts all about? Does she fear she's going to be striken or sth?

This only keeps getting more and more interesting!!! Great work!

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 04/19/10 9:37
Chapter: The Historicist

The suspense is palpable. Not only does Alex finally et to talk to Valeria about time turners, but Valeria has to go back and fix something?

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/16/10 16:42
Chapter: The Thanksgiving Blessing

cool chapter what the heck is valeria doing in the woods and i do hope alex confides in juliea she's such a good friend to her. can't wait for the the next chapter

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/12/10 14:47
Chapter: Reunion

another great chapter next one should be really enlighting.

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 04/12/10 10:45
Chapter: Reunion

Valeria! What a surprise. Will she get to talk to her in private? Or will she only discover that her youthful resolve can't guarantee success?

BTW, in GoF, portkeys seem to transport many people as effortlessly as few people, so why would the fare be higher?

Reviewer: Hesperia
Date: 04/10/10 17:47
Chapter: The WODAMND Act

Hey there, I'm a new reader. I haven't read your previous stories, but I was drawn into this one and I think I've gleaned enough of Alex's backstory from it to understand what's going on. I really like the detail and imaginativeness you've put into this world. I plan to keep reading!

Author's Response: Hi there, Hesperia. I've never gotten feedback before from someone starting the series without having read the previous books, so please let me know how well it stands up on its own. Although I assume most readers will have read the first two books, I tried to include enough exposition for new readers. Hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: dominiqueweasley
Date: 04/10/10 12:21
Chapter: The Dueling Club

I love this chapter, and of course the entire story! I feel like Innocence is headed in the wrong direction, but only by accident- she doesn't realize how bad news Darla is.
I feel terrible for Alex and everything she's going through... and I also think that that is leading nowhere good. As usual, can't wait for the next chapter!!

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/09/10 15:33
Chapter: The Dueling Club

how will alex get away with her plan? this isn't going ot end well for her, this book isn't going to have a happy ending even worse then the last one

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 04/09/10 9:13
Chapter: The Dueling Club

I really don't like where this is going... Darla seems to be schemming just too much!! And maybe someone should tell Innocence exactly what Darla REALLY did, as opposed to what people SAY Alex did....

Alex is being quite selfcentered these days. I guess it has something to do with obsessing about bringing back her brother...

It was a very interesting chapter! The revival of the Clockwork attack was striking!

I'm very happy Alex got to join the Dueling Club. I quite like Eric Strangeland! ^_^ And our beloved Witch-Coronel... The fact that she doesn't ever comment on Larry, for instance, I quite like it! Oh! And her cutting retort to Adele! Priceless. I'm surprized Adele didn't challenge Alex herself, maybe that'll happen latter... Or the little scank will leave it to Larry to fight her battles...

As for Larry, I wonder the same Alex did. Why the long face if he won the duel? Maybe he loathes the fact that she had him in a tight corner for a second? Or that she'll be kicking his ass in less than a semester at this rate? Or is there something else to that sour face?

And this book mystery book Darla checked out.... Who's the author Eddie Grindewald?

Argh!!! There are SOOO many questions to ask! I'm only happy you update soo soon!! You rock!! Thanks for that!!!

Great chapter as usual! ^_^

Oh! And sorry about the gaffe on Darla... My bad! Some of the pics in there are awesome! The South Park ones are genious!!

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 04/06/10 1:13
Chapter: Cursing and Fighting

It smells like the school is getting a clearer division between Supremacists and non-Supremacists... The division between good and bad is getting less and less blurry. That or the JROC is finally getting rid of scum, which can never be a bad thing.
I wonder who these Elects are or were... sounds like something U No Poo would come up with...
Adela sounds like a perfect psycho concieted brat, I really have a hard time deciding who I loathe more... Her, Darla or Evil Grimm. They rank way too closely... As for Larry, brat and all, at least I'm able to gather a bit of respect towards him. He's a decent prat, at least.
I loooved the duel! You had me sitting at the very end of my seat, literally!
Oh! And very glad to see that Innocence seems to be making up with her sisters.
BtW, very nice touch David's gesture about Darla. LOL! Speaking of whom... very very curious about what she's cooking... The nasty piece of work... I only wish whatever she's scheeming, there is a fake Moody Ferret-like treatment instore for her... That's something I'd give my left arm to read. Only with a much more unpleasant creature, maybe a dodo bird! Or a bat.... A dingo would fit too, but they're kind of cute. LMAO! Just thinking about the nickname potential makes me all warm and fuzzy inside... Darla Dodo Dearborn. *sigh* Nevermind, I'll just be happy with that picture in my head.... A blonde Dodo bouncing up and down... up and down...

Author's Response:

Actually, Darla is a brunette. ;) (If you check out my thread in the Dean's Corner, or my LiveJournal, you can see chapter illustrations.)

You will get more of all of the above mentioned characters in the chapters to come. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 04/05/10 14:53
Chapter: Cursing and Fighting

wow JROC are her friends who've thunk it. not much usale alex drama this chatper. i'm gald anna put her foot down on alex studying that ghost and time turner stuff

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 04/03/10 21:30
Chapter: The Doorway

Uhm... So, what? Alex is going to turn into a rat in use that as leaverage to free Anna's dad? Interesting... I smell her turning into a double agent much like Max!! ^_^
Nice turn of events... And it's great to know a little bit about Anna's and that the Majokai are taking his part. I suspect he's going to be held until the election passes, right? He'll be pissed, even more than how he must be now...

Great chapter, as usual!!

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