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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 08/31/17 15:24 · For: Knowing Who She Was
So that's how Molly met Arthur. That was a wonderful story. I haven't read too many stories that tell about Arthur and Molly before they had children.

Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 10/29/10 20:21 · For: Knowing Who She Was
Ooh, what a nice look into a young Molly's head. I just love both her and Arthur, and its fun imagining what their young lives might have looked like. She is so strong all the time in the books, and I love that you began by making her vulnerable. Right away, that challenged my normal thinking, and yet, it made sense because of the circumstances and knowing her brothers were there but also that they had their own lives at school. I liked the balance here. The twins themselves were wonderful. As Amanda said, they reminded me so much of Fred and George, and yet they were definitely not them.

Nice use of some other characters in the boat with her... that was a nice surprise, as was the suddenly serious conversation about Muggleborns. This struck a nice balance: a moment before we were seeing Arthur's obsession with all things Muggle, and now these racist views coming into the picture. I liked the juxtaposition of that.

The sorting hat--friend or foe? How it loves to torture students. I hated for her that it took so long to decide, but it was a nice choice to let her reason it out with the hat. Of course we knew where she was going, and yet, I enjoyed the process, especially her thinking how she would have friends in the other houses if she ended up there.

This is a nice little story, Natalie. Im assuming it's one of your first ones, which is a bit sickening considering how readable and entertaining it is. I don't know why it has taken me this long to read it.


Author's Response: Oh yes, this story! It was written for an in-house challenge. :D I don't think it was one of the better ones, but I managed to finish it and got placed. :D

It was so much fun writing Molly and Arthur. I thought of continuing but never had the energy. *sigh* The Sorting Hat scene was troublesome to write, so it's encouraging to hear that you liked it.

Once again, thanks for reading and reviewing, Lori. These were wonderful presents.


Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 10/01/09 22:22 · For: Knowing Who She Was
Oh, I love the twins. They were characterized similar, yet different from Fred and George, whom I know they were compared to in the books. I'm not sure if F/G would have been comfortable comforting Ginny…they reverted to humor rather than sincere comfort. I chuckled:

"The girl wiped away her tears. “It’s just that…I am going to miss the two of you,” she said sadly.

The two boys gagged and took several steps backwards."

I thought Molly was characterized great. From what I've seen so far, you certainly don't need that class. She dealt with her emotion, and then moved on. She stood up for herself in the compartment (and didn't take no for an answer…). And this: ' “Same place as everyone,” said Molly. “And, Hestia, if you see those two idiots again, please point them out to me.” ' I don't think I'd have enough cheek to say that at 11, but Molly growing up with her older brothers…

I think the only inconsistency with that is that they talk about in the compartment how Molly wants to be a Prefect, and then she turns and sends a hex right in front of McGonagall at the Carrows. I know how strongly she feels about it, but…it seemed somewhat inconsistent to me.

I had to stop reading because I was laughing:

'Molly glared at him. It hurt her to hear her brothers talk to her in that tone while she was with his friends. “Since you are getting so defensive, I’m sure this is something you’re not allowed to bring to school. Is that it, Arthur?”

“Erm…” said Arthur, not looking at her. “Nothing like that, Molly. Just a -” '

I love Arthur Weasley, because in the series he obviously loves his wife so much but still manages to get into trouble with her. Looks like he started early in that relationship, lol. I really, really liked the scene in the compartment. It was so…realistic of a big brother/little sister relationship. She was trying to stand up for herself in front of her big brothers' friends, but her big brothers were just embarrassing her, after they were being so nice to her earlier when no one was around.

*On a canon note, the game keeper at Hogwarts during Molly and Arthur's time was a man named Og. Not sure where they mention it, maybe somewhere during CoS when they are talking about how Hagrid became the gamekeeper.

Oooh, I got all giggly when I read Hestia Jones. Is that weird? Lol. Because it's you! I'm silly, it's too late once again for me to be up.

I really liked the ending, that the Hat was somewhat laughing at her. I imaging the poor Sorting Hat having to deal with a lot of students arguing with it throughout the years, though it probably sees that as the highlight of its years, those students it interacts with.

I'm really glad this got validated…I quite like this story, my dear!


Name: madhumakhi (Signed) · Date: 09/30/09 7:03 · For: Knowing Who She Was
nice story , lyk the twins' teasing attitude

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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