Reviews For Jemzi
Reviewer: bleffster
Date: 07/22/10 19:13
Chapter: The Wedding Part Three

Am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure your friend would appreciate the dedication in such a lovely, well-written story full of love and friendship.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, that means a great deal :)

Reviewer: ThatRomantic
Date: 07/22/10 17:45
Chapter: The Wedding Part Three

Yey! Lily and Luca! And Blaise punched Zacherias. Everything I asked for.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My Grandma has terminal cancer and my Grandad died a couple of years ago from it, so I know what it's like. My sympathy is with you.


Author's Response: And mine is with you; it's a horrible illness. Thank you for reading and reviewing

Reviewer: divadime
Date: 07/22/10 16:41
Chapter: The Wedding Part Three

I'm terribly sorry about your friend and your kindess & love for Murry shows in your dedicating your work to him...I've missed Jemzi's story very much, and I'm glad you're back :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm back. Thanks for kind words. Next chapter up sooner, hopefully

Reviewer: DownWithTheCarrows113
Date: 07/22/10 16:37
Chapter: The Wedding Part Three

Aw, I'm so sorry about your friend!  No one deserves that.  While the pain will never fully heal, I hope it gets easier to live with.  Another amazing chapter and it amazes me that you wrote this while under the circumstances.

Author's Response: It will certainly affect the story from now on. Thank you for reading and for your kind review :)

Reviewer: Eowynatheart
Date: 07/09/10 10:35
Chapter: Blaise and Harper= Jemzi

I was so in love wth this story until Albus and Jemzi make the choise to not save themselves until marriage!I might be old school but it kind of ruined their adorable relationship! I loved the Jemzi/Gigi scene though! Im glad she got passed her jealousy! PLEASE hurry up and write the rest, I dont know how much longer i can stand to wait! Oh, and if you added a little more Scorpius/Rose that would be fantastic!

Author's Response: Plenty more of them to come, next few chapters are in editing process

Reviewer: Vikula_P
Date: 07/05/10 13:19
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

When is the next chapter coming?

Author's Response: It's up :)

Reviewer: Jax Arcana
Date: 06/27/10 3:58
Chapter: Blaise and Harper= Jemzi

I started reading this story just to fill time and I fell in love with it. I adore any story that paints the Zabini household in a good light. I think that all fans of this story will agree with me by saying: We need an update. Long live Jemzi and Albus!

Author's Response: Temporary writer's block; but I will not abandon! :D

Reviewer: Annalise28
Date: 06/24/10 6:04
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

This story is lovely. Just lovely :) My favourite thing about it, I guess (other than the overall loveliness of the plot and whatnot) is the characterisation. Often in a story I find that I cannot understand who is talking unless a name is mentioned, but not once during this sorry did I have any doubt as to who was who. All of the characters are so incredibly unique, even if they appear slightly similar on the outside. Really lovely.

As for a pairing I'd like to see, I have to go with Lily/Luka. I don't know what it is, if it's just me or done on purpose, it seems like that sparks will fly between them.

I really love all of your characters. They are all amazing.

I know that this review is rather squee-worthy but I really can't find anything to critisize or critique on.

So I guess, in the regular squee-worthy fashion, I'll end this review with:



~ Annalise x :)

Author's Response: My favourite kind of review :) So glad you like the story and the characters, plenty more from them to come.

Reviewer: InCompanyofFaeries
Date: 06/20/10 17:18
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. It is amazing. I started reading it yesterday and I finished to this point today :D I really like how you made such strong inter-House relationships between the characters. It's nice to read a story in which someone from Slytherin is defending someone from Gryffindor! It's refreshing!!!

PLEASE update soon. I am so in love with this story and I need to keep reading!

Continue with Albus/Jemzi (lots lots lots, they are adorable!), and I am very intrigued with Lily's predicament...her and Luka? Hmm... Rose and Scorpius are also great, and I'd love to learn more about them!

So, there you have it. I am a fan. UPDATE.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review, I intend to keep updating this story and there will be plenty more pairings in store :D

Reviewer: Moony_Lover 57
Date: 06/16/10 21:46
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

I'd really like to see Lily meet someone. I feel bad for her. I know her feeling of being alone while everyone seemed to find their missing puzzle piece.
That would would make me smile, to see her with someone.

Author's Response: Lily will get her chance, never fear :)

Reviewer: spalfora
Date: 06/13/10 0:57
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

i think this story, along with your others, is completely fantastic. i cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will continue to update this, you should be pleased to know :D

Reviewer: RGSH
Date: 06/11/10 0:30
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

I, m sorry i havent reviewed i a while i didnt have a computer and ive had to read the last few chapters on my phone so I couldn't anyways I've loved how this stary has turned out. I had no clue the story could stand after they got together yet here it is good as ever. I'm really curious to see what comes of lilly and the other guy. Are you going to fit it into this story ofr is it goig to be a sequel? I loved how she ended up bonding with gigi it was so sweet and as stubbern as jemzi can be it was probably the only way she could bond with her sister and it was just so true to the character you had created so i loved it and ill be watching for the next chapter

I haven't commented on it but mcc is going great =)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. Glad you like how the story's going. Lily will get her own little spin-off, believe it or not. It won't be as long in chapters as the others, but each chapter should be pretty long! :D

Reviewer: Slytheringirl6
Date: 06/09/10 23:04
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

Dum dum dum!!!! (supposed to be suspenseful sounding!) lol!!! I wonder what Prof. Smith is doing there??? Whats up with Luka? He confuses me, while Alexandr just pisses me off cause he is such a know it all!!! lol

Author's Response: Luka's meant to be a bit of an enigma at this stage. Professor Smith does have a good reason for being there, all will be revealed :D

Reviewer: AccioDiadem
Date: 06/09/10 22:53
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

Luka reminds me of a young Tom Riddle who had been smited by the world and doesn't see anything true in it. Maybe Lily will be his Keedie? But instead of the tragic ending of MTT Lily will save Luka? Prehaps in a spinoff fanfic that would happen.

I'm glad Jemzi has finally realized her love for Gigi. I also once was jealous of my sibiling, but have come to love and admire them so it pleases me that Jemzi was able to as well.

Love the cliffhangerrr. Hope Smith doesn't get any crazy ideas about dancing with Harper.

Favorite line of all your stories: "Poor Keedie." It just sums up every single emotion I feel when I think about MTT.

Author's Response: Luka certainly shares traits with Tom, but he's hopefully less evil :) So glad you liked the chapter, plenty Smith and Harper in the next chapter :D

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 06/09/10 21:33
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

OF COURSE I want to see more and more and more of this puzzling little triangle you're cooking up between Lily and the Krum brothers!!! Duh!!

Lukas.... Grrr!! Mysterious, dry... I certainly like him more than Alex... But that may be beacuse you always want what seems you can't get. And that eye-shinning thing you keep giving him! It's giving me goosegumps!! LOL!

I loved the reference to Keedie and Tom... *sigh* such lovely stories of loves past... I'm glad Rose and Scorpious are "unearthing" that stor, letting the world know the "trut" about Riddle!

I hope the kids talk to the portrait!! Or to Sluggy...

And Zizi is finally bonding with Gigi!! Yay!! It was about time. But she simply couldn't help it! Big sis mode went on!! Good for her!!

Oh! Also, I'd like so see a bit more of Rose - Scorps. Their calmed, shy romance is rahter sweet. And I'd love to see how are Daddy Ron and Daddy Draco taking the situation, of course!!

Great chap!!

Author's Response: Uncovering Keedie's story will be a psrt of the story, and I shall certainly add a little more Rose/Scorpius plus their fathers :D

Reviewer: Madame Lestrange
Date: 06/09/10 18:59
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

Great Chapter!
Regarding your end notes: I dunno about you but I'm a big Harry/Ginny fan, and I would like to see their take on Albus and Jemzi... and probably Lily and a Krum brother....? :)

Author's Response: One already written in, but I'll add the other somewhere :D

Reviewer: DownWithTheCarrows113
Date: 06/09/10 14:03
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

Oops! Disregard my other comment because that was when i first started reading and I didn't get to read more! I love the brooding, troubled Luka! :)

Author's Response: Good! I quite like him too, and there should be more of him :)

Reviewer: DownWithTheCarrows113
Date: 06/09/10 13:51
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

I'm guessing that the beginning of the chapter is referencing MTT and MCC? If so then I was like YAY!

Author's Response: Indeed they were referring to the two tyrant tales :)

Reviewer: lil_sis
Date: 06/09/10 13:50
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

Hey! That was fast.... I think that was 3 updates in one week? (Although my concept of time is slightly off as I just pulled two or three all-nighter over the last week to finish a project.) Love the story so far. I absolutely adore your portrayal of Blaise and Harper just makes me laugh! Lovin' Albus and Jemzi too!
I thought the proposal was hysterical and sooo typical of Harper and Blaise.
What's the story with Lily and the Krum boys? I can't figure out if Luka's watching Lily because he’s a creep or if he just likes her and doesn't know how to react since he "sees no need for unnecessary human relationships".... Please don't let her get hurt! :)
Keep on posting! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: lol, Luka's not a creep--we llike Luka. She won't get hurt, she's a tough cookie :D

Reviewer: ThatRomantic
Date: 06/09/10 13:41
Chapter: The Wedding Part Two

I think Luca and Lily should get together - he seems to want to like her...

Can you also make Blaise hit Professor Smith (Y)

Great chapter - best Al/OC story I'm reading (I know they're rare but neh).


Author's Response: Plenty of Smith and Blaise and Harper in the next chapter ;-)

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