Reviewer: NessaK94
Date: 04/05/13 4:23
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

I'm so sad that it's all finished! I've read the sequel and think it is fantastic, but this alternate ending is also amazing! Good job :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Even though it wasn't my first vision for the story, I tried to make the alternate ending as satisfying as possible. I'm glad it worked!

Reviewer: whimsicallove
Date: 04/21/12 15:32
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

This was absolutely beautiful! I am hesitant to even want to read the sequel now because the last thing I want is to relive Harry and Ginny dying and Hermione being jailed up. I loved this story though and I wish it did end happily! I am going to read the sequel, even though I hope it ends well.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the "lighter" ending to "Aversion." I tried to keep it as true to the tone of the story as I could. The sequel is definitely darker than this, and darker than much of "Aversion", too, but I hope you enjoy it, anyway!

Reviewer: camcam11
Date: 01/31/12 13:47
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Loved it! I love the sequel as well, but i didn't want Draco to break her heart like that, so i had to read this! Again, loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it a second time, too!

Reviewer: Shreeja
Date: 11/23/11 13:59
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

This ending is nice too, though I think for some reason the other one is more believable. Will read The Resilient now.

Author's Response: Thank you! I think the "real" ending is more believable, too, and the reason I wrote this one was so that people who can't really handle the darkness had a way to find closure. :)

Reviewer: Twilight0Potter
Date: 09/10/11 22:07
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

This ending was awesome. I'm still going to read the sequel that goes along with the normal ending... But i was curious :)

Author's Response: Aw, great! Thanks so much for reading!!

Reviewer: RavenclawBeatlefan16
Date: 09/04/11 17:24
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

As much as I loved The Resiliant, I loved this too. PLEASE keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: twlghtpotter
Date: 08/22/11 16:39
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Because I am a sappy romantic, I must say, I loved this ending MUCH better! :) lol

Author's Response: :D Thanks!! This one was nice to write.

Reviewer: Aaicha
Date: 08/04/11 23:51
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Though this ending is sweet, the real story is so much better! It evoked lot of emotions and angered me and made me cry. I was not able to read some parts of “The Resilient”, but still I couldn’t leave the story unfinished. I loved your Draco and Hermione. They evolve so much with the time, their mature love, passion, hate mature. You are a wonderful writer. You have given the characters a new angle of life.
Thanks for a breathtaking story. And always keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! I wrote this ending specifically for those who couldn't finish "The Resilient" for one reason or another, and I'm glad that you found some closure with it!

Reviewer: HonouraryMarauder
Date: 07/14/11 20:43
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Your story is amazing!!! So many emotions going through me right now!!! I'm a sucker for the happy ending, so I loved the alternate ending, but I'm definitely reading the sequel! THANK YOU! :)

Author's Response: :D Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you like the sequel, too!!

Reviewer: ebz89
Date: 06/25/11 8:09
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

I love the alternate ending! Can't wait to get started on the sequel though :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: HeRmiONe923
Date: 06/02/11 9:19
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

So I re-read the alternate ending after finishing the real Aversion to Change. As sweet as this is, I think that I do prefer the actual ending. It was so much more painful, but it gave Hermione and Draco a happiness they deserved, in my opinion. Brilliant writing. :)

Author's Response: Ah, I'm glad! I like the "real" ending more, too, but I felt it would be nice to offer this alternate for the people who didn't want to handle all that angst and torture I put them through. Thanks for (re)reading!!

Reviewer: DarkSunflower
Date: 03/14/11 13:14
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

I definitely liked this ending better than the other one (for obvious reasons, if you ask me), but I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be reading the sequel. As irritating as it was to have to keep my dictionary handy at all times (just kidding... sort of), I definitely enjoyed your story, including both endings.


Author's Response: Haha, sorry about the dictionary! That's a pet peeve of mine, too! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: puella -young lady-
Date: 02/12/11 10:20
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

i may be a sucker for happy endings but truly, this one was better. :) great story though. i liked aversion to change too.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: buckbeakfan202
Date: 01/29/11 15:32
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

i like the alternate-ending much better!!! awesome job with the story!! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 01/07/11 22:01
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Awwww, in love this ending too! Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Miss Shepherd
Date: 12/31/10 20:42
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Sweet god, woman.

I finished reading An Aversion to Change, and I almost had to weep. In fact, I won't cover for myself. I did. I wept. Like a baby that had been cut with a razorblade, multiple times. And then, for the first three quarters of this alternate ending, I cried some more.

If you hadn't given me some closure, I might possibly have murdered you; despite these homicidal feelings, I truly admire how you still implicated Draco in the crime, and over all, it gave the story a lovely finish. Good work, and I hope you have many more good scratchings of the quill this year ;).

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! I don't think there's any greater compliment to an author than when a reader cries, unfortunately, so that really means a lot to me. :)

Reviewer: starry-eyes
Date: 12/28/10 1:08
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

i love it :')

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: sarahdove215
Date: 12/23/10 22:11
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

You truly are an amazing writer...I read An Aversion to Change and what you posted of The Resilient yesterday in one sitting. I didn't go to bed until 4:15am. haha but you're an incredible writer! I like this ending, but I love the original ending so much more. They both invoke a lot of feeling, but I'm a sucker for the darker romances and insanely difficult struggles. I think it makes for a better story. Thank you so much for writing these stories, you saved me from hours of boredom (:

Author's Response: Wow, this is not a short series! Kudos for making it through! I'm glad that you liked "Aversion" and what I've posted of "The Resilient." Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: thesmart1
Date: 12/21/10 4:00
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

Okay, I don't hate you anymore. Why didn't you use this ending? It would have spared me a lot of rage and tears.

Author's Response: Ah, because this wouldn't have allowed for such a fun sequel! :)

Reviewer: wingedana
Date: 12/19/10 10:18
Chapter: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

I dont know if I could forgive Draco`s actions... but this pice is really nice. :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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