Reviewer: hestiajones
Date: 09/16/09 1:17
Chapter: Albus Dumbledore and the Bouncing Wizard

Hello again!

I found your writing such a delight that I just had to visit your author’s page and read the others. After reading this, I can say without any doubt that you are very, very gifted at writing humor. What’s more, you manage to shape your characters well and in character; at the same time, you achieve this without being cliché.

I quite love the idea that Dumbledore met Neville in such a fashion, and reprimanded Great Uncle Algie for his carelessness. And Augusta Longbottom was fun as usual, even though she did not make an appearance. As for Neville being chatty, I do agree with your reasoning – in the company of someone so kind and willing to like him without being scary or careless, he might want to be himself without restraint.

So, all in all, great job! I’m looking forward to reading more of your fics.


Author's Response:

Hello again Natalie!

Well, I'm very flattered that you read another of my fics based on 'I Will Survive'! What a lovely compliment.

I've always found it annoying that Great Ulgie Algie appeared to have gotten off scot-free for almost killing his nephew. There really should have been some allusion to a punishment ibeing attributed to him n the book, given the nature of his utter foolishness. But as there isn't, it seemed only right to at least correct the oversight in the form of a fanfic.

Which was, of course, a good excuse to have a little pre-Hogwarts Dumbledore/Neville moment! Poor Nev is always portrayed as being a little shy and rather nervous. but I like to think that in the right circumstances, he could have behaved as naturally as any other little boy of eight-years-old. And who better to draw him out of his shell than Albus?

I must admit, I'm a big fan of Augusta's - especially after reading in DH that she wiped the floor with Dawlish and sent him to St Mungo's after the idiot dared to underestimate her. She reminds me very much of my late Aunty Jeannie (my fabulously eccentric old Scots aunty who served mouldy biscuits to guests - she never realised they were out of date - and insisted on clambering up a stepladder and changing the living-room light bulbs herself, even though she was WELL into her seventies).

Thanks very much for the positive feedback on this. I write mainly about supporting characters, so cliches are a bit easier to avoid, but it can be tricky trying to envisage JK's mental image of them if it's one of the more minor ones (such as Algie or Augusta) and staying true to that! I'm delighted you enjoyed the fic, m'dear!

Thanks for R & R-ing,


M ;)

Reviewer: Trucker
Date: 09/06/09 23:27
Chapter: Albus Dumbledore and the Bouncing Wizard

This was both funny and heart-warming. What on earth will you do for an encore?

Author's Response:

Hello Trucker,

I'm SO pleased that you liked it! It seemed high time that Algie got a telling off for being so irresponsible and Albus Dumbledore was just the right wizard to deliver it! As for my encore...I have a few ideas! Hope you like them too!

Thanks for R & R-ing,


Kara's Aunty :)

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