Reviewer: Invisibility Cloak
Date: 09/03/11 13:21
Chapter: My Favourite Things

Oh my gracious!!! I believe I have suddenly fallen in luuuurve with the sound of music just for providing the "score" to this, the greatest in all song remakes! *humming* Potter's dismay at my welcome back party- Brilliant! How long did it take you to write it? And thank you for giving me the laugh of my life!!

Author's Response:

Hello Invisibility Cloak,

Ah, the good old Sound of Music ... it gets us all in the end! And what better song from that great film to choose for Voldemort than My Favourite Things? Albeit a completely dark and twisted version ...


It took me roughly an evening to write this one. Well, an evening and a night if I recall correctly (it was a fair while ago now, so my recollection may be a bit fuzzy). I do remember (very well) that trying to think of words that rhymed with 'thing' and were also in context with the theme almost drove me bonkers, but it was worth it in the end, I think - especially if you enjoyed it so much! Voldemort is an unusual contender for a musical number (to say the least), but the image of him prancing around in Malfoy Manor, waving his arms around & belting out this macabre (yet cheery) little number was too delicious to resist :o) I am THRILLED  that you enjoyed it so much!

Thanks for R & R-ing,

Kara's Aunty ;)

Reviewer: Rose Nym
Date: 08/09/10 20:48
Chapter: My Favourite Things

Love it! I have memorized it now simply because its so much fun. The best potterized song of them all...And except for the fact that he's SINGING it, COMPLETELY in character, especially his choices of favorite things, and the fact that he cares so much about his favorite things, and basically thinks that life is all about his favorite things...

Author's Response:

Hello Rose Nym,

Voldemort is just the type to glory in his own sense of power, and the suffering he can bring to others with it. This song is more than likely far too short to list ALL of his favourite things - but we get the general idea anyway! Oh, if only he'd let his hair down now and then and give us all a tune. If only he HAD hair to let down ...

Delighted you enjoyed it so much, and thanks for R & R-ing,

M :)

Reviewer: k4c
Date: 07/29/10 18:13
Chapter: My Favourite Things

I must say this is a clever and hilarious piece of writing!

I even had the song playing in the background as I sang your lyrics which made me laugh even harder at how well every single line fits!

"Potter’s dismay at my welcome back party!"
That line had me in fits!

I also loved the last verse as it was rather comical singing it :P and I could just imagine old Voldy dancing around a room full of Death Eaters who were clapping to the beat and then he would give a great bow at the end to rapturous applause. Genius :)


Author's Response:

Hello k4c,

thanks very much! This song was written as a wee bit of fun at Voldemort's expense. Luckily, he never heard it, or I would be one dead Muggle ...


It is pretty funny to imagine him doing something so completely ooc. Perhaps if he'd sang a bit more, and schemed a bit less, he might have been a bit more satisfied with his lot in life. Then again, maybe not!

Thanks very much for R & R-ing. I'm so glad you liked it!

M :)

Reviewer: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Date: 07/22/10 17:31
Chapter: My Favourite Things

One of my favourite things is to read when I experience a bit of writer's block/apathy. Then I remember reading your extraordinarily LOLworthy rendition of I Will Survive, and I knew that something from you is just what the doctor, er, Healer ordered.

I believe this may be one of the funniest things I've ever read. It's just so well put-together, and the rhythm is nearly flawless. I can just see a facsimile of Ralph Fiennes in my head, skipping around like Julie Andrews, singing this song. I must say, one cannot pay for entertainment like that. Your work, to me, is fast becoming something epic, not unlike A Very Potter Musical. Just the very concept of taking something we all love and maybe, just possibly, poking a little bit of fun at it, does us all a world of good. It reminds me, at least, that I do this all for fun, and maybe I should take life a little less seriously, because face it - no one's getting out of it alive. :D

Thank you for listening to me ramble, and I'd just like to say job well done. Take care and happy writing,


Author's Response:

Hello m'dear,

you are absolutely welcome to ramble any time you like - I'm always delighted to hear from you!

Writer's block/apathy is a massive pain, isn't it? Really, we all write for fun - but when fate deprives us (however temporarily) of the inspiration required for that outlet ... grr! It's unbelievably frustrating. So I really hope your block has now been banished into the galactic ether from whence it came and that you are bursting with the joy of creative juices once more!

See? I can ramble too ;)

My Favourite Things is, I must admit, one of my own personal favourites. The very thought of the most dreadful Dark Lord in wizarding history prancing around gaily, listing all the things that make him feel warm and fuzzy, while his astonished minions look on ... It's so deliciously ludicrous!

I'm THRILLED that you enjoy this ode so much, and that it has provided you with such amusement. Truly, there can be no better reward for me to know that it has made you laugh.

Thanks very much for all the lovely comments you've left! They have really, really made my day!

 Maureen :)

Reviewer: Virgil
Date: 11/23/09 21:33
Chapter: My Favourite Things

"and Harry's mood swings"
I actually lol'd. No, really, I'm getting weird looks from my sister.

Author's Response:

Hello Virgil,

it is a bit cheeky, isn't it? If Voldemort knew about this song, I'd be one of of those murdered Muggles he was trilling about...


Thanks for R & R-ing,


Reviewer: xxBigGreenEyesxx
Date: 09/26/09 5:02
Chapter: My Favourite Things

This is awesome.
I kept picturing Voldy dancing around Malfoy Manor singing this.
So funny XD
keep up the good work =]

Author's Response:

Hello xxBigGreenEyesxx,

*laughs at mental image of Voldemort waltzing around Malfoy Manor while the Death Eaters look on in astonishment*

That would be brilliant, wouldn't it? The Dancing Dark Lord! Too funny!

Glad you enjoyed the songfic. I didn't know if readers would like it or not because the thought of Voldemort bursting into song does (even I admit) stretch the imagination a little, But I'm thrilled that you like the rather light-hearted lunacy of it all!

Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :)

Reviewer: the opaleye
Date: 09/26/09 1:43
Chapter: My Favourite Things

Hm, what can I say? This is brilliant! This is fantastic! This is amazing! You had me laughing lots which is always a good sign. I hope to see more things like this from you! Perhaps a Voldemort version of Dentist! from The Little Shop of Horrors or Love Changes that would be a laugh!!! Bravo bravo!

Author's Response:

Hello the opaleye,


Thanks very much. I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to make Voldemort do something a little out of character and give us a tune. Such is my twisted sense of humour...

I'm sure I could rustle up a few more songfics at some point, but not at present because I'm in the middle of another fic. However, I already have two more onsite: 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen' and 'I Will Survive', that might keep you entertained for the moment (sorry about the shameless plug). Again, they're classic songs with an HP twist and a healthy dash of humour (I hope).

Thanks for R & R-infg and for all the lovely compliments on this songfic!


Kara's Aunty ;) 

Reviewer: OHara
Date: 09/25/09 16:20
Chapter: My Favourite Things

Very funny!

Author's Response:

Hello OHara,


Very glad you liked it! I enjoy Potter-ising classic songs (or perhaps mutilating them would be a better choice of words!).


Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :)

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 09/25/09 15:07
Chapter: My Favourite Things

I really love this one too! My favorite one would be the 7th stanza. It fits so well with Voldimort and the song. The last stanza is great too.

Author's Response:

Hello ron lover,


*hangs head in shame*


I have to confess that I just looked up the word 'stanza' in the dictionary. Wasn't sure if it meant 'line' or 'verse' - some poet I am, eh?


According to dictionary dot co dot uk, it means verse (I think), so now I know what you meant. The seventh one does fit rather well with the raving megalomaniac, doesn't it? All those poor Muggles and Muggle-borns. Still, at least we have Harry to thank for ridding the world of his despotic ways!

Thank you very much for reading, reviewing and enjoying this songfic, too. Positive, constructive feedback is what keeps me writing!


M :)


Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 09/25/09 14:16
Chapter: My Favourite Things


I think you should really continue these songfics. They are great on days when I'm feeling - not so funny. I wanted to quote a favourite line, but I liked them all so much that I couldn't decide!


Author's Response:

Hello Natalie!

Perhaps I will write a few more (they certainly seem to be going down better than my one and only darkfic), but I'm in the middle of writing a mammoth HP/LOTR crossover just now and write the songfics only during breathers from that (I'm not due another breather now for a while, sadly).


I am massively happy that you enjoy them so much though! Giving Voldemort his own song was a bit surreal, but I just couldn't resist it - because singing is absolutely the LAST thing one would expect him to do!


Cheeky, or what? *cackles gleefully*


Thanks for R & R-ing and I'm glad it cheered you up, m'dear!


M ;)

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