Reviews For The Resilient
Reviewer: Lovely Dirigible Plum
Date: 04/27/11 18:26
Chapter: Azkaban

I Laughed. I cried. actually i blooming sobbed my heart out! this is actually beautiful! and they are so perfect, and its just.... you know? its really moving, and deep and very powerful and emotive. thankyou so much, for taking the time to break my heart, put it back together, and then break it again. i'll probably never be able to read harry potter the same way. does that even make sense? not really, but you know what i mean. if JKR read this, she would be just so amazed. like i was. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Seriously. Being compared to JKR is like... a dream? A fantasy? The most amazing compliment anyone could ever give me? All three? I'm so glad you liked it - even glad you sobbed your heart out, as weird as that sounds. It's a huge compliment! Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: HarryPotter317
Date: 04/27/11 17:40
Chapter: The Resilient

Well I'm definately speechless right now! That chapter has my head really spinning. The bottom line is, of course, that that was one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, even though it completely tore my heart out. It's so tragic, and I really wanted Hermione and Draco to have a happy ending, but I understand that a happy ending probably wouldn't have done this epic story any just wouldn't have worked. However, the naive sucker in me is still thinking, or perhaps hoping, that there will be something epilogue maybe? Could you please let us know if this really is the end...I can't imagine spending the next six months hoping there will be another chapter and then finally realizing that you're done.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm a sucker for happy endings, and I'll be the first one to admit that. But at the same time, at this point in the character's lives, they can't just let everything go and gallop off into the sunset. And I'm working on the epilogue so you will get some closure, if nothing else. Hopefully it won't take me six months to get out! Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: Daughter of the Light
Date: 04/27/11 17:21
Chapter: The Resilient

I think my heart just ripped in two and my soul will never be okay with the world again unless this isn't seriously a permanent goodbye.

On a brighter note, you have the most haunting, beautiful writing and it amazes me how well-thought out and cohesive your storyline is. I've been following your writing since this fic's predecessor and my heart as ached for Draco and Hermione so many times.

Please don't let this be the end for them. I might just need to go question everything otherwise.

Author's Response: Gah, sorry about the heart tearing thing. I don't want to say it's a hobby but all things considered... Heh. And there will be an epilogue (I'm starting to think that maybe I should've mentioned that in the author's note...) so I can hopefully give you some closure, if nothing else. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: lalaland321
Date: 04/27/11 17:00
Chapter: The Resilient

Oh my lord, this was incredible! I can't believe Hermione could say goodbye to Draco forever, not after all that he's done for her! Wow... this is such a great story, really well thought out

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: CoolCatElly
Date: 04/27/11 16:19
Chapter: The Resilient

You know, I just realised that since I started betaing this, I don't really review it anymore :-P Remember those old days when I'd just send you fangirly squees for every chapter? Haha. I can't believe it's been more than a year since I started following this story. I remember wishing my heart out that maybe one day I'd get to beta it, but I never thought it would actually happen. It's been so wonderful working with you, and I'm afraid I don't tell you just how much I admire your writing and you ability to come up with such compelling plotlines.

Dramione is my true OTP, and you are the ultimate Dramione writer. This was such an amazing chapter. I loved all the many layers of emotion Hermione went through. This is why I asked that you include all those, as well as the paragraphs where Draco elaborates on what he has been feeling all this time. It's impossible to imagine what both of them have been living through, and you did a great job highlighting those shades of grey. Hermione loves Draco, and yet she can't forget what he's done. Draco loves Hermione, and yet he can't truly forgive himself.

The ending of this chapter was very needed. I was so thankful that you didn’t choose the obvious route and go straight to a happy ending. Draco’s actions have to have consequences, and Hermione is in no state to fully evaluate the situation and make a rational decision about her future. As I pointed out in the edits, I thought the line, “I’m so confused. I don’t know what to feel. What to believe. I’m so tired. I’m so… So broken.” Was pivotal to this entire scene. It perfectly sums up what’s going on with Hermione. Yes, they’re having this very long and complicated discussion about the past, because she needs to try and make sense of everything, to fill in the blanks. But at the end of it all, she’s still just as broken as she has been since the day Voldemort took over.

Another crucial turning point for this story was in Draco’s explanation about Brannon. I, as well as many of the readers I’m sure, have never quite been sure if he was as good as Hermione believed at one point, and her disillusionment was shattering to see. I can’t imagine building up this person in your own mind, in an almost Stockholm Syndrome-like manner, and then just hearing that ultimately, his only vices have been of your own creation. In a way, I think that fact was one of the most cruel realisations in this chapter.

This chapter has been a true rollercoaster. You’ve taken us from the climactic scene with Voldemort’s death to the first truly open and honest discussion they’ve both had since probably the start of An Aversion to Change. Hermione finally knows every single thing about Draco, and I can’t help but wonder if and how this will change her final perception of him. Does the good we do ever outweigh the bad? Does defeating Voldemort discount all those years of deceit? I don’t know. And at this point, neither does Draco and neither does Hermione. I love the fact that you’re exploring all these themes.

So, those were my few rambly thoughts on this chapter =) Thanks so much for the lovely credits in every chapter notes, they make my heart feel warm and fuzzy!



Author's Response: :D :D :D I kinda figured that - after seeing time and again the mess these chapters are before they're submitted - your passion for the story had ebbed. Not that I would have blamed you, of course, but I'm glad it hasn't. I really appreciate your help. You've been just as wonderful to work with and so very tolerant of my quirks! That's one thing I love about Dramione, and the HP fandom in general: it's so easy going. And there's so much talent. It's not difficult to find (and work with) authors you respect. And to have an author I respect beta for me... Well, it's as much as a girl can ask for. :) Dramione IS the OTP, and I'm flattered you think I do it justice. They're way fun to write, even though they're complicated and frustrating and can be downright exhausting. My main fear in this chapter was that I was drifting into the maudlin, into the cliche. And I guess that would come with over-analyzing it, as I do. I think I just get to a point where I think that a lot of this stuff should just be common sense, but just because I beat myself over the head with it doesn't mean that it will be clear to my readers! Something to work on in the future, I suspect! Haha And yeah, at this point, they are NOT ready for a happy ending. Each has been so utterly dependent on the other for sanity, for survival... They need to learn to function on their own. To actually live. And Brannon. Gosh. My plans for him changed COMPLETELY from what I imagined in the beginning of the story but, through it all, I still kinda like him. It's sick, and I know, and he's a complete bastard, but he's also a victim. Where Draco went one way, Brannon went another. He's probably the most pitiful man I've ever written, though I don't blame Hermione for hating him. What he went through can never justify what he did, but I think it helped to get his story out there. Those questions... Yeah, I set myself up nicely, didn't I? Because those are all really easy to answer... /sarcasm. This epilogue is going to be a trial to write, so I apologize in advance for the craziness. I think I have a decent idea how I want it to go, but I keep changing my mind. I blame the weather. LOL. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! ::hugs!!::

Reviewer: cassiexron
Date: 04/27/11 15:57
Chapter: The Resilient

But what do you mean? WHY WHY WHY!? HOW IS THIS THE PERFECT ENDING FOR ANYONE? She's just as selfish and cruel as him! Draco is a man who did what he had to do. She wanted space, and she asked for a perminent goodbye. Is this the end? Feeling suicidal now, gonna go reevaluate my whole existence. By the way, this was so beautiful. Your writting I mean. Why are beautiful things so sad and hard to understand.

Author's Response: "Feeling suicidal now, gonna go reevaluate my whole existence." - Okay, to be perfectly honest, this made me laugh out loud for about five minutes. Hahahaha, is that awful?? Probably, and I'm sorry about it, but perhaps I can offer a little ray of sunshine? There's an epilogue. Their story isn't over yet. And if nothing else, hopefully I can give you some closure, and maybe nudge along some understanding with it. ;) Thank you so, SO much for reading and reviewing, and for sticking with me for so long. I really appreciate it!!!

Reviewer: Celinda
Date: 04/27/11 11:38
Chapter: The Resilient

Nooooooo! My heart is breaking, how could you do this to me? I understand it, I get it, but I don't want it! Is this really, truly the end?
It's so understandable, so ingeniously right, so beautifully written, yet I long for another ending. That last sentence is just so heartbreaking. I guess I should have seen it coming, this is how it has to be, but I just always have too much faith in the happy ending. I'm naive to sit and wait for it, it probably wouldn't work anyway, but what could I do? I'm a sucker for happy endings, but I'm also a sucker for insanely well written stories like this one, too. And even though I'm begging for it to not be this way, somehow, deep inside I also love the unhappy, tragic, heartbreaking end.
I must say I loved the animagus moment, though. It was like a little piece of peace and light in between all the darkness. I have been waiting for you to take out the animagus part for quite a while. I wished Hermione could escape from Azkaban like Sirius did it, as an animagus, or that Hermione and Draco could run away together as wolf and fox. Obviously, that would have been too easy, and in your story it seems like you need a wand to change into your animagus form.
Anyhow, I loved this story. And if this is the end (I fear it is but I don't want it to be) I must thank you for being such an awesome writer. Your writing really is magic. Love it

Author's Response: First, no: it's not the end. There's still the epilogue to write and post, which I might have to split into two chapters because of its length. We'll see. And I'm a sucker for happy endings too. But at this stage in their lives, neither of them can forget (or forgive) what's happened. I'm glad you liked the Animagus moment. I've been waiting for an opportunity to bring it back up, and this seemed perfect. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

Reviewer: nevilleherosnape
Date: 04/27/11 10:27
Chapter: The Resilient

Again! I'm speechless! Love it!!

Author's Response: :D Thank you!!

Reviewer: macheel
Date: 04/27/11 10:24
Chapter: The Resilient

Please Please Please tell me that this has a happy ending!! So good but so cruel.

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks! And you'll have to wait until the epilogue to see. ;)

Reviewer: monkeyshine89
Date: 04/27/11 8:40
Chapter: Azkaban

So, now Voldy is dead... I wonder what changes are in store for the wizarding world, or if will even change at all.

Hermione is finally free, although I wonder how "free" she really is, after all apparitions are still be monitored as is the flue network, perhaps it's Draco's connections that keep her safe.

I'm actually kind of glad that Hermione sorta broke up with Draco, it's tragic yet realistic, she has been betrayed every step of the way and used as a pawn. I just hope that one day she forgives Draco...

So I suppose one more chapter and then epilogue, or just one chapter with combined epilogue?

The best part of all this is when a door closes another opens, I wonder what you have in store for us next... I'd love to read any sort of fiction you would write (perhaps time to work on that real story?)

Also, if you were to work on your real fiction story, I'd be happy to help edit. I'm actually an English teacher in RL. Either way, keep me on the ground floor of that next adventure!


Author's Response: Hi Katie! As of right now, it's just an epilogue, but it's getting to be pretty lengthy so I might have to split it because of word count restrictions. And my original fiction has been stalled for a couple months. I'm desperate to get the fanfiction bunnies out of my head, and I honestly don't know if I can write original characters with Draco still snarking away in my brain. He's very insistent! Hahaha. But thank you for your offer! I'll keep it in mind, though (obviously) any sort of movement on my original fiction is a long way off. ;) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!!

Reviewer: butterbar
Date: 04/27/11 7:14
Chapter: Azkaban


^that was what went through my mind when I read this chapter.

Please say that you're going to have them reunite. Please.

(Brilliant chapter even though I currently both hate you and love you)

Author's Response: Lol! That's just the reaction I was going for! Thanks so much for reading and sticking with me - it's meant a lot. As to their reunification... You know I can't say anything about that. There will be an epilogue, however, so hopefully I'll be able to give you some closure. Thanks again!!!

Reviewer: DarkSunflower
Date: 04/25/11 14:29
Chapter: The Training Begins

I keep coming back and reading this chapter... Definitely my favorite. :) I think it'd be really neat to get Draco's perspective on the whole part when Hermione almost kills herself... Just a thought!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've actually finished writing a one-shot from Draco's point of view through this whole mess. I have to wait until this is all finished to post it, though! Thanks so much for reading!!

Reviewer: green_ink
Date: 04/24/11 15:13
Chapter: Azkaban

i'm reminded horribly of Nazi Germany.

Author's Response: Ugh, yeah... Sorry about that. :(

Reviewer: TheGlassBottle
Date: 04/22/11 17:55
Chapter: Rite and Right


Author's Response: :D

Reviewer: carber
Date: 04/10/11 15:57
Chapter: Rite and Right

I have fell in love with your story. You are a brilliant writer. Please update. This is one of my favourite ever fanfictions. :D

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: ookwormbay
Date: 04/09/11 19:47
Chapter: Rite and Right

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! At first I was a little confused cuz I was reading and then Voldy turned moldy out of nowhere...then I went into shock read it again and freaked was AWESOME....please please please post more

Author's Response: Lol, thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Luisa
Date: 04/08/11 2:46
Chapter: Rite and Right

Wow ! wow, wow, wow ! You're brilliant, as always of course, yo amazing writing ! - loved it. Finally his dead, so....are we waiting for happy ending or twisted turn and eveyone dies ? anyways, next one please ! still my fav ! xo.

Author's Response: Thank you!! Well, you know I'm a fan of twists, but I'm also a sucker for happy endings. Guess it could go either way! :P

Reviewer: Kaiserin
Date: 04/07/11 8:58
Chapter: Rite and Right

Rock and roll baby!! COD: Death by Mudblood blood!!! Way to go Herms! Or... way to go Draco! LOL!
BTW, is Hermione pregnant?

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you approve!! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: PigFartsIsHome
Date: 04/06/11 10:42
Chapter: Azkaban

Totally agree with Melina Malfoy....that last chapter....just...WOW. I feel like all MY magic came back :P I'm sooo excited to read the next chapter! you're an amazing writer! Thank you for writing such a marvelous story(: GAHHH! haha I can't stop smiling. I can breathe again tho(:

Author's Response: Ah, thank you!! I'm glad you like it!

Reviewer: Belaina
Date: 04/06/11 1:45
Chapter: Rite and Right

Hmm, so Draco has been experimenting with some Muggle poisons and such? Ahhhh post the newest chapter soon!

Author's Response: Hehe, he's a creative one! Thanks for reading!!! You got through this one quickly! :D

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