Reviews For Grave Days
Reviewer: Hormiga
Date: 12/18/09 21:51
Chapter: Family Plots

I like it a lot, nice devaloping of character and all... even if at times the seem lit OC, they pull through. Great work! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks. Iím trying to keep them in character. Iíd be interested to hear who you think is OC. -N-

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 12/18/09 14:49
Chapter: Family Plots

i just love the way you've written everyone as close as i've seen to the actual books well done

Author's Response: Thank you. One personís OC is anothers in character, interesting. -N-

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/17/09 23:34
Chapter: Family Plots

Wow, alot to review! I'm glad to see that Molly, Aurthur, and Bill have agreed to Harry and Ginny's relationship. And Ron too. He's a stubborn little git too.
Glad that Harry told the Weasleys about their adventure, with the Horcruxes. They seem to understand...Hermione needs to get better. Shame that her folks are angry with her. Hopefully, Harry can get them to see things differently.
Of course the Grangers have every right to be protective of their daughter. That is why they want her to be with them over the summer, and away from her friends. Like they've been a bad influence on her.
The funerals will be hard for everyone, especially Harry. He blames himself for the deaths, survivor's guilt, but he should'nt blame himself..
Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: Ron needed to be told, so Harry told him. The Weasleys, as Harry knows, are his family. If he canít trust the people who risked their lives to get him out of Privet Drive, who can he trust? Iím glad that youíre showing some sympathy towards Hermioneís parents. Who have been remarkably patient with her over the years. It would be easy to argue that Harry and Ron have been a bad influence on Hermione. They encourage her to disregard rules. Only one more chapter before the funerals start. -N-

Reviewer: minervassister
Date: 12/15/09 3:39
Chapter: Under a Shroud

This is a great story. My most favourite just now.
Really appreciate how quickly the new chapters are coming up.
The characters and the dialogue are really authentic. Well done!

Author's Response: Frankly, given the huge gap between the first chapter anf the rest, I'm astonished as to how quickly the chapters are coming up. Thank LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer, not me. She continued to beta additional chapters regardless of the fact that Chapter 2 was rejected several times. We got there in the end and now I have a healthy (but rapidly diminishing) backlog of chapters to post. I strive to keep the characters and dialogue authentic, so thanks for the kind words.

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/14/09 23:51
Chapter: Under a Shroud

Like I said in my previous post, Luna Lovegood is a very sweet and compassionate girl. I really enjoyed this chapter. I hope Hermione recovers enough to tell them all what happened with her parents. She seems very upset.
Mrs. Weasley is being the typical mom, wondering the same thing.
One thing I admire about Molly Weasley is her love for Harry, and his friends. She is so kind and considerate. What I would'nt give to have a mom like her!
Of course, we all have our own special moms...Mine is no longer with me, but it's nice to remember how special she was...
Mrs Weasley is the closest thing to a mom that Harry's ever had, so she has his best interest at heart...Even though he's of age now.
Thanks for a great story! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Iíve discovered that I have no control of Luna. Sometimes she hangs around quietly on the edge of the story; then sheíll suddenly step forward and try to fix things. Molly has a lot on her plate now that Harry and co have arrived (no change there, then!). Youíre correct, all Mumís are special. -N-

Reviewer: bigtimer
Date: 12/14/09 22:07
Chapter: Under a Shroud

this is one of the best post hogwarts stories i've read i love it and look foreword to reading each chapter

Author's Response: Thank you, Iíll try not to disappoint you. -N-

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/14/09 1:02
Chapter: A Pall Over the Burrow

Well, that was one fun chapter to read!
In traditional Muggle funerals, there are only male pallbearers. I suppose Ginny wanted to honor her brother, by being a pallbearer. Which I think is pretty nice.
And Arthur is acting like a typical Muggle father, over Ginny's realationship with Harry. Then again, she's not 17 yrs old yet, and is their only daughters. Fathers are very protective of their daughters, so Mr. Weasley's actions are justified.
And everyone knew of the Harry Ginny thingy...Now, they know that Ron and Hermione's an item, and they're about to unload on Ron now, for going off with Hermione by himself.
Thanks so much for a great story! I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Iím glad you enjoyed this chapter. I was a little nervous about mixing grief and humour. Arthur is acting like a typical father, whether Muggle or wizard. The fact that Harry is Harry is a point in his favour, but Ginny was still only fifteen at Bill and Fleurís wedding. I hope that youíre surprised by what happens next, but as chapter six (Under a Shroud) includes not only the return of Ron and Hermione but also the arrival of Luna, perhaps you wonít be.

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/14/09 0:26
Chapter: Love Unveiled

Well, I'm sure glad Harry and Ginny are together. I just hope her family goes along with it.
Molly seems to approve of it, at least she did. I hope they don't give Harry too much trouble on the matter. I'm sure they don't blame him for Fred's death...
George seems to like the Harry-Ginny pairing. He's in a funk over losing his partner in crime, Fred. I've always liked those two, as well. Nice comic relief.
Another thing...Harry worries too much! I'm surprized the poor guy does'nt have an ulcer! Of course, he may be having panic attacks...This is about those dreams in the last chapter.
Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: I managed to keep Harry and Ginny apart for three chapters. They just wouldnít stay separated any longer. :D Harry has spent a year running, hiding fighting and planning. He has simply forgotten how to relax.

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/13/09 23:55
Chapter: Morbid Thoughts

I see Harry has a difficult time, eating, when faced with a tough task. It was good of Kreacher to get him to eat a proper meal. I guess all those years that the Dursleys starved him, must have made him less eager to eat when under pressure.
And I've always admired Neville, felt sorry for him. The poor kid could'nt help but be a blundering fool, but look at him now. He's a true hero. Very brave and his gran should be immensely proud of him. And I cannot imagine him, being shy with girls...I suppose because he's like nervous, afraid he'll say something stupid. He should seek out someone, who has the same qualities as he does.
As for these dreams, I think Harry is afraid that Ginny is with someone else, and the idea of seeing all of the dead, is something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When you experiance something like Harry went through, that will happen to you. Plus he's stressed out over his visits to the survivors.
His visit to the Weasleys will be very hard on him.
Thanks for a great story, sorry for the long review! ;0)

Author's Response: Long reviews are great! Iíve treated Harry badly, but his allowing his ďsupportĒ (Ron and Hermione) to go off together has left Harry alone, and heís never at his best when heís alone and worried. Neville is a true hero, and he had the guts to ask Ginny to the Yule Ball, but I think that heíd be at least as nervous as Harry when surrounded by admiring fans. His visit to the Weasleys will be as hard as he chooses to make it.

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 12/13/09 21:11
Chapter: A Pall Over the Burrow

Oh, Neal! I smile so broadly every time I read this story. My heart jumps when I see you sent me another chapter. I feel lightheaded for ages after I see another chapter made it into the archives. I know this review is not really giving anything constructive or even helpful, yet I wanted to leave a review, just because I love this story ad wanted to acknowledge that fact once again. :D Good work!
Your Beta, Andrea

Author's Response: Andrea Thanks :D Given the speed at which chapters are now being accepted (after countless rewrites of chapter 2) Iím suddenly very glad that youíve continued to beta the subsequent chapters. The Ďcushioní of five more chapters finished and the rest almost done is very useful. Thanks for all of your constructive comments. The changes youíve suggested have improved this story.

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/12/09 23:46
Chapter: Emotions Exhumed

Another wonderful chapter! Harry definitely has alot on his plate and thinking of his Ginny, does'nt help. I really think he should have spoken to her, just to ease his mind.
I hope Hermione and Ron have a safe journey and they find her parents. Mrs Weasley has a right to be worried about Ron going with Hermione, alone. I assume that she thinks Ron will snog her to death, or some danger will find them. She does'nt want to lose another son.
I hope Harry gets through the days of attending his friend's funerals okay...And his statement to the press. It will be hard for him, but he can do it.
I'm sure, Harry feels terrible about what the Death Eaters did to Grimmauld Place. I hope he can make it a home once more. At least he ahs Kreacher, who is as loyal as Dobby ever was...Poor Dobby!
Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you. As you say, Harry should have spoken to Ginny, just to ease his mind. But when it comes to matters of the heart Harry has always been uncertain and rather insecure. Grimmauld Place was a home, of sorts, during the early part of DH. Iím sure that Harry can make it so again.

Reviewer: moonstargazer
Date: 12/12/09 23:05
Chapter: Sepulchral Mist

Wow, that was an amazing chapter. Very touching and moving. At last, the Elder Wand is with it's rightful owner once again.
I admire Harry's determination to return the wand to Dumbledor. It is a shame, it could'nt be done in the Canon series.
Thanks for a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you. As even Ron's reaction to the wand was covetous I assumed that Harry would want to get rid of it without his friends. -N-

Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 12/11/09 15:08
Chapter: Love Unveiled

Hey there. Another good chapter. I really like what you've done with Harry and Ginny here... his silence, her talking, the questions. Harry's got to be a mess, and you've done a good job with it. Ginny in fanfic is usually not my favorite, but I really like her here.

The language you use to talk about Fred's absence is so good... a duet sung solo, counterpoint, his shadow looming large over conversations... so good.

Molly's dirty look toward the minister is a nice touch... so true to character.

Since you say you welcome constructive criticism ;) I will say that I was disappointed to think of Bill telling the family what Ron had done. I may be making a mountain of a molehill, but I don't think Ron will ever feel better about what he did, evn though things turned out all right. I have always imagined that secret being kept for a long time. I wonder if Harry would even share it with Ginny without asking Ron first. Just my opinion, of course... take it with a grain of salt. ;) I do see how it helps provoke Ginny's question about Hermione here.

I am always checking for updates on this piece. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Iím glad youíre enjoying the story. I did wonder whwther Bill would reveal the fact that Ron was at Shell Cottage at Christmas. But it suits my plot that he did and so far as Bill knows thereís no reason not to say, now that the war is won. I hope I made it clear (perhaps I didnít?) that the family know that Ron was at Shell Cottage, and that he, Harry and Hermione were all there just before they went to Gringotts to make a withdrawal. -N-

Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 12/06/09 22:42
Chapter: Morbid Thoughts

That is an evil little cliffhanger. ;) I forgot to mention in my comments yesterday how glad I am that you had them dealing with Hermione's parents immediately. I really think this would have been a pressing concern for her as soon as the battle was over. I don't see her waiting around for weeks to right her parents while she is hanging out at the Burrow. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Cliffhanger? I can do better that this one (I think). I agree about Hermione. It was also useful to be able to get rid of Ron and Hermione for a while, as it's easy for me to make Harry depressed without them. -N-

Reviewer: amberleaf
Date: 12/06/09 3:58
Chapter: Emotions Exhumed

this is a good one i like it alot hope u contiue with it

Author's Response: Thank you. One of my beta's (LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer) currently has chapter 12 and I've jus sibmitted chapter 3, I have every intention of finishing this tale. -N-

Reviewer: WeasleyMom
Date: 12/04/09 22:57
Chapter: Emotions Exhumed

I think I actually gasped in delight when I saw this had been updated, and you certainly did not disappoint. So many fics have Ron and Hermione figuring everything out between themselves five minutes after the battle. And while those fics are fun to read, that scenario has never seemed quite right to me. I've always imagined a little awkwardness at first, and I think you've done that just perfectly. I like that they need Harry to help them figure it out. Hermione would have felt weird about initiating the kiss, and Ron would need a little encouragement to man up and say something. Well done.

I love this fic. I can't wait for the next installment. Oh yeah... and Ron's thumb's up is flat. awesome. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thank you. (-: My often eccentric punctuation is entirely to blame. Ron and Hermione as a couple has some major implications for Harry, too. As instead of being Ďthreeí they become Ďtwo plus oneí. The next chapter will (I hope) be up sooner. Thanks to LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer :D -N-

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 12/04/09 18:40
Chapter: Emotions Exhumed

Uh, Neil, it got accepted! Well done! I knew you could do it :D

You already know what I think about this chapter-great!

Keep it up :D


Author's Response: Not without your help and support, Andrea :D Thank you. -N-

Reviewer: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer
Date: 09/18/09 19:15
Chapter: Sepulchral Mist

Oh, my, I loved it! It was great! I am looking forward to betaing this, and I'm glad I get to read the next chapter soon (:
I loved the detail you put into it.
When Harry was in thge dormitory, feeling for his glases? Brilliant. JKR never put stuff like that in, and you did it quite nicely. (:
I loved your characteriztion. Kreacher was great-as were Harry-it was very good- Kingsley and Minerva. Nice (:
I don't quite get how Kingsley knew Harry was there. you might want to explain that, although it was a nice toch (:
I have a few nit-picks, though. for the most part they are not all that importat, but....
So I noticed when you are describing the scene at the lake, you wrote lakeshore together and apart (so 'lake shore') One can write both, but I would stick with one.
Also, you normally capitalized Elder Wand, then when Harry is talking to Dumbledore's corps, you didn't.
And when Harry is telling Dumbledore how his plan failed but still worked, you forgot the ' at the end of his little speech.
Once again, I liked this a lot and am looking forward to working with you and betaing this story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Andrea :-) I hope that you continue to enjoy this story. And thanks again for being a great beta!

Reviewer: ahattab33
Date: 09/05/09 12:00
Chapter: Sepulchral Mist

I have been waiting for so long for a story about what happened after the battle. Not simply a one-shot, but a real story that explores what happens, how they deal with the logistical issues, relationship issues, and all the loose ends, to tie up their lives, move on with it, get the Wizarding community slowly rebuilt.

I am starting to get excited about your story. The summary pulled me in with it's uniqueness and its ambiquity. The first chapter seems to have picked up right where JKR left off. It doesn't have Harry being overwhelmed and moaning with grief, or proposing marriage to Ginny, or getting drunk, or any of those other cliches that don't feel as if they are a part of canon...he's just taking one step at a time, dealing with what is most important to him - making sure no one else can misuse the power of the elder wand that caused him so much trouble.

I don't know how realistic I thought it was that he made so many important decisions about his future while walking down to the tomb to do it, but I do like that you've made the subtle change in Harry, not the "I'M ALL POWERFUL!" Harry that we also see. I think my favorite part of this chapter was:

"He halted in front of the white tomb and pulled the Elder Wand from within the folds of his invisibility cloak. He turned to face the acting Minister and the acting Headmistress. Suddenly, he felt very young and very foolish. I’m about to give orders to the most important wizard, and probably the most influential witch, in the country, he thought.

And they’re going to do what I ask without questioning me, he realised."

It felt like...Harry. Like, he knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how to explain it, but he did it anyway because he knew it was right. If that makes sense.

I also liked that he didn't dwell on Ginny, but she was on his mind. :) you can see, I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter! Great chapter 1!


Author's Response: Amanda Thanks for the kind words; Iím not certain that the journey Iím taking is, exactly, the one youíre looking for, though really I hope that it is. Relationships, and families, are at the core of the story. My own (personal) pet hate is Ron and Hermione in bed together the morning after the battle. Why? Because it is less than 24 hours since their first kiss; and this is Hermione! (and Ron!). I hope that in my story, Harry is simply being Harry; so heís still misunderstanding other people and their emotions. N

Reviewer: fairylights1006
Date: 09/05/09 10:35
Chapter: Sepulchral Mist

Wow. It is absolutely amazing. I had goose bumps the whole time I was reading it. I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I've just submitted chapter 2, so hopefully the wait won't be long.

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