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Reviews For Becoming Rita

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 10/24/09 3:28 · For: Becoming Rita
OH! OH! OH! Natalie, this is quite brilliant. I love the background to Rita (Ritalina). The way you've written this, it all makes sense. From her childhood as a poor girl obsessed with beetles, to that eleven year old stuck on the carriage door (I wanted to hex those girls so badly) and her metamorphosis as the hard-nosed unscrupulous journalist. I've picked one line (amongst many) that really stood out for me Her own metamorphosis into a woman she donned rather than was? Brilliant.

The one thing I would have liked to see is her becoming an Animagus - I'm guessing that you'd written that and had to cut it. You know something, I didn't notice that this was a long story because it flowed so well and was really well plotted.

Great job! ~Carole~

Author's Response: Wow, Carole! That's exactly the kind of energetic review which leaves me glowing. : D

As for the Animagus episode, sadly, it never even made it to the original draft. I thought about adding it, but it didnlt have much to contribute to the storyline I had in mind, so I left it out. But THANKS for the lovely review. I;m glad you liked it.

Name: Lazy Lazuli (Signed) · Date: 10/19/09 18:11 · For: Becoming Rita
This is so awesome!

Author's Response: Why, thank you! ;)

Name: ron lover (Signed) · Date: 10/18/09 14:50 · For: Becoming Rita
I think that this story is really great. I love Rita in this. She is extreemly believable in this. I think that this is a great reason why Rita isn't the best of people. I really hate Margaret. She's just not a nice person. I like the plot in this story. It is very good. It kept me entertained through out the whole story.

I think you did a great job on this story and I hope you win!

Author's Response: Hello Alyssa!

I love how your emotions came across in your review. :) I'm so glad that you thought Rita was believable, her story was believable and also that Margaret was just a detestable character generally. And THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WISHES!

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