Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 22:40
Chapter: Chapter 15

Wow Anne and Albus mae such an endearing couple. I must say i really hate to see Ginny like this, I don't want to judge her but alchlism seems like one o the most horrible vises she could have falen into. howefully the strong Ginny we know and love can come back. This story jsut gets better and better even when goyle's evilness just gets deeper and deeper. The gravewad scene was sweet and very nicley written not over done but still powerful

Author's Response:

Well, for years and years, Harry has kept things from Ginny in the course of his job. Sure, he can't very well spill state secrets to her, but at the same time, it's hard to be in a relationship where one is keeping dire secrets. This is what caused Ginny to go over the edge like this. It all starts with one drink too many and one night too many, and Harry was too busy worrying about James and Lily to see what had been going on until it was too late...silly boy.

What I wanted with Anne and Albus was for them to be one of those couples that just knew right away that they were going somewhere. Both of them have had troubled love lives, just about to the point where they'd both thrown in the towel on it. It's almost like they were destined for one another.

The graveyard scene was one that I really wanted. He knew that his father had visited that spot when he was troubled, so perhaps some of its catharsis could fall on him. Sometimes, in order to look forward, we need to look into the past, and for me, this was important for Albus to do.

Thanks for reading/reviewing, and I hope to see you again tomorrow. :D


Reviewer: SlytherinDaydreamer
Date: 05/06/10 19:20
Chapter: Prologue

Brilliantly written. One of the best chapters I've ever read on a fanfic. Well done!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I hope you keep reading and enjoy the rest of the story. Thank you for the review!



Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 17:19
Chapter: Chapter 14

this is by far m favorite chapter. I knew I liked Anne for a reason. she and Albus deserve all this happiness. It is a nice break from the bleakness of the rest of the story. It also provides me with a nice little place to pause until i can keep reading tomorrow. I love how the characters are developing. Ican't wait to see what Lily did to goyle, and what scorpious will find at goyle's home

Author's Response:

There is someone out there for everyone...and it was only by a bizarre happenstance that Anne and Albus met. It was good to know, at least for me, that something good can come out of this tragedy.

Well, have a good evening, and I hope you find the rest of the story as good. This is also one of my favorite chapters, so I so get that, lol.

Resolution is coming very soon, or at least more reactions. Take care. :)


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 16:48
Chapter: Chapter 13

Omg god that man is something i can not write down n a review. he is horrible, he shoudl di, although ahving to face lily right now might almost be bad enough. Augusta deserved waht Albus gave her, and it makes me proud that she knows that. Eventuallly eh will be able to forgive her I thinkbtu it will take time. I'm cutting thsi shrot ust keep reading.

Author's Response:

Yeah, well, equal and opposite reactions...

Albus doesn't have the blinders of being in love with Augusta, so he wasn't so happy with her, whereas James would've just been happy to see her. I really don't like Augusta as a person, but I thought that it was important to show that cowardice comes in many forms, even on behalf of the good guys.

And yeah...Goyle deserves a swift kick in the nads, for sure.

Happy reading!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 16:26
Chapter: Chapter 12

dun dun dun... I feel like a lot will be revieled next chapter. The story about Draco's mother was so sad, and somewhat disturbing. however,it could be totally true which is what makes it distrubing. As for Draco sharign that with Albus it helps as a connection. I hope that albus' lack of eloquence doesn't come in between him and Draco becausei think that friendship could be a good one. It's good that Scorpious and Fred found Anne, she will clearly be an asset. Oh andit made me crack up how despite everything that is going on scorpous and fred still fidn the time to bicker.

Author's Response:

Draco, in my mind, feels a connection with Albus, as he sees a lot of himself in Harry's middle child. He shared that story because sometimes, it's just hard to find someone who understands your darkest fears and secrets.

As for Fred and Scorpius, while I didn't actually put it in the fic, the reason why they don't get along is that Fred has always had a crush on Scorpius, but he's never really been confident in saying it. So yeah, Fred is gay, but that isn't really important to teh story. It's just an interesting bit to put in there. :)

Keep an eye on Anne...she's very important to the story. 

Thanks for reviewing, as usual! Happy reading!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 15:18
Chapter: Chapter 11

poor James he needs a good hug and i'm willing to bet Draco and Albus are not the best hug givers. So many things happen in this chapter. First its good to see that Harry is better even if only marginally. i new the secrets would have to come untangled at somepoint. I feel so bad for Lily, she has to relearn what she has done and hasno one to help her thourgh it. If james knew about it he would be feelign even worse. As for Augusta I can't ebgin to imagine how bad she feels. It's a little to much to ahve so many people in one family dissapear, for harry it is a son, a daughter, a daughter in law and his grandson. To make matters worse for him he knew he aided James in hidding this and i feel so bad for him for havign to choose one child over the other. Scorpious and Fred are going to find soemthign interesting at Goyle's house I feel. As for what James has just told Albus it is so hard to live through and the first time telling it must be even worse,but at least now that it's out, it can be dealt with.

Author's Response:

A lot of ill consequences came out of Harry's choice to let James frame himself. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but a sick cascade is coming down from that action. As I alluded before, for every action is an equal and opposite reaction, and from that, it will only get worse.

Augusta is a character that made a lot of her own ill fortune. She was the one who chose to leave when James was incarcerated, and what happened with Eric would have never happened if she hadn't done that. She isn't the brave type like James; she's of a sweeter nature, even if she is a touch more selfish than he is. James would never blame her for leaving, but Albus...not so much.

Thanks for reviewing, and happy reading. :D


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/06/10 14:48
Chapter: Chapter 10

Goyle is an evil man. Poor Neville all these is a lot to handle. Eric is such an innocent boy he deserves none of this. Scropious willfind a way to solve this alogn wiwth Albus and Draco, and harry once he is better. I ahve the slight impression James will also aid them i'm jsut nto sure how they will work around Azkaban. Goyle is evil I know that sounds redundant, and i know he is pain ridden and half delusional because of the loss of his son but that doesnt make him any less evil.

Author's Response:

Well, grief is never an excuse to do evil things, but sometimes, one cannot help but think that, were circumstances different, Goyle, someone who had until that point been innocuous since the war, would never have been driven to such lengths. Sometimes, things out of our control cause us to do things that are within our control, and Mr Goyle is no different.

I felt bad torturing a child, but it's hard to convey just how angry and grief-stricken the elder Goyle is at the loss of his own son without showing the lengths to which he is willing to go for vengeance.

Thanks for reading/reviewing, as usual. Happy reading!



Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 05/06/10 4:52
Chapter: Epilogue

Oh My Goodness! That was much more dramatic than I was expecting! Gosh! Well, it was a brilliant end, Jess! You had me tearing up there with Katie. Just. So sad. Poor Katie and Draco :( And poor Mira. I hope she'll be okay. I'm a bit annoyed at Katie though not wanting to stay alive for her daughter. Because now she doesn't have a father or a mother and I know Harry will be there for her but it's not the same... still. But I LOVE how Lily named her baby hehe.

Oh, it's all over! I'm sad. It's been a wild ride with this fic. I'm so glad I read it!

Julia XD

Author's Response:

I think Katie always knew that this would come, the day that she simply couldn't live anymore. Once Harry was ready to take care of Mira, in my mind, that's when she made the decision; she simply waited for the right opportunity. It was pretty selfish of her, but in the end, I believe that Mira will be much better off thinking that her mum died accidentally than watching her slowly waste away.

A one-shot is in the works for Katie's POV during all of this, and what Draco said to her will come into light. I didn't put it in there because I wanted to leave room for speculation and guessing, and I think a future installment will do it more justice.

I do think that Mira will be okay. Much more screwed up things have happened to people who are well-adjusted, and she's past the age of constant supervision.

I knew that I wanted to name Lily's baby after Draco somehow. That's why I made the baby a boy from the get go. She would recognise that sacrifice and want to honor the man who saved her life and her child's with a reminder to everyone that he was more than what everone thought he was.

Phew, now you know why I was sweating writing this for so long. This is how I wanted to do it, but it's hard to make this sort of thing work without any loose ends. I did leave one loose end, and that was the ring in the house, but I think it is left there for future discovery by someone. I don't know who yet, but perhaps the cycle shall continue. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I'm glad it didn't suck!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/05/10 21:35
Chapter: Chapter 9

Wow the exchange between Harry and James was so much more powerful than I could have was wonderfully constructed. James is so much braver than i thought ot be able to keep a leavel hed through out it and to give up his liberty to save Lily is jsut a very noble concept. As for draco he and Albus have a connection that i like. They understand eachother in a way. I can't wait to read about their trip to azkaban

Author's Response:

Now you see why Harry was willing to dabble in Dark Magic. He knew the whole time that James hadn't done it, but he trusted his son's request to frame him. No one could possibly envy Harry the choice between sending one child to prison over another, but James was willing to make that sacrifice for his sister. He would die for her, so going to Azkaban in her stead is not something that he could refuse.

Draco and Albus are not too dissimilar. They both have morbid fascination for things that they should not. I hope you've picked up on Albus's untoward knowledge of Dark Magic and Draco's surprise about that.

The trip to Azkaban will be a hard one for both of them, but it does prove fruitful in their quest to save Lily. 

Now that you know the events precipitating James's incarceration, you can now start to speculate as to the repercussions of it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and this is no different. The proverbial doo doo will definitely hit the fan, and soon, no less, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reviewing and happy reading!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/05/10 21:13
Chapter: Chapter 8

You have left me speachless, i finished this chapter five minutes ago and i'm only know snapping out of it. so we shoudl start at the very begining. The name scorpious and rose picked si so beautiful and fitting. It's nice to be able to see the dynamics of their relationship. jsut like with hugo and Sarah it gives a happy glimps of the normal world. As for the real story with Lily, in way I had expected this. the clues lead up to it. however, I never even thought that james might have been there. To witness that must have been horrible, I don't even want to begin to image how horrible it was. And it helps explain why he feels so guilty for all of it, not being able to protect Lily, knowing that he would have killed Goyle with hsi bare hands, and knowing that he couldn't stop Lily from killing. he must feel like he failed Lily as a brother. If on top of it he feels like Lily is mad at him then his acceptance of askaban makes sence. It is heart breaign to think that James actually blames himself for this in a way. In a way I feel like keeping all of thi a secret is hurting everyone. If james had spoken up thigns might have turned out diffeently however i'm not sure that the alternate option is better. i suppose no one can eer really know, people do what they think is best. Like harry keeping this informatin from everyone, and letting james go to jail. Or using dark magic so that james won't be alone. It's a dark chapter. and a mighty good one at that.Ok i'm going to end this review here so that i can keep reading.

Author's Response:

Ah, so you've reached the crux of the issue. It was really hard writing this with the correct amount of delicacy. I didn't want to make it sound insensitive to the act itself, but I also didn't want it to be too graphic. Though it walked a fine line, I think I did that. Now, you are starting to see why they did what they did and why James was willing to sentence himself to hell for his sister. There was only so much that he could do for her, so he did what he could.

Well, I'm off to respond to the next review. See, I told ya you would have a hard time stopping after this chapter. It's just so damned unfair in one's mind, thinking about this.

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 05/05/10 19:29
Chapter: Epilogue

W.O.W. That was good! I'm not sure what I thought you were going to do, but this is terrific! That is to say my stomach turned over when I saw the update in my inbox! I know I complained several chapters or so ago about Harry and Ginny, but the way you wrote them in the end was so obvious a way to bring them to an end, which was to not end them exactly just put them back at friendship level. To read Harry's part here is just beyond words, it was a great way to have him go out. Oliver's part was good too! Mature. I like it way much! If it were ever possible for this to get into a printed book and sold I would so have a copy on my bookshelf! You do great work!! I love it when I get sucked into a story and I feel like I am write there in the room with the characters! Your story does that! I enjoyed laughing, crying, being angry with them! Again thanks for writing a great story!

I must ask though, for all intents and purposes will the ring be destroyed with the house? or will it lay in wait in the rubble?

Author's Response:

The ring, at least to me, contains enough old magic to keep it from being destroyed - well, at least the stone. The ring part, the metal, will probably melt down, but the enchantments in the actual Resurrection stone will, in my universe, keep it from being destroyed. Whether Harry's alcohol addled brain will make him think to go back for it, that remains to be seen, but for the moment, I'm inclined to let it be forgotten in time for another day and another character. I might even write about it...or at least write a drabble. :)

I really wanted to sew up enough loose ends to conclude the present  story, but I also wanted to leave myself room to continue the story in future installments. Lily's incarceration is on my list of future works, as is the continuation of Albus and Anne, who have quickly become just as precious to me as Harry/Ginny are to so many others.

Speaking of Harry and Ginny, it would be absolutely mercenary and OOC for me to make them hate one another, but it would have been equally awful to Ginny's character to make her blindly accept Harry's ill behavior. There was no reason why, after they'd both had time to cool off, that they couldn't at least exist in harmony. They did live together, after all, even though the bad times, for nearly four decades, so they can get past most things. They do and always will love one another, but as you probably already know, sometimes, taht just isn't enough. I won't be getting them back together, I can say that much, but where they both go from there will be fascinating (once I figure it out, lol).

The end was the part that I'd worried about. I was concerned that no one would buy death by strawberries, but Katie would know that Harry wouldn't have any idea that she was allergic. Sending Mira to one of Harry's family members' houses to do it would be so simple, and I knew that it was the right way to do it in this. She finally finished what she started years before, because she just couldn't bring herself to live anymore. Is she a coward, maybe, but she had been miserable for so long, trying to put on her brave face, she just had nothing left.

I decided, since I was going to kill off Katie, that Oliver and Draco would both have to play a part in it. They were the men (Harry, too) who cared about her and loved her, and they were the ones that would need to let her go peacefully and not die slowly and miserably while everyone who cared about her watched helplessly. 

I'm glad you liked the story, and I do plan other pieces to accompany it, including what Draco said to Katie while she had the ring. It's my own little universe now, and I can't wait to build on it more.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you again soon in future reviews!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/05/10 19:19
Chapter: Chapter 7

I love this new Draco. He is still enough malfoy to eb real but he is also the Draco that never had a chance to be. The work that he must do sounds like it will be grewsome. I wonder when james will begin to realize what is going on.

Author's Response:

The way to break the spell linking Harry to the diary is pretty gruesome. That's why they sent Ginny away, because it wasn't something that she needed to see or even know about.

You're about to delve into Chapter 9, if you haven't already, and I hope you're okay with more of gruesome, because that chapter is really intense and was most unpleasant to write. It was, however, part of the story. It also sheds a lot of light on the story and why everything that happened filtered down the way it did.

Happy reading!


Reviewer: princessesierra
Date: 05/05/10 12:14
Chapter: Chapter 32

Hey!!! I'm finally done with your story... and I really love it!!!! Great work!!!!

Author's Response:

Congrats on getting all the way through it, and I'm so glad you liked it.

Keep an eye out in the Most Recent page, since the Epilogue is in there and just waiting to be pushed through. I hope you enjoy that, as well. Take care and happy reading!


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/04/10 20:50
Chapter: Chapter 6

I was so absorbed into the story athat I forgot to congratulate you on the room you created. The ideas behind it were brilliant. I particularally liked how the screaming was only in the culprit's head, it's a nice touch. The secrets are not too much in fact they are good. I love not knowing what will happen next and not beign able to guess, I jsut hate that I don't have enough time to sit and read this at one go that would be ideal, but at least I don't have to wait for updates, that would be killer. Two chapters a day at least prevents me from going insane. Which really shows that you write quite captivatingly, so kudos on that too. :)

Author's Response:

Why, thank you. ^.^

The Black Room is a concept that I believe exists in real life, that place where the deepest of national secrets are held. Its main protection is that no one knows it exists, but Harry made the mistake of making a trip there with his son over twenty years before. Albus is more intelligent than he's given credit for, and this is a prime example of that. 

The modified Caterwauling Charm was for the purpose of secrecy, as well. If an alarm went off, then everyone would know that the room existed, and that's rather counter-productive. The in-the-head version allows people to incriminate themselves, and only other Aurors know why they're running around, covering their ears in agony when there is obviously no external disturbance. The blood entry is rather crude, but it is a good door lock, because no one would expect Harry to use something so gruesome. However, since very few knew about the cave on the sea that held Regulus's locket, it was an ingenius idea that Harry adapted to his own needs.

I know what you mean about not having time to sit and read a whole story. I have similar problems myself, as I mostly spend my time writing, which digs into my reading time. Also, I empathize with the non-update thing, but for this story, I wrote 18 chapters before I even started submitting, so I only submitted as I wrote from Chapter 28 on. I have always been a faithful updater. :)

Good luck with the rest of the story, and do yourself a favor and don't try to cut your reading off after Chapter 9, because I promise that you won't be able to do it. ;-)

Take care and happy reading,


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/04/10 20:30
Chapter: Chapter 6

So Lily did have something to do with Greg's death. Harry nowing abotu this doesn't make sence though, all this is very wierd, and intreguing. poor Albus he has had so many hard blows in a short about of time. They must find a way to save Harry. I wonder who the key to unravelign the secret is, Harry, James or Lily, and who will finally manage to unravel this well knitted web of secrets.

Author's Response:

You're starting to touch upon the story and what it means to each character. what happened and how Harry knows about it will be revealed in Chapters 9 and 10. And yes, Albus does take quite a buffeting, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope the web of secrets isn't too much, because there are many, many more secrets remaining in this story, some of which are just plain surprising. I envy you your journey through this story. I wish I'd had the opportunity to read it without already knowing what happens. :D

Happy reading,


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/04/10 20:04
Chapter: Chapter 5

I knew those gray hair streaks meant trouble. harry never really changes, he always puts those he loves ahead of himself. Albus seems to be onto something big, and hsi rationalization of lily seems to be dead on. I wonder what Ginny will do to save Harry, and I have a feelignthat she might be the one who gets James to open up, maybe that's just me. This story is getting better by the chapter. Your characters are fascinating. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response:

Haha, the next person to enter the picture is not who you'd expect. :D

Albus has so many facets to his character, and some of the darker ones are about to come into play. He is, obviously, an intrugal part of the plot, and what happens next is rather substantial. I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far, and beware. The madness will only escalate, lol.

Happy reading, 


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/03/10 22:09
Chapter: Chapter 4

I knew it i knew that Father Gregory was to muchof a coincidence. This si so evil, finally some answers. Not many but it is a great start. albus is such a sweet heart, he really is a lto like harry. in some ways though he remindes me of Ron and Remus. i like where te story is going specially because this feels like the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to see what really started all of this.

Author's Response:

There are plenty of answers to be found, but you are correct in your assessment of 'the tip of the iceberg'. So many things happen.

Albus is actually more unique than any of my other characters. You'll learn a lot about him and what he's like in the rest of the story, as he plays a huge part in it. I think you'll also enjoy the rest of the supporting cast.

Again, thank you for reviewing and happy reading!


Reviewer: carcarius
Date: 05/03/10 21:43
Chapter: Prologue


Author's Response:

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/03/10 20:58
Chapter: Chapter 3

I have a slirght feeling Harry lied just a little bit about how that diary really works. I'm glad James can have all these things, I'm not sure if you intended it this way but to me it's like a sign that he deserves these things. As for Lily, i'm starting to think that Goyle did somethign really bad to her to keep her quiet. Could father Gregory be Goyle Sr.? or is that jsut a coincidence of names? I like this story more and more :)

Author's Response:

Ah, well, as much as I'd love to answer these questions, the answers to all of them will be revewaled in the next few chapters. The majority of the circumstances under which James was sent to prison will be clarified up through Chapter 9. The events will definitely either come as a surprise or they won't but either way, you'll probably mainline the next few chapters furiously. :D

Have fun, and I'm happy to see that you're still reading. I shall see you again soon, then.


Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 05/02/10 22:03
Chapter: Chapter 2

I've always felt that writting grief was one of the hardest things to do. It's so easy to exagerate or make it overbaringly cliché. you managed to capture it quite well, to the point where it is believable but still heart touching. Sarah is a nice detail she is a good character that puts a bit of balance into this chapter. It's also nice to get small insights into the dynamics of the family outside of the trial, like the bit about hugo and sarah. As for people being mad at the special treatment james gets. I understand those feeling too, but it made no sence that he wouldn't get special accomodations to at the very least protect his life. And while Harry and kingsley are rightious men they are also human and it does give hope. I like the story so far, and it means a lot that you answer to the reviews. Good job thus far I can't wait to see more of what is to come

Author's Response:

Well, the first few chapters are meant to introduce you to the new players in the game - meaning James and Albus. So far, you've had a little bit of insight into their characters and what kind of men they are.

Hugo and Sarah have their own little back story, one which I hope to write someday. There is a reason they, after dating for over 10 years and living together for about 5 of those, that they haven't got married yet. While I haven't currently figured out what that is yet, I will, because it just seems like a story that should be told.

Grief is a different animal to write. To be honest, I've never personally experienced anything that one might categorize as grief like what Albus felt when he basically lost his brother. While James isn't dead, if he's in Azkaban for life, he might as well be. I just wanted it to be real. Watching a family member being sentenced to prison sentence is a sick, sick feeling, and I really wanted Albus to feel that. It forced Ginny to drinking, since it's so easy to do without even meaning to do so.

And as for answering reviews, it wouldn't be very sporting of me not to answer. I post my stories for people to read, and obviously, I want them to be liked. Reviews are awesome for authors to know what they can and should improve. I still don't understand why so many authors don't respond to them, even the four-word update reviews. It doesn't hurt to let readers know that you care about what they think, because we all do. Trust me...all of us, no matter what we say, care a lot about what people think of our work.

Plus, reviews for me are a great medium to answer questions from the readers. Sometimes, when I have an entire universe planned out in my head, I may assume that I included something that is vital to making a certain part understood, but sometimes, I don't. Readers keep us honest, and that's such a gift. I just wish that more readers review, but as it is, a writer is lucky to get one review per every 100 reads.

Anyway, enough of the marathon response, but thank you for reading and your good reviews. By good, I mean that you include examples of what you do and don't like, as well as your opinions, impressions and concerns. I'll let you get back to reading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!


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