Reviews For Time for Plan B
Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/20/10 16:37
Chapter: We All Have Issues - Yours Are Just More Scarring Than Most

OMG! I am stunned. This was so wonderful. I'm speechless because I'm feeling so much. I want to date Lucius. I'm such a sucker for roses. Lucius is such a gentleman. When Ginny said no he stopped. I can't believe Draco kissed his mum on the lips--or she kissed him. I've got lots to say but I have to run at the moment. Loved the chapter.

Author's Response: Heheh, this was a great chapter--so awkward and uncomfortable in parts. As you can see, already, I am torturing the hell out of Draco, and it only gets worse from here. :P I'm really happy that you're liking this story thus far. ^_^

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/17/10 10:49
Chapter: Rumours, Hexes and Something About a Pig

Wow--this chapter was truly amazing. I didn't stop to think about some of the changes in the universe that might occur if Ginny and Draco don't go back to the right time. What if Ginny and Lucius fall in love? What if, because of this love, Lucius doesn't become a Death Eater? What if Draco becomes the fifth Marauder? What if Draco falls in love with Lily? What if Draco and Ginny go back to the right time and some of the above mentioned things still happen? There are too many priceless things happening here to even comment on. The scenes that happened on the Quidditch pitch--too funny. Lucius always being there to "rescue" the fair damsel, Genevieve. Will Draco and Lucius duel at some point? I cannot wait to see what happens in Hogsmeade. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response: This is the chapter where you begin to question what could be changed in the future by Draco and Ginny's actions in the past. You know that something is bound to happen between Lucius and Ginny, and Draco is not going to take it very well. :P Hehe, thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/13/10 20:11
Chapter: You Have Friends, I Have Enemies

I've taken 2 years of French, albeit many years ago, so I enjoyed trying to read the French phrases. I was especially struck by the differences, as Ginny and Draco perceived them, in the two houses. Do the teachers know what's going on? Remember it was McGonagall who took them to Dumbledore's office--but I guess they looked different then. The other weird scene was when Ginny was greeted by Narcissa and Ginny actually thought she was nice. It's going to be very strange if Lucius takes an interest in Ginny. It's sooo weird that Ginny might become friends with Draco's parents:P I really liked the end to this chapter too--when the Marauders were acting all arrogant and Draco used a nonverbal spell on Sirius. I don't know why but I loved Draco's statement, something to the effect of, not to mess with a 7th year from Durmstrang. Great chapter. I'm loving this story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're loving this story--it was and is a fun story to write. The French will get horrible, so you'll have to excuse me. I do actually know French, but for the purpose of this story, I had to use literal translation, which sounds so awkward. :( And don't worry, I haven't forgot about McGonagall. She's a wise old bird. You will see her again in chapters 9 and 10. ^^ As for Ginny and Lucius ... well, prepare yourself. LOL. Oh, and you will also feel extremely bad for Draco this entire story. I'm kinda mean to the boy. Hehe. Thanks so much for the review. ^_^

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 02/12/10 17:27
Chapter: Limited Options Of Which None Are Good

I thought that Ginny getting the hots for Lucius was a bit out of character, but then this is under the humor catagory. I like how Draco reminds her about the diary.

I also like the little commentaries in the parenthesis.

Author's Response: Yes, Ginny and Draco will seem out of character at times, but then it helps foster the comedy. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 02/12/10 17:09
Chapter: Not Exactly Foolproof

I like the beginning of this but I don't think Draco would just insult Ginny out of the blue on the train. I can see Ginny being angry at him because he was a Death Eater and although Draco didn't have anything personally to do with Fred's death, I could see where it was possible that she blames Draco for it anyway. I see Draco doing his best to avoid anything Potter or Weasley because then it would mean that he would have to acknowledge that he owes them.

If you must have a fight, I would have Ginny start it, maybe questioning why he is still alive and not in Azkaban (while her brother is dead). Then have Draco insult her back.

As to the fight at the lake, it seems a bit contrived. As I said before why is Draco insulting her and chasing her. Is he trying to steal Harry Potters girlfriend? Surely he knows you catch more flies with honey not vinegar. I think it might have been more realistic if Draco recognized that the timeturner she had was not what she thought it was and he told her it was dangerous to use it and they went back in time more because he was trying to stop her from using it.

Author's Response: Contrived, huh? How do you know how Ginny and Draco would react after DH? There is no description whatsoever. Plus, I don't think there's a general rule book on Draco's personality a year or two after DH. Just FYI. If you don't like the story and find it "contrived" then stop reading it. It's really that simple. Also, there's a big warning that says it's AU. You see it your way, and I see it mine. I wrote it; therefore, my way wins. ^_^

Reviewer: Spyder_Angel
Date: 02/11/10 16:28
Chapter: Limited Options Of Which None Are Good

Ooooh, can't wait for the next chapters. Draco and Ginny in enemy houses, this is gunna be a hoot!! You've definitely got the humour part down, two thumbs wayy up for the story so far!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^ All I can say is that it gets a lot funnier and a lot more "awkward" as the story progresses. The next chapter is in queue, so we'll see when it's posted. Thanks so much for R&R-ing. ^^

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/11/10 13:11
Chapter: Limited Options Of Which None Are Good

This was so hysterical. I was glad you explained the birthdate differences. If Lucius is 17 this is the very early 70s but not according to your timeline. The scene when they were watching Lucius was very funny. I can imagine Ginny drooling over the young Lucius in front of Draco--Awkward:P I'm still chuckling about that. Making them into exchange students was the smart thing to do. I wonder how they're not going to change the future. That will be the hard part, I think. There are so many lives they can save. The scene with the Sorting Hat was very funny also, with the Hat getting all huffy because they'd already been sorted in the future--wait a minute--how does the Hat know this? I've always thought that Hat was very odd. It will be interesting to watch since they've been sorted into exactly opposite houses. Great chapter. You know, I thought I made a good effort with that poetry I inadvertently got caught up in:D

Author's Response: The chapters just get more "funny" and awkward as they go along. While this is definitely another DG story of mine, I find it fits the humour category better, especially since you will see a fair amount of the Marauders in this story too. I thought the exchange student idea was the best thing to do, especially for what I have in mind for both Draco and Ginny. You are very right that they have to be careful what they do because they can definitely change the future--whether they do or not, I will leave it up to you to find out. This story is around the same length as Shades, but it is only 10 chapters (with each chapter being anywhere from 4-7K). Oh, and the Sorting Hat knows all (well, I figured it would be able to tell if they had been sorted or not).

You did make a good effort on my poetry, and I'm very glad you read it. It's my favourite vignette. ^_^

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 02/06/10 21:54
Chapter: Not Exactly Foolproof

I'm laughing already. I sat here with my hand over my mouth going "Oh my God." This is going to be good. The only problem is that I'm really dyslexic with space and time concepts in stories but I will do my best to follow. I've always wondered what would happen if someone used a time turner to go back before the Battle for Hogwarts. Would people be saved? Would some of our favorite characters been able to live? I've always thought so. Ginny was so funny watching "moo-vees." Arthur would be proud. Great chapter. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you. ^_^ The first chapter isn't exceptionally funny since I had to set the mood and setting. I promise it does get funnier, and it will be easy for you to follow (the space-time continuum). Hehe. Incidentally, this is my first Time-Turner fic. It was written for a contest; however, I didn't complete it in time. Lol. The next chapter is already in queue -- same with Prelude. :P Thanks so much, Fynn!

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