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Name: U-No-Poo (Signed) · Date: 02/07/10 1:29 · For: Chapter 4
Bahaha, loved this chapter. Hilarious plot combined with teenage stuff and magic! Tehehe. Update soon!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm really happy you liked this, and that you like the plot! I wasn't sure that people would enjoy it too much, and when it's predecessor "Don't Leave Just Yet" was discussed by the SBBC--while I was a part of it, haha--I was really scared for this one as well. but I'm very happy you enjoyed it. As for the "teenage stuff" (XD) I try to keep my characters as real as possible while still keeping the in the HP universe. Basically, I picture my friends with magic powers :) But I'll update as soon as I can...which is a bit up in the air, as my beta has exams coming up! {BeccA}

Name: Annalise28 (Signed) · Date: 02/01/10 3:47 · For: Chapter 4
Here to leave quite a large review :)

I really, really liked this story Becca! And now I'm totally excited to see what is going to happen next! So I was wondering when you were going to submit the later chapters. So... If you could do that I would be incredibly grateful :P

One of the reasons I liked your story is because it is based around OC's. I really like your characters! But one thing stood out to me about them.

When I read, I formulate the characters, whether they be canon, non-canon, minor, major or original characters. So I read along and I can sort of picture the characters in my mind. The one thing that bothers me is that I can't see Zack. I can see Jack with all of his hyperactive, easy-going attitude. I see Alex with is laid-back attitude. I see Holly with her bossy but caring attitude. I see Maria in all of her girly glory and I see Norah with all of her Tom-boy-ish-ness. But then Zack, I can't see him. I dlthink the main problem is that he doesn't really have as large of an aspect to define him as a character as the others do. You see I can tell you the very basics of the others, but I'm lost for words with Zack. So my little bit of advice is to find what type of person he is.. I'm sure you already know, but making it a little clearer throughout the story would be incredibly helpful! :)

I think your characterization is amazing as a whole though. I can completely see Oliver with that sad blaze in his eyes as he talks to Holly. It makes me sad, proof of your amazing-ness. Ernie and Tori are spot on as well. I couldn't find anything they said was out of character. So amazing job!

As for my favourite character, I would have to agree with Jack and maybe Alex as well. I like Zack, but as I said I don't really understand who he is... As for my least favourite, I agree about Maria. She's kind of irritating.. But not enough to annoy me out of my wits, which is good!

I really like the whole set up of this story and it saddens me that there are only to be nine chapters, as I can easily see it spanding across thirty or so chapters. Although I like that it is set across the week they have at Zacks house so I'm at odds.. But since it isn't going to be thirty chapters, a sequel would be just as awesome! :D

So, to conclude, your story is awesome.

FINISH IT! :D And I will love you forever *coughnotlikeiwasntgoingtoloveyouforeverbeforebutwhatevercough*


~ Annalise x :)

Author's Response: Awww Annalise, this made my life! You're too sweet :) Well, Russia's got chapter....(5? 6? What is it? Fail, Becca.) and when I get it back from her, I'll make the proper corrections and start on chapter (6? 7? FAIL AGAIN, BECCA) and send it to her promptly! But anyway... You're extremely right about Zack. His character will really be defined in the next few chapters, for sure, and readers will meet a new character who plays a pretty prominent role towards Zack in chapters.......the next ones, in any case. But I digress. I'll definitely get further in-depth with him; I don't exactly see him too well either, which sucks, being his author and all. I'm really happy that you can see the others, and that you liked Ernie/Tori/Oliver. And Maria is meant to be irritating; aren't all girls like her? XD But thank you so much for your review, and for reading this! And I'll work on finishing it straight away :) {BeccA}

Name: Kyouko (Signed) · Date: 01/08/10 0:15 · For: Chapter 4
When are you going to post the next chapter? D: I've been checking up for almost two months and still no new chapters ...? Please don't leave this half way through! PLEASE!?!! I hate it when people do that.

Author's Response: Kyouko, thank you so much! It makes me extremely happy when people are this enthusiastic about my writing. Don't worry; I have no intention on abandoning this story. I'm already working on a five-years-later one-shot to follow up on it. I would never quit halfway through; my beta would never allow it XD I sent Chapter Five to Russia to be beta'ed before the site crashed, so as soon as she gets it back to me I will submit it! Chapter Six will take a while, but it will *not* be abandoned :) {BeccA}

Name: moonmirroir (Signed) · Date: 01/02/10 10:23 · For: Chapter 4

Author's Response: Thank you! :D {BeccA}

Name: sorrow_of_severus (Signed) · Date: 10/31/09 20:42 · For: Chapter 4
I think I like where you're taking this story, Becca. It's been a little fluffy for my taste, but it shows some real promise of becoming much more complex and interesting with Holly's conflict as to whether to let her dad back into her life. Keep up the good work and please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Laura! Your review made me smile :D When I wrote it, I didnt' have it in mind to be fluffy....But I guess that's kinda cool, because I find it hard to write fluff. Anyway, I'm glad you like it and read it despite that! I'm not sure how soon I can update; chapter five isn't done and I'm doing NaNo so I'm putting my full attention towards that....But we'll see! :) I'm glad you like it! {BeccA}

Name: The_Dream_Team (Signed) · Date: 10/21/09 15:55 · For: Chapter 4
good chapter! the questions in the game were funny and i still love Alex the most! haha i love them all tho! update soon!

Author's Response: Huh, I didn't even know this chapter got validated...XD Thanks for your comments! I'm really glad you like Alex; he's amazing. I really have never written a character like him, but it came sort of easily to me. Holly & Zack are the hardest, because if you've noticed, most of the exchanges are between Jack and Alex. I'm glad you like them all though! As for updates...Chapter 5 hasn't been written yet, and November is hiatus!Month for me because I'm doing NaNoWriMo. I'll try to get 5 up before November though! {BeccA}

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 10/01/09 16:45 · For: Chapter 3: Day Three
lol. poor holly. and she beeter not find out jack got an autograph. and she is in charge, isn't she? Anyway, the Final Battle is capilizied. Great chapter! And I'm waiting for the next!

Author's Response: ooh, thanks Andi! Poor Holly may just be right...you'll have to wait for the next chapter before you decide on that for sure. XD I love torturing my readers with cliffies like that. Annd is Holly in charge? Hmm...I wouldn't say that. I wrote it in the case that Zack was. Ah well, toh-may-to, toh-mah-to. Final Battle should have been capitalized...In my mind, it was such an important date that they capitalized it. XD. Next chapter is almost done, I'll send it to the fantabulous Russia in a few hours/days to beta! Thanks for R&Ring! {BeccA}

Name: The_Dream_Team (Signed) · Date: 09/26/09 13:37 · For: Chapter 3: Day Three
YAY! that was a great long chapter! i really liked it and Hollys little meet up with her dad was good. i hope they have another run-in l8r on! well i hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, it was really long, but it just had to be if I wanted to fit in everything that had to be there. As for Holly and Oliver later on....You'll have to wait and see ;D {BeccA}

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 09/06/09 12:45 · For: Chapter 2: Day Two
uh, I don't know who'sd my fav! I like them all...
So Becca, I loved the new chappie! It was great! I hope you update ASAP!!!
But when Holly is talking, and she's falling asleep and then she wakes up because it's so bright, you start the sentance with an 's' Was that on purpose? *confused* or a typo? Wouldn't it make more sence to put ''as'
well, whjatever. great chappie!

Author's Response: Whoops, yep, that's a typo! Thanks for pointing it out! :) I love that you like all of my characters; that means a lot to me. I'll update as soon as I can; chapter three is with my beta still, but should be back by next week! (It's a long one; 6000+ words, so it should be worth the wait!) It's one of my favourite chapters, coming next....Anyway, thanks for the review, Andi! {BeccA}

Name: The_Dream_Team (Signed) · Date: 09/06/09 12:02 · For: Chapter 1: Day One
Yay!!! Another gr8 chapter!! I loved the whole church bells thing it was really funny! My favorite character is still alex! I loved his line about seeing one muggle jail and uve seen them all. I laffed out loud at that part! I would like to have him as a friend... My least favorite would be zacks mom because she a little 2 uptite... But gr8 chapter And please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you! The church bells idea was inspired by an episode of the television show Gilmore Girls, so I can't entirely take credit for it. I'm glad that you like Alex; I was't sure if anyone would. o.O And ah, yes, that line about the Muggle jails is one of my particular favorites... :D Alex would be fun to have as a friend, but I think he'd scare the crap out of me! Victoria Macmillan (known as Tori in here) is pretty uptight, because although it's not mentioned anywhere in the story, she came from a very well-off Muggle family. I'll update as soon as I can; I haven't yet gotten chapter three from my beta, but as soon as I do, it'll be submitted! Thanks again, {BeccA}

Name: LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVer (Signed) · Date: 08/31/09 20:59 · For: Chapter 1: Day One
ICKS. Ernie is so stupid. Funny though :P
I mean he was pompus in school, but here... well, okay, he wasn't that bad :P
*shocked* oliver wood left his family??? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~!why oh why would he do that?????*evil*
And is it possible for a muggle to pick up people from Platform 9 3/4? i guess it is....
Another grrreeeeaaat chappie! i loved it! did you say you submitted the next chapter? I can't wait! I reeally hope you continue it fast! it
soooo cool and funny! I really enjoyed it.
Go becca!

Author's Response: EEEEEP thank you, Andi! I tried to make Ernie's character more likeable for this story; I felt he really grew after the battle of Hogwarts. And Oliver HAD to leave his family for this story to work! Lol it'll make sense after chapter three or so. *cackles evilly* I think it is possible for a muggle to pickk people up from Platform 9 3/4 as long as they went back with a wizard. My story, my rules. well, not really, since it's originally JKR's story, but still! And si, chapter 2 is submitted! I'm glad you like it so much! {BeccA}

Name: The_Dream_Team (Signed) · Date: 08/26/09 7:01 · For: Chapter 1: Day One
YAY! the story! i really liked it and i love your charactorization! i think alex is kinda like sirius... so i like him the best! o and what year is this? gr8 story and i hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! My characterization seems to be wonderful, according to everyone who's commented on this... o.O I'm surprised. And is Alex like Sirius? Hmm... I suppose he is. But Sirius was the family rebel, really. Alex is the all out bad boy. Chapter two REALLY shows that, and chapter three also proves this point. I don't think Sirius would really do many things like Alex does in here... Alex is a juvenile delinquent, really, but I love him anyway. But if Alex was like a canon character, it would be Sirius. My personal favorite is dear Jackery, though. Jack's a sweetie, and his personality is oodles of fun to write. What year is it? Umm.... I epic-fail at math, so I never really decided on a year for it to take place. o.O But, um... Okay, so Oliver was twenty-three when Zack was born. That's 6 years after he graduated Hogwarts in 1993, so Zack was born in 1998. So it's about 2016, I think? Not sure though. Sometime around then. ;) {BeccA

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