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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 08/30/17 11:44 · For: The Best Man
You didn't write that final chapter did you? It was a good story anyway. I started to get confused about who was getting married though. This whole chapter was devoted to Teddy.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 08/29/17 22:33 · For: Father of the Groom
You always have to wonder what Lucius was like after Azkaban. Or did Harry save Lucius from Azkaban also? I've read so much fan fiction that I don't even know anymore.

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 08/10/11 7:23 · For: Father of the Groom
Can't possibly read this. It's the wrong ship.

This is however a review/- Sporkable, it's true/ but a review is a review/ and that's seventeen I've done for you.

Collapses in a heap.

Croll exiting the author page.

Author's Response: Hahaha! Well, I made sure this was my last response as well. My fingers are crying in pain. D: Thanks for everything!<3333333333333

Name: Loonylambo (Signed) · Date: 08/03/11 11:21 · For: The Best Man
i love it!

Name: BJ Allen (Signed) · Date: 02/14/11 21:48 · For: The Best Man
Eek! I love this story! You should update... soon. XD

Name: coolh5000 (Signed) · Date: 10/31/10 18:25 · For: Father of the Groom

So, I was looking through your author page for something that looked interesting and frankly, everything looks interesting, so I figured why not start from the top? You’ve got plenty of stories to keep me entertained after all. I was particularly intrigued by this one because it is one of your earlier fics and I wanted to see how you started out.

I love wedding fics, and Rose/Scorpius make a great couple to write about, particularly with all their family history and the problems that come with it. I like the way you started to deal with the fic, taking it through one PoV at a time, so that we get to fully appreciate the different people involved in the wedding and just how much potential there is for them to clash.

I think you found the balance with Draco just right. He has changed, and become a better person later in his life, particularly after the birth of his son, to whom he seems he felt a responsibility to raise in a better way than he had been. I think it was very revealing that If there was one thing Draco could be proud of, it was the fact that his son had managed to get the life that he had not lived This suggests that Draco made a conscious effort to ensure Scorpius was not subjected to the same beliefs or troubles that Draco himself had gone through. Obviously this was easier with no Lord Voldemort on the scene, but Draco could very easily have succumbed to his father’s will, allowing Scorpius to be raised with ideas of blood superiority, therefore damaging his chances of a normal social life at Hogwarts and certainly of ever meeting and falling in love with Rose Weasley.

However, Draco is by no means a saint. Even with the ‘wary peacefulness’ behind his eyes, as soon as his thoughts turn to Ron and Hermione, he once again becomes slightly mean and very scathing of them, turning him back to the Draco we all know. I think it was significant, however that he thinks of Hermione as Granger now, and not Mudblood as he might once have done. He does not like them still, but that is more to do with their shared history than with Hermione’s blood status. I found his rivalry with them slightly amusing, particularly with this line: I would never do that to my child; I love my son far too much to let old grudges destroy his present and, possibly, his future. The topic may have changed but Draco is still comparing himself favourably to the Weasleys, though now using his son to prove that he is a better father and able to be more accepting and tolerant of the marriage than Ron.

The other characters were also well done. I particularly liked the back story to Draco and Astoria’s relationship and how Daphne’s slight joke at forcing her sister to be introduced to him in spite of how much she disliked him, actually backfired on her and ended up leading to a real relationship. I would be curious to read the story of how Draco eventually managed to convince her to date him sixteen months later! I also found the name Ria as a shortened form to be rather sweet. She comes across as a nice character, who has played a big part in keeping Draco on his reformed path, and gives us an insight into his reformed character.

I found the elder Malfoys to also be strong and believable. It is not really possible to think that Lucius would ever have changed, and even though he was able to put on a front in society until Draco was married, it was obvious that he had been through too much, and his beliefs too firmly embedded, to ever change his mind. I liked that the presence of Scorpius in the family temporarily helped him appear more lively and involved in family affairs, but then this small glimmer of hope was crushed with the realisation that Lucius still believed in the pureblood superiority. Draco’s reaction to this really showed how much he had changed, and that family loyalty no longer held him bound to beliefs he knew to be wrong. Narcissa could be counted on to be more tolerable, but still I think there is a marked improvement from one generation to the next, and this will hopefully have continued down to Scorpius. I did think that Draco allowing his parents to find out about the engagement via the Daily Prophet was a nice touch and fitted well with his character.

You started a strong story here and it was interesting to get to know post-war Draco a bit better, within the context of his son’s wedding. I hope that at some point you may develop the story beyond the two chapters posted at the moment.


Author's Response: Hannah!

Whatever response I give isn't going to do justice to this godamazing review.

At first, I was apprehensive when I saw which fic you'd reviewed for. It was one of my very first. EEP! But I'm happy to find you liked it.

I don't know why but writing Draco was easier than the other characters. But I do think he was clever enough to realise that if he returned to his old ways, the wizarding world wasn't going to be kind to him. He'd always find it a task not to be remembered as a Death Eater. And yet, Draco would still be snark-y towards Ron and the others. I think it is a habit so deeply ingrained that he wouldn't be able to completely get rid of it.

Lucius, of course, cannot change, and I wanted to show that. In spite of everything, he'd still think Muggle-borns weren't as good as Pure-bloods.

I had actually finished writing this story, but I lost the complete drafts TWICE. >.< I really don't know if I'll ever pick it up again, but...maybe I will. :) Thank you for this fantastic review, Hannah. It really means a lot to me.


Name: macheel (Signed) · Date: 09/29/10 12:41 · For: The Best Man
I really enjoyed this story. I like the take you took at the charactors. Are you will woking on it?

Author's Response: Hi!

I am really surprised you read this. :) Actually, yeah, I've given up on it. I lost the completed story twice - odd twist of fate and all that- and I've just lost the desire to rewrite. But thanks for reading and reviewing.


Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor (Signed) · Date: 10/14/09 17:51 · For: The Best Man
Ah, quite an interesting chapter. Learning about Teddy Lupin is always a delight, and writing about him is most likely a challenge, since so little information is given about him, yet there are so many things to consider with his 'family history.'

You've pulled it off quite nicely! Looking forward to the next installment. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. I'm afraid I am caught up with board stuff - up to the neck, so to speak. :( But I'm going to finish off the story by the end of Jan. The entire story. :D

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 10/14/09 16:46 · For: The Best Man
YEA! Update! I've been checking all day, and I'm so excited to read!

Oh, the dream at the beginning was so touching and bittersweet. Which perfectly matches the mood and the relationship of Teddy with his parents, I think. He really has no memories, but photographs and images and stories. And I completely hate it when I wake up two minutes before the alarm goes off, lol.

Oh, Victoire's letter was just so…adorable? Fiesty? Cute but not too gushy? Oh, all of the above. :) I think it helped set a tone for their relationship, where she inserts little jokes but you really know she's kind of not joking ("and missing me, of course!" "…and don't let those female trainees get any nearer than five meters, okay?") and what kind of character she is ("I politely said no - and shot him a nonverbal Confundus Charm as soon as he turned his back. It was hilarious!").

On Andromeda. Her comment to Teddy in the beginning...awesome dry humor. I felt for her when Teddy made his request…I thought you portrayed it quite well. She lashed out to hurt him pretty good. "Is it the money?" was a pretty low blow, lol. I'm glad you still kept her the kind of character that didn't let it affect their relationship, as I feel that she would understand it wasn't personal against her.

Oh, Teddy's got some bal*cough* guts! speaking to Draco like that at the train station. Probably necessary to get through to him, as Teddy was also polite, just plowing through his explanation and addressing Scorpio directly. And Draco probably would have made me roll my eyes if I were Victoire watching the scene…"our elders" and "if we are going to socialize". But I thought it was well played out.

*EEH! Companion piece, hmmm? I was already imaging a relationship similar to one in Sunday Dinner when it started with the Best Man and Teddy's fascination to get to know his cousin…and then Draco invites him to dinner. :D And Auror and Wizard Baddie made its appearance! So cute. "I'm more scared of Ginny than the worst wizard baddie on this planet." Ha! Though he might say, "Your mom" rather than Ginny when talking to a child, that's a very minor point. It let Ginny make a wonderful appearance.

Oh, the ending was great. I imagine Victoire with a mixture of Fleur and Molly…if there is such a thing to imagine, lol. So she's quite a formidable person to argue with.

Your writing is so delightful to read - it just flows, your characters seem to have distinct, known personalities that flow, with plausible developments from what little we know from the books (or what "lot" we know, in the case of Draco, whom you know I fangirl and drool over *insert Yahoo! Smiley*). I'm so glad you found it somewhere in you to rewrite this. *Moment of silence over lost work* Anyhoo, I'll be waiting for Chapter 3!

And I'm listening to BSB while I write this.


Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 09/07/09 12:47 · For: Father of the Groom
I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

I heart you. Seriously.

I have this picture, in my head, of Astoria and Draco, and the dynamic of their relationship. It can vary slightly, but it is there in essence. And you have just written an delicious chapter illustrating it so wonderfully in all its glory.

I'm sorry this review doesn't have any real concrit; maybe I'll read it again without the haze of love around my eyes, and I'll see some character development or something to comment on. Because Draco's relationship with his wife, and his mother, and his father, and society = basically exactly how I pictured it. Love.

And he still seems slightly eager to show himself the more calm picture in front of "The Weasel King." A slight smirk, no overt insults, sincere niceness. But he's still Malfoy.

Are we like, long-lost sisters or something?


Author's Response: Thank you, my dear Amanda, long lost sister, comrade, fellow Draco-Astoria sympathizer. LOL! But I agree with you on all points. (And...pssst...I loved your two drabbles on these two.) Thanks for the R&R!

Name: ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor (Signed) · Date: 09/02/09 7:48 · For: Father of the Groom
Totally excited to see where this story goes. Never thought I'd actually like Draco...things change, I guess. I've been a fan of the Rose/Scorpius pairing from the beginning, and any continuation is awesomeness!

Author's Response: Yeah, me too! It's the only non-JK pairing that I love unconditionally. And it's just a five chapter fic, so it won't take that long a time. Thanks for the R&R. :D

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