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Name: IWriteToSurvive (Signed) · Date: 07/01/14 7:11 · For: 1 - One December Evening
I love this soooo much! I usually don't read fics that haven't been finished yet because I'm the kind of reader who needs answers right away but I'm so glad I read this one and I hope you haven't abandoned it because I would very much like to continue reading it and seeing how your vision unfolds.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do really hope to get back to this fic. I still have it all planned out, so hopefully your wish will one day be granted :)

Name: Tonks4life (Signed) · Date: 02/16/14 2:21 · For: 2 - The Deal
All of the feels... Found this on Mugglenet's tumblr. So happy I did, but it's so sad. Also, typos but those are ignorable.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you found your way here from our tumblr and that this fic can still be enjoyed. I do have drafts of the remaining chapters written so I really should get back to them sometime! Thank you for the review :)

Name: CanisMajor (Signed) · Date: 02/14/12 4:31 · For: 2 - The Deal
Hermione heart-lost and out of ideas: an unusual aspect for her, but still completely in character. Very nicely done.

I especially like the way the "brilliant idea" comes from George. The obvious thing (at least to me) would be to have Hermione blurt out this so-logical suggestion, but I think I like your way better.


Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: Ginnypotter2699 (Signed) · Date: 12/29/11 4:36 · For: 5 - Socks
I stumbled upon this a while ago and I like it a bit!

Author's Response: Thanks! I haven't updated this for a long time but I am working on it. It's definitely not abandoned :)

Name: C_A_Campbell (Signed) · Date: 12/13/10 21:10 · For: 5 - Socks
The Spicy Sorceress, hm? George you naughty boy! LOL

Seriously, I love this story, and I do hope you will update with a new chapter soon. This is going straight into my favorites!

Author's Response: Hehe. I rather liked that title. I'm sure The Spicy Sorceress is going to feature again sometime soon XD Thanks for the reviews. I am definitely not abandoning this fic. I'm going to have more spare time on my hands in the new year so hopefully that will mean more updates!

Name: C_A_Campbell (Signed) · Date: 12/13/10 20:47 · For: 4 - Fizzle and Pop!
Hermione took a deep breath and stepped over the threshold into Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

Okay, you're going to roll your eyes at me for finding pleasure of crazy little things, but the word choice of "stepped over the threshold" is amazing. Most people would have said stepped through the doorway or something equally mundane, but the whole use of threshold was brilliant. I had visions of the old tradition of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold of their new house, and I know this is totally not what was happening here, but it still brings to mind the symbolism. "New beginnings", "love and romance". PERFECTION in this sort of fic. You probably didn't plan this, but it is amazing none the same.

Okay, I'll shut up about it now. (Yes, yes, I'm a nerd)

Merlin, Morgana, and all things Quidditch!

I found this HILARIOUS! This was even more so:

What if I walk in on her naked in the shower?

But the most LOL moment of all: They were nasty things, especially if you were taking a leak. My God, it seems like the old George IS coming back!

*grins* Still loving this (obviously)

*runs off to read next chapter*

Author's Response: Hehe I didn't plan that threshold connection to marriage at all XD But I did want it to symbolise a new beginning for Hermione. It's a huge change for her and George and something neither of them expected, really. And I have to credit my beta, Drew, for suggesting that exclamation! She's great at things like that XD I did try to make it more humorous as well. I wanted to show that the old George is still there. He's not just some morose, languishing shadow. Again, thanks for the read and review. It's exciting seeing new reviews for this fic and will definitely motivate me to update sooner!

Name: C_A_Campbell (Signed) · Date: 12/13/10 20:22 · For: 3 - Drink, Anyone?
The clunk of the glass on the wooden surface seemed to ring with deprecation.

Okay, for some reason this was a line that I loved. Doesn't seem like much, but it was one of those lines that put a vivid image in my mind -- the glass hitting the table and the ring that it made. :D And deprecation? What a beautiful perfect word. It was a sentence that made me say, darn that simply could not have been said better. That doesn't happen very often for me, so really it was brill.

In fact, I loved the entire scene of the four of them at the beginning. The dialogue, the awkwardness, the relationship, and the end where they burst out laughing. It was a fresh moment that seemed pulled from real life, and those are the best moments in stories I do believe.

Their laughter burst out across the table and through the bar - a frivolous moment when the whispers seemed to disappear.

Another breath-taking line!

My only critique...

“I-Well, I think…er…” Hermione turned to Harry, horrified. So, he doesn’t want me to move in with him, she thought. “So, you don’t-”

I couldn't decide if "I-Well, I think...er.." was actually Hermione talking or George until you switched to George's POV. There really should have been a paragraph break after that bit of dialogue. But that's my only critique. I really like the story and I'm going to keep reading. :D

*skips off to next chapter*

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review! I must admit that I love writing scenes largely made up on dialogue. I'm studying film and love writing short scripts so I can get carried away sometimes but it's good to see you enjoyed this chapter. I really tried to make this as realistic as possible. Thanks for pointing out the awkward spot, though. You're right that it is very unclear. I will note that down and edit it sometime in the near future.

Name: C_A_Campbell (Signed) · Date: 12/13/10 20:02 · For: 2 - The Deal
Aw, I have always had such a soft spot of Hermione paired with one of the Weasley twins. This is a sweet and well written. Hermione is perfectly in character, and George I suppose is too, but Post-Fred George portrayed so sadly always makes me miss the old George. Hopefully we'll see a bit more of that as I continue to read. And I assure you I will continue to read.

I love the whole thing about "the whisper of ghosts". It so poetically fits the way it feels to sit or be someplace, knowing someone should be there with them. Bravo.

Anyways, I suppose I could leave a much longer, more constructive review, but you have a great fanfiction and I really would like to read the next chapter. So I'm sorry for the short review. Only know it's because I really want to continue on.


The Order of the Ravenclaw House Elves

Author's Response: Hi Chante! As soon as I saw your banner request, I wondered if you had read my own George fic! I started writing this fic after I had a sudden craving for a Hermione/George and found that MNFF had very few fics with that pairing. And I always wondered about George post-Fred. I know he seems sad in this chapter but deep down the old George is still there. Further on in the fic we begin to see more of that but I have a feeling that the old George will never return. He may seem more and more like the old George but for him there will always be something missing, something not quite there. I see I have some other reviews from you so I will hurry to respond to those, too XD Thanks so much for the review!

Name: cazzrose (Signed) · Date: 10/21/10 12:41 · For: 4 - Fizzle and Pop!
'George remembered the first time Molly had walked in on George thinking about Alicia Spinnet.' classic. and brilliant :) made me laugh so hard!

Author's Response: Hehe that line is a particular favourite of mine :) Thanks for the read and review!

Name: Hermi101 (Signed) · Date: 07/19/10 18:42 · For: 5 - Socks
I love this story! George/Hermione is not a ship you see too often, and I think you are doing an excellent job with this! I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the fic and pairing. It was the lack of fics with this pairing that made me want to write this! Thanks so much for the sweet review :)

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 05/22/10 8:23 · For: 4 - Fizzle and Pop!
I am enjoying this, Julia! I like that the chapters include both POV, because each time you manage to not make it repetitive, and offer some insight into each one. George's curses were quite inventive, lol, and the "Women." was a nice way to end the chapter; it made me chuckle, which is nice after all of the heaviness that this story has so far to it.

Thanks for keeping up with this story!


Author's Response: Well I'm glad you're still enjoying it! Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done on this fic. I've got it all planned out, it just needs to be written and beta-d! Thanks for the review :)

Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 05/21/10 12:40 · For: 1 - One December Evening
Yay, an update! Just wanted to let you know I am still reading and enjoying this story very much. I like the slow pace you are taking with regard to their friendship/relationship... I'm not sure it would be believable otherwise. Hermione and George are extremely different, and I like that you are not trying to ignore that. I was cracking up at her being stung by a rogue whatever-it-was and George thinking it was funny, but her SO NOT thinking it was funny. And while its just banter and adjustments, you've captured these heavier moments in the midst of that... like when she opens the window and says "I don't have a choice." Grief is always present with these two... and it rings so authentic the way it shows up in the most regular moments.

I'm liking it. Bring on the next chapter, Julia!

Author's Response: Yay Lori! I'm so glad you're still reading :) The slow pace was definitely something both I and my beta thought were necessary for this pairing. That's the challenge when writing a rare pairing like this and I think, as a reader, it is something that makes rare pairs believable in a fic. Also, one of the hardest things with this fic is keeping the humour of George whilst presenting him as a grieving man so I'm glad you're finding it funny. Thanks so much for the review!

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 05/21/10 2:16 · For: 2 - The Deal
OOOOH, interesting. Hmm, I can see why they're drawn to each other ... or rather George to Hermione ... I don't think she realises it yet. I am enjoying this rather different pairing rather a lot, Julia, and you;ve clearly worked hard at getting the characterisation right, and fitting it into canon (despite Ron being dead)

I have a bit of a nit-pick, but it may just be a Britpick Only Percy could find interest in beaurocratic legislation. It's bureaucratic - well it is in the UK, Merlin knows how you halflings spell it (snort). One more thing, I hope you explain about the ghosts/voices thing. Hermione and Ron had always struck me as the least fanciful people in the books - neither could hear any voices beyond the Veil (Ginny, Luna, Neville and Harry were affected in some way, that pair were not) - so I'm wondering why she's hearing them now. I'm guessing it's because she lost her other 'half' in the same way that George has.

Anyway, I have to go now, so I shall read the other chapters later. This really is a bloody good story, Julia. Touching, original and well characterised. ~Carole~

Author's Response: Oh you're back already! You're right. They are both drawn to each other but George is more aware of it. For now :) I wanted the two of them to be drawn together for reasons other than romance, however. It's more of an emotional understanding at the moment, as well as for practical purposes. Hahahaha beaurocratic is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. I will have to go change that... I actually just re-read the first two chapters and there are so many mistakes in there! I'll have to do a mass edit this weekend. As for the voices, it's not actually a 'physical' phenomenon they're experiencing. I think it's more of a mind thing - they're conscious of Ron and Fred's presence in the house (or rather in their hearts) and it feels as if the two are still there. The voices aren't intended to be some sort of magical phenomenon like the voices behind the veil. They're just a sort of manifestation of George and Hermione's grief. I imagine the rest of the Weasley clan and Harry all feel Ron and Fred with them but George and Hermione seem to have the short straw and as you said, have lost their other halves. Thanks so much for the review! -Julia XD

Name: Equinox Chick (Signed) · Date: 05/21/10 1:54 · For: 1 - One December Evening
Why haven't I read this before? I really like this opening chapter. You've set the scene well, and everything seems very plausible (Poor Ron!). I love how you've shown this from two different POVs as well.

In particular, I liked the fact that you included some glimmers of humour (the rogue house elf had me snorting), and George saying he'd give up his other ear to see Fred again brought a wry smile to my face. Poor George ... and Fred.

Author's Response: Oh hey, Carole! It's a surprise to see you here. Well, I'm glad you like it :) Originally I was going to write it from only Hermione's perspective but I realised that I wanted to show George as well and what he is going through, how it parallels with Hermione's own struggles etc. I hope you keep reading. Thanks for the review!

Name: WeasleyMom (Signed) · Date: 04/14/10 15:09 · For: 1 - One December Evening
Hi Julia. I found this from somewhere on the forums... perhaps your dueling thread? I'm so glad I did. It's no secret I cannot accept anything but Ron's death as a reason for Hermione to be with someone else, so this kind of works for me (even though I'm die-hard canon). They are both in such desperate, strange places, and it's believable that they could come together in this way, and that they could each see their own grief in the other.

Should you write more of this, I think I will be able to get on board with the relationship. More than that though, I adore your painful but lovely description of grief in these chapters. There's something so true in the detachment you feel from the goings-on around you... and you captured that perfectly. I love the idea of the whispers, the way George sits on the stairs, and Hermione leaving the table... it really rings true.

Nice portrayal of Harry & Hermione's relationship as well. And I really like the way you wrote "And Ron" a couple of times as whole sentences... really made it land with a thud. Nice.

Author's Response: Thanks, Lori! I'm so glad that someone who prefers canon can enjoy this fic. There is actually a new chapter in the queue right now so you shouldn't have to wait long. It's good to know that you can see the relationship as possible. I really tried hard to set it up so that they would be a believable pairing. I love non-canon pairings but I hate reading fics that just chuck two random characters together for no reason other than getting into more hot and heavy territory. It doesn't make sense and turns me off. It's also good to see an appreciation of the way I have written the grieving process. I want this fic to be just as much about how Hermione and George cope with death (how morbid do I sound?) as much as it is about them as a pairing. Thanks for the review, Lori!

Name: U-No-Poo (Signed) · Date: 01/17/10 1:50 · For: 3 - Drink, Anyone?
Omgosh this is such a good fic! Update ASAP!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it. Hopefully there won't be too much of wait between this chapter and the next! Thank you for the review :)

Name: ahattab33 (Signed) · Date: 09/26/09 22:06 · For: 2 - The Deal
Your story intrigues me. I've never been able to adequately picture Hermione or George IC...but suddenly, here I am. Congratulations, lol. So, basically, I'm digging your story. (I'm fangirling your banner, too. :D)

You've started off several years in the future - they are older, dealing with their issues. They are realistically isolated from the rest of the Weasleys, giving them a foundation to start building a relationship, even if it starts as friendship, a means to help get over the problems of the past.

The line about "The muscles in his face rejoiced" - wonderful.


Author's Response: Hi Amanda! Thanks! My banner, well, it makes me smile stupidly each time I log on :) Sara is amazing! I'm glad I've characterised H and G realistically. My beta, Drew, who gave me a couple of plot bunnies, and I wanted to make sure that I didn't just dive into a silly romance with no realistic basis so I'm glad you think that's been achieved! Thanks so much for the review!

Name: Lunachen (Signed) · Date: 09/26/09 15:46 · For: 2 - The Deal
Oh how I love this story! :)

I was drinking a lovely cup of tea and saw that you'd updated 'Deal or No Deal' and almost fell off of my spinny-chair in excitement!

I love how this story is so different, but you still manage to keep it close and familiar with the detail, like Audrey and Victoire. I keep thinking - 'did this actually happen?', it so easily could have. The idea of George/Hermione becomes less obscure the more I read because you write so believeably. I like how you interchanged Hermione with Ron in working alongside George at WWW - is good!

I love it, but I don't know if I can hold out long for another chapter, so upsdate soon!


Author's Response: Thanks, Katie! I hope you didn't spill your tea! I'm glad you like the little details, I want to keep it as believable as possible despite the fact that it's got an Epilogue? What Epilogue? warning. I hope you can hold out a wee bit longer since I haven't finished the next chapter and still need to get it off to my beta! Uni etc. is very busy at the moment unfortunately. Thanks for the review!!!

Name: Lunachen (Signed) · Date: 09/04/09 16:38 · For: 1 - One December Evening
Boo for writers block! I hope it will let you write more soon! But, yay for odd Pairings! :) - i get bored when everyone writes about the obvious ones!
Katie x

Author's Response: Yeah, there is nothing like an odd pairing! Well, chapter two is written and betad so I just need to submit it to the archives. I have two other fics in the queue at the moment, though, so there could be a bit of a wait :)

Name: Lunachen (Signed) · Date: 09/03/09 12:59 · For: 1 - One December Evening
I really love this strange, little story! Whenever I stumble across really odd pairings, i'm always up for reading them - and this one looks really, REALLY good so far! Please keep writing, I can't wait to see where this is going!
Katie x

Author's Response: I love odd pairings too, which is what drew me to writing this fic. I had a sudden craving for George/Hermione one day, discovered there weren't many and thought I better write one myself! I'm glad you think it's good so far, hopefully I'll have another chapter up soon, fortunately I'm coming out of a bad bit of writers block :) Thanks for the lovely review!

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